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Chapter 1460 is Overbearing

"Are you sure?"

Long Fei looked at Zhao Kong, and asked playfully.

When Long Fei came out, was exactly at the node that was sealed within the Secret World. In other words, it was very likely that Long Fei had been automatically teleported back because of the Secret World's twenty-four hours limit.

You know.

In order to protect the exam disciples, once the time was up, they would be teleported back.

It was very likely that he had been teleported out of the Secret World at this time, and not from a beast question of god.


Most importantly, the beast king question of god would definitely not let Long Fei out alive!

The violent tremors just now, the rumbling sounds, even Secret World could not withstand it, he did not believe that Long Fei could endure it!

Combining all of these, Zhao Kong sneered, and said: "I'm very sure, Long Fei, you can't possibly not be able to take it out, right?"

Long Fei said: "Why not bet on something? You don't have to bet your life on it, do you dare? "

Zhao Kong's face darkened, he shouted: "Long Fei, I am the examiner, you have to do whatever I tell you to, if you dare to cause any trouble, be careful, I will disqualify you."

Long Fei laughed: "Do you dare, or don't you dare?"

Very tough.

Feng Tian shouted and said, "Elder, bet with him, he must have been teleported back by the Secret World."


"Otherwise, why would he appear on the node?"

"That must be it."

Many people started to loudly shout.

Long Fei's eyes swept across them, and said: "You guys want to gamble your lives as well?"


Feng Tian sneered: "Long Fei, how valuable do you think your life is? Using your life to bet on the lives of all of us, you really think highly of yourself, who do you think you are? "Tch!"

Long Fei shot a glance at Feng Tian, and said: "To be honest, I really look down on your life."

His gaze shifted.

Since they were too lazy to explain themselves to Feng Tian, none of them took it seriously. They stared at Zhao Kong and said: "Examiner, do you dare?"

A life wager?

At the beginning, there was also an elder wagering his life with Long Fei.

However …

He was dead.

Zhao Kong looked at Long Fei's calm expression and his heart trembled slightly. He shouted: "Long Fei, I'm ordering you to hand over the beast question of god, if not, you'll be awarded a 0 in this exam, and a 0 in three times. You just wait to get out of the examination hall."

Zhao Kong did not want to take the risk.


Long Fei contemptuously said, "Truly boring."

"Since you want to look..."

"Then you better watch carefully with me!"

His heart stirred as he asked solemnly: "beast king question of god, how is your recovery going?"

The beast king question of god responded slightly: "I should have recovered half of my body by now. Do you have any instructions, boss?"

Long Fei said: "I really don't like Zhao Kong."

beast king question of god's IQ was astonishing, and she immediately said: "Understood."


Long Fei grinned: "Watch carefully!"

"beast king question of god, come out!"


After a furious roar, an explosive sound resounded in the air. The shadow in the sky covered the entire Martial Arts Practice Grounds. Everyone was shocked.

He raised his head and looked over.

"What is that black shadow?"

"What's that?"

"It's getting closer and closer."

"It seems... It seemed... It seems to be a demon beast. "

"This aura …." the aura of a beast question of god. "

"Aren't all beast question of god in the Secret World? Why did they come out? "


… ….

They were very clear about the strength of a beast question of god. If they were to sit on this butt, if they were to be pressed down, they would instantly become a pile of meat paste. There was no way for them to survive.

The surrounding oracle were also shocked as they started to run.

Long Fei giggled, and looked at Zhao Kong: "Elder, did you see it clearly?"

Zhao Kong also raised his head to look at the sky. He did not dodge because he was together with Long Fei.

So he wasn't worried.

However... When he sensed the incomparably tyrannical Qi in the sky, his expression suddenly changed, and he said solemnly: "beast king question of god?"

He was very clear on this aura.

The beast king question of god was actually in the Secret World under his arrangements, and it was also he who caused Long Fei's aura to cause the beast king question of god to fly into a rage. It could be said that he was very familiar with the beast king question of god.

At this time, his mind was trembling slightly. His lips were trembling as he said, "No, no, impossible, absolutely impossible …"


In that instant.

The beast king question of god sat down on its butt, and half of the gigantic stage instantly collapsed. The martial-arts arena's structure collapsed in an instant, and the entire floor cracked open, as a huge explosion resounded in the air, like a hundred thousand thunderclaps.

"What is that sound?"

"Such a strong voice?"

"It's the examinee's voice."

"Quickly go and see what happened."

If even the tower question of god could sense it, one could imagine how intense it was.

beast king question of god, Semi-god Monster.

His consciousness had already condensed the elementary form of a divine spark. This showed just how powerful it was, how powerful its aura was, coupled with its incomparably huge existence, caused all the demon beast within a million kilometers to crawl on the ground without daring to make a sound.

This was a crushing defeat.

This was strength.

The people from martial-arts arena were all dumbstruck. Looking at this gigantic beast king question of god, they felt like they had seen a ghost.

"This, this, how was this brought out?"

"This was brought out by Long Fei?"


It was too shocking.

How could she bring the beast king question of god out of the Secret World?

Unless he was tamed.

Subdue the Semi-god Monster?

It was impossible, impossible!

Zhao Kong's face was pale white, his body was trembling, and even speaking was somewhat strenuous, as he said: "Dragon, Long Fei, this, this, this was brought out by you?"

Long Fei said: "Is that not possible?"

Zhao Kong said solemnly: "I wanted you all to kill the beast question of god, your result …"

Long Fei replied: "I'm hunting, but you didn't say that I'm hunting in the Secret World, I can still hunt in the outside world, moreover..."

Long Fei looked at the beast king question of god, and slightly reminded Zhao Kong: "He really doesn't like you."

Being stared at by a Semi-god Monster felt very bad, very bad.

Long Fei had been urinating in the Secret World for ten hours, he had personally experienced that feeling.

The beast king question of god kept staring at Zhao Kong.

A look of contempt.

Zhao Kong did not dare to raise his head, nor did he dare to look straight at him. His body trembled more and more.

At this moment.

The beast king question of god coldly said: "I heard you made my boss very unhappy?"


Zhao Kong swallowed his saliva and shivered. "Your boss is, is, who is it?"

The beast king question of god's pupils shrank as the intimidating aura on its body intensified. With a berserk tone, it said: "Pretending to be confused with me?"

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