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A woman in a dream

Cheng Ying's dream was shattered.

Qin Chao was at a critical moment when he was suddenly forcefully sent back into his own world of consciousness.

"Master, she woke up."

An illusory voice resounded, both illusory and real, causing Qin Chao to feel a baffling sense of throbbing, "So, you were forcefully sent back."

"Alright, I understand …"

Qin Chao pretended to be asleep and did not open his eyes, but the Rakshasi in his body floated out and observed Cheng Ying's movements.

Cheng Ying suddenly opened his black and white eyes, blinking. There was still a trace of spring on his face.

The melodious ringing of the phone continued. She quickly reached into her pocket and took out her phone. When he saw the caller ID, he panicked and immediately placed it beside his ear.

"Li Jun!"

"Little Cheng, what are you doing today!"

The voice on the other end of the phone was slightly dissatisfied, it immediately scolded, "Special Police Unit has already called me for the second time, didn't you guys already say that you would meet Dr. Zheng Siqi at the People's Plaza at 8 o'clock today? Where are you guys! "

"Ah, my apologies, Lee Yanyi. We have a small problem here!"

Cheng Ying looked at his watch and was immediately shocked.

It looked like this' Spring Dream 'had been going on for a long time.

He really didn't want to be woken up.

Of course, he couldn't tell the director that he was sleeping soundly, and that he had such a lecherous dream. Thus, he casually found an excuse.

"How is it, is it troublesome?" Do you need my help? "

Hearing that, the Chief Li frowned and asked with concern.

He also understood that Zheng Siqi had been in deep trouble the entire way back.

The incident at the Spring Festival Hotel yesterday shook even the upper class.

Shimamura had even sent a mech over!

Early in the morning, the authorities issued an angry denunciation of the island's government.

But the island government says those are just a few terrorists who stole the island's walker material and are pursuing them with all their might.

He regretted and sympathized with the incident in China and hoped that the Chinese government would notify them of the terrorist attack as soon as possible.

This was the case internationally. Without any evidence, he could only curse a few times.

After all, they couldn't possibly start a war with the island. Otherwise, if they were to let this matter drag on, it would immediately trigger the Third World War.

The American behind the island should be happy, even if they did not directly intervene in the war, they would still continuously send weapons to the island nation, sitting and watching them fight to the death with China.

Then they were benefiting from it.

This kind of thing, was a good show to the American.

It could also be said to be an act of attrition.

The corpses of a few Asian men were found at the scene. According to what Cheng Ying had said, they were probably from the special Korean Army.

In addition, there was also the artificial human of the United States …

However, the corpse was said to have been taken away by Qin Chao. But Chief Li had also asked, for Qin Chao's meaning, it would be handed over to the country. But one for the organization, one for Military Intelligence Section Seven.

As for where Zheng Siqi wanted to study at that time, that was her business.

After all, he was someone from the Seventh Section. If not for him, his own people might already be dead on the way to the mission. Even the satellite plan and Zheng Siqi wouldn't have been able to return.

A few days ago, he had sent two Adepts from the American Special Task Force to study it. Now, he had brought back two artificial human s.

This kid was really a national treasure!

No wonder the higher ups paid so much attention to the Seventh Section, and even gave them such extraordinary privileges.

"Don't worry, we are dealing with it. We will be there soon. Please forgive us."

"Understood, I will handle the situation with the special forces. You must ensure the safety of Dr. Zheng Siqi."

After Chief Li finished speaking, he hung up.

He still had a bunch of troublesome things to deal with.

For example, the Americans revoked Zhou Subin's passport and did not allow their top secret agents to return.

No matter what, this brat was still one of his generals, so he had to find a way to bring him back.

I can't let him stay in the embassy every day.

With his personality, wouldn't he come out in a hurry?

Cheng Ying hung up the phone, wanting to wake Qin Chao and the others up.

Both he and Zheng Siqi were sleeping soundly.

He didn't know what kind of dream they were having, but it definitely wasn't a dream of his ….

Looking at Qin Chao's face that was in deep sleep, and thinking back to the absurdity of the dream, Cheng Ying couldn't help but tighten his legs.


How could he have such a dream … …

No, it was not the time to think about such things.

"Qin Chao, Qin Chao, wake up, we can't sleep anymore!"

Cheng Ying waved his hand to dispel his ridiculous thoughts, and then reached out his hand and pushed Qin Chao.


Qin Chao took this chance to rub his eyes, and acted as though he had just woken up.

"Cheng Ying..."

He looked around in bewilderment. Then, with a sudden look of annoyance, he said, "You female hooligan, you've disturbed my sweet dreams."

"You, what did you dream of?"

Cheng Ying was suddenly very curious.

Ever since she had that dream, she had started to wonder about other people's dreams.

Others, in dreams. Isn't it too ridiculous...

"I had a dream..."

Qin Chao suddenly laughed, "Hehe, in your dreams … This is too exciting... "

Eh …

Cheng Ying was a little surprised, did he, did he dream like that too?

"You, what did you dream of …"

"How can I tell you that? How embarrassing."

Qin Chao covered his face and said, "Aiya, I'm so embarrassed to death, I'm a proper person, how can I casually say this kind of thing."

"Go and die!"

Cheng Ying punched Qin Chao, "Do you think you are an innocent little shota?! "You strange uncle!"

"Hey, hey, I'm only in my twenties, okay …"

"29 is also in his twenties!"

"I am not that old yet, right? "He's only twenty-six..."

"Do you understand, you're already thirty, hurry up and say it!"

When Cheng Ying was so unreasonable, he was also so invincible.

Qin Chao had no other choice but to say this.

"Okay okay, in my dreams, I dreamed of doing that sort of thing with someone … "I was awakened by you at the most crucial moment..."

"Eh …."

Cheng Ying's heart jumped a little faster. This guy, how could he have dreamt of that kind of thing?

However, with how perverted he was, it was normal for him to dream of that kind of thing …

Damn it, could it be that I'm the same as him!

"Then, then who did you dream of …"

"You even have to ask about that? It's so gossipy!"

Qin Chao frowned and said, "Who cares about Chun Meng, I am a normal man, it is normal for me to have this kind of dream! It's abnormal for girls to dream like this! "

"Really, really?"

Cheng Ying was shocked. So it turned out that it was not normal for a girl to have such a dream.

Seeing Cheng Ying's surprised expression, Qin Chao laughed in his heart.

Little brat, I don't believe you won't fall for it.

"Of course!"

Qin Chao nodded his head, looking as if it was a matter of course, "Because of our boys' physiological needs, it decided that we would often have this kind of dream. And the age of need for girls is between 30 and 40, when women were fierce and fierce like wolves and tigers. "

"I know, I know..."

Cheng Ying also knew that when a woman passed the age of 30, she would have a special thirst for that kind of thing.

If a man was not satisfied, it might affect their relationship.

Unless he did something else to divert his attention.

But, what did this have to do with his dream … She wasn't a thirty year old woman, and he was only in his early twenties.


"Unless what?"

"Only a perverted girl would dream such a dream to satisfy her own intense desire!"

"Go and die, you're the pervert!" You're the one who has a strong desire! "

Cheng Ying said angrily.


Qin Chao suddenly laughed, "Why do you have such a big reaction? Could it be that you also had a dream?"

"Die!" I'm not dreaming! My dream is very normal! "

Cheng Ying was a little flustered.

Although it was not very obvious, it was still not enough to escape Qin Chao's line of sight.

"Normal dreams? What was that dream? "Tell me honestly, otherwise I would think you were having a dream, you pervert!"

Qin Chao continued to interrogate him.

"I already told you, I'm not a pervert!"

Cheng Ying punched Qin Chao again, "I, I dreamt … It's a police movie! "

"What?" A police movie? "

Qin Chao was extremely happy in his heart.

The police were already out, but this Cheng Ying girl was too strong.

"That's right, it's a police movie!"

Cheng Ying nodded his head repeatedly, "I was originally a soldier, it is normal for me to dream of these people fighting and killing! Look, I've already told you everything, but you still haven't told me. Who did you dream of? "

"You really want to know?"

Qin Chao suddenly became serious and asked Cheng Ying seriously.

"Of course. Otherwise, do you think I would have the leisure to joke with you?"

Cheng Ying said as he nodded his head.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

"I'm sure!"

"Are you sure you want to know?"


Cheng Ying was getting impatient, "I'm sure you'll have to confirm it, why are you so ungrateful, can you please say it?"

She strongly wanted to know who Qin Chao's target in his Spring Dream was.

"Alright, I'll tell you then..."

Qin Chao took a deep breath and looked straight at Cheng Ying.

Suddenly, he pounced towards Cheng Ying and pushed him down. Then, he propped himself up on the bed with both hands and looked at him.

Being looked at so directly by Qin Chao, Cheng Ying's heartbeat sped up, and even his body became a little stiff.

"You, what are you doing …"

"I'm not doing anything, I'm just answering your question."

Qin Chao said word by word as she stared at Cheng Ying's beautiful big eyes. "The person in my dreams … The woman who had done that to her. "Actually, actually …"

"Actually what? "Who is it …"

"Actually, isn't it just..."

"Aiya, say it!"

"Little Zemalia, huh!"

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