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Chapter 18  The fierce fighter

“Well done, Big Head, you prevented our main force from a direct strike from the microwave bombs!" Blue Eyes screamed and laughed.

“How-However, all my members have been killed!" said Stutter King angrily, still flying the fighter.

“But you are still alive, and that’s really a big fortune.” Blue Eyes happily joked at his expense.

“Mr. Commander, Hardman sent us a message to order us to withdraw immediately, not to mightily battle with the enemy fleet.”

“Damn, I’m going to enter the attack program. In that case, okay, let’s withdraw!" Blue Eyes ordered reluctantly. The Maniac Battlefleet returned and started the ion beam engine to flee quickly away from the battlefield. 

“Sir, the enemy fleet is fleeing in retreat, shall we launch an attack?”

“No need. We aim to only stop their invasion,” Lieutenant General Delaney said decisively.

“Sir, many UFOs appeared near the Borel star. According to the electronic identification system, it was the guerrilla fleet of the Cold Blood Corps.”

“Humph, even these pieces of junk have been dispatched, good. Send a message to the Huitian Command Center and immediately assemble the main forces here to block the enemy’s way back to the Pyramid Star and engage them in battle outside the atmosphere. The interstellar fleet of the Cold Blood Corps cannot challenge us at all and now is the time to completely destroy them.”

“Yes, sir!” the Communication Officer answered, and then left.

Looking at the starry sky outside, Commander Delaney raised her head and frowned slightly. Why still no news? She asked me to drag the main force of the Maniac Battlefleet just now while continuing to chase the three fleeing enemy ships under radio silence. But there’s no news until now. Is there anything wrong?

In other airspace, around the Pyramid Star, whose diameter was 32,000 kilometers, six spaceships were chasing each other in a circle. The Maniac Battlefleet had tried to slow down in the atmosphere several times; however, they were always stopped by laser fire from enemy ships.

"Guys, it seems that we must kill them first before we can get out of here," Hardman said quietly to his subordinates as he crossed his arms.

"Then kill them!" many robot warriors responded as they waved their iron fists wildly. 

“Good. I order the AO-67 frigate to escort the human spacecraft to gain the opportunity to break into the atmosphere. Destination—the Black Sheraton Grand Canyon on the Pyramid Star, and I’ll personally lead the flagship to fight against the enemy.”

"Yes, sir, I'll strictly follow your order," the robotic commander of the AO-67 ship replied coldly through the voice system.

The Maniac Battlefleet was divided into two parts and the flagship led by Hardman gradually slowed down. The three-stage nuclear propeller was turned off and changed into nuclear pulse for low propulsion before making a U-turn to fight against the Feitian warship.

"Fire the charged particle gun! Fire the laser cannon! Fire the automatic guided cluster kinetic energy gun!" With the order, all the heavy energy weapons on the battleship were mobilized to shoot countless dead lights against the imperial battleship.

Almost simultaneously, the imperial battleship gave the response. The metal storm spreader created a steel ball curtain about 100 meters high in the front to stop the incoming fire. Thirty short-range combat missiles and active bait bombs were then fired instantly.

After a series of terrible explosions, one warship of Feitian Empire was hit by a laser beam out of the rain of firepower and dropped toward the Pyramid Star in flames. The flagship of the Maniac Battlefleet was also badly damaged. Seven combat missiles penetrated the laser defense due to the shield of active bait missile fragments and hit the rear half of the battleship. Sparks flamed out from the bullet hole. 

"The hull has been damaged, so we are unable of quickly maneuver. It’s being repaired," the alarm sounded from the command computer.

"The weapon officer will continue to command the battle, while the other soldiers, just follow me!" Hardman ordered loudly as he marched toward the door. Behind him were thirty heavy-duty robot warriors armed with laser cannons that lined up and followed him with murderous obedience.

The cabin door opened. The laser firepower and the missiles passing quickly through the warships made Hardman have a short period of blindness in his visual sensor.

“Attack!” it fiercely ordered, and then made at the spaceship instantly.

The second imperial warship was attacking the damaged flagship of the Maniac Battlefleet with brutal laser artillery. Hardman led the troops to approach the enemy ship from below. Every robot warrior carried a vector propeller on the back, which was filled with liquid hydrogen. The fuel to support the mechanical body as heavy as thirty to sixty tons would fly for forty-five minutes in combat or two hours and twenty minutes in cruise.

As a powerful robot warrior weighing more than 170 tons, Hardman was equipped with a small nuclear engine in his body and a powerful nuclear rocket propeller, which could support almost twelve hours of continuous flight. That was superior to the previous generations.

Hardman belonged to the top level of the Maniac Battlefleet: a KZ-Class robot. The autonomous smart robot warrior at this level was developed based on the idea of the Huitian Emperor to design a robot capable of independent combat. The robot was equipped with many heavy weapons, and its destructive power was enough to deal with an escort interstellar warship.

The sudden emergence of an individual team forced the warships of Feitian Empire to spare half of their firepower to deal with them. The three robot warriors were torn into metal fragments almost instantaneously.

Hardman sneered and raised an electromagnetic shield with his left arm. The powerful high voltage and circulating current automatically running on the shield offset the attack instantly. Meanwhile, it aimed the 500-milimeter neutron gun mounted on the right arm at the propulsion system of the enemy warship and launched continuous fire.

With only three shells, the powerful neutron beam penetrated the battleship armor and an explosion was heard from inside, followed by a larger explosion. The battleship broke into two pieces and rolled into a fall.

Hardman and other robot warriors kept firing and powerful laser beams flew across the starry sky until the enemy ships were completed destroyed!

“Aha, we win again. The Maniac Battlefleet is invincible! Long live our Commander Hardman!” In space, all the robots circled and raised the laser cannons in their hands to celebrate the victory.

“Oh, shit! Where’s another warship?” Only Hardman felt secretly depressed.

It motioned the subordinates to step aside and extended a radar antenna from its head to search within a thousand kilometers around in the space. About fifteen seconds later, it withdrew the antenna and was lost in thought. It seems that they have penetrated the atmosphere. I wish our friends could have good luck. 

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