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Chapter 1306 - Arrival

The ancient spiritual treasure was absorbed by the golden cudgel.

Adding the ancient spiritual treasure that had burst out from killing bounty gate, the energy filled up the golden cudgel in Long Fei's hands to the fourth floor.

"Who else?"

"Who else?"

Long Fei slowly stood up from Hell Senior's body, both of his hands flowing with lava. He swept his gaze across the entire audience, and the eyes of the people darkened as they did not dare to look into Long Fei's eyes.

It was also at this time.

Many people began to slowly retreat.

The deputy chief of the Wan True Union was dead.

The White-browed God of the bounty gate was dead, and the Hell Senior of the Hell Gate was dead as well.

No one!

Every single one of them had a cultivation base that was stronger than Long Fei's, but they could not stop him. Long Fei's strength was too abnormal, they did not dare to fight against him.

And then …

Many began to retreat.

He slowly retreated and finally ran out.

"You want to leave?"

"You came to the Kunlun Sect, and after killing everyone, you want to run?"

"Did I say anything?" Does laozi agree? "

In that instant.

Long Fei controlled the Mechanical Heart and suddenly moved. He shouted: "Kunlun Sect entrance, close!"

The control mechanism had been destroyed, but the Mechanical Heart s were useless against Long Fei.

Once the main gate of the Kunlun Sect closed, these people would not be able to fly out even if they could.


There was some distance between here and the main gate of the Kunlun Sect, so these people did not know it yet.

This was a huge wave of experience, how could Long Fei let it go?

If the three Bosses died, these people would definitely not let them off!

If he wanted to do it, he had to do it!

At this time, Li Yuanba's body sank.

Long Fei rushed forward and said: "Yuan Ba!"

Li Yuanba said with a smile on his face: "Boss, I'm fine, I'm just a bit tired."

His body was extremely weak, he had forcefully broken through the soul losting powder's poison, and forcefully blocked the Hell Senior's attack. His physical strength and physical body had all reached their limits.

He couldn't bear it.

As soon as he finished.

Li Yuanba slowly fainted, and the golden corpse of the Titan God returned to the sarcophagus.

Long Fei swiftly fed Li Yuanba a few medicinal pellets. The idea moved, transmitted energy into the forbidden grounds and said: "Huo Lin, bring a few people with you to carry Yuan Ba into the forbidden grounds."

"All the people in the forbidden area can come out now."

The forbidden area was the final path of retreat.

If Long Fei could not resist it, he would use his last move, Destruction.

It was also the last move from the Ancestor Kunlun.

The entire Kunlun Sect was formed by mechanisms, and once the destructive device was activated, it was an existence that could destroy the heavens and the earth.

Huo Lin was incomparably excited upon receiving the order, he turned around and said to the crowd: "Victory, victory, our Sect Master has won, hahaha …"

He was extremely excited.

What kind of existence was it to be able to single-handedly fend off three super powers?

It was incomparably terrifying!

Kunlun Zi clenched his fists tightly, he looked at the sky and muttered: "Master, did you see that? Kunlun Sect has passed through a great calamity. "

"The three trials of life and death, the legacy of the Patriarch, sure enough …" Long Fei is the true target. "

"Good boy!"

Kunlun Zi became excited as well.

He was currently rejoicing, rejoicing at the choice he made at Xiao Yao Auction House.

Eight King Kong's face was also full of excitement.

He was indescribably happy.

"Everyone, leave the forbidden area!"

… ….

supported Li Yuanba and waited for them to come out.

At this moment.

Long Fei felt an aura approaching, an aura that made his heart tremble. He turned around and looked over.

A person slowly walked up from behind him.

A naked upper body with the tail of a scorpion tattooed on its back on its chest gave off a cold glow that sent chills down one's spine.

Very strong!

At this moment.

Long Fei could feel that the aura the man was giving off was very, very strong.


At this moment.

Long Fei's eyes suddenly shook, "Divine Light BOSS!"

Under normal circumstances.

The levels of the bosses were divided into: Golden Light BOSS, Purple Light BOSS and Divine Light BOSS!

The Purple Light BOSS was either not the powerhouse on this plane, or it was the top super powerhouse on this plane. As for the Divine Light BOSS …

There was only one possibility!

A oracle sent by the main temple!

Just like the golden man in the Underworld.

Just like the oracle s who were the emissaries of the heavens when Long Fei was undergoing his heavenly tribulation.

The man in front of him was radiating divine light, and rings of light were emitting from his feet. Furthermore … This man was completely different from the oracle that Long Fei had met in the past.

Their auras were different.

The look in his eyes was different.

The most important thing was, he had caused Long Fei's heart to feel a deep dread!

An incomparably terrifying existence.

In front of him, Long Fei had a feeling that he was as insignificant as an ant. This feeling made him feel extremely unhappy.

god's scorpio looked at Long Fei and asked coldly, "Is this Kunlun Sect?"

Long Fei looked at god's scorpio and did not reply. Instead, he asked. Someone sent by the main temple? "

There were no ripples in god's scorpio's eyes, he directly replied, "Yes."

"Is this Kunlun Sect?"

he asked again.

Long Fei still did not answer, and asked: "Whose life did you come to Chaos Realm for? main temple is not happy with anyone else? "


This guy didn't come for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked so many questions and would have started fighting the moment they met.

god's scorpio answered as if he had a question, "I am the Destiny God's envoy, there is someone on the Chaos Realm who has violated the control of the Destiny God, this person has to die."

"Is this Kunlun Sect?"

There was no ripple in his words.

"Destiny God?"

"Transcending the control of the Destiny God?"

"life essence?"

"Kunlun Zi?"

"Then …" Long Fei was shocked, and immediately transferred the power of teleportation to Kunlun Zi, saying: "Don't come out, don't come out, don't come out!"


Without waiting for Long Fei to send a sound transmission, Kunlun Zi walked at the very front, looked at the distant Long Fei, and said: "I've already come out. Long Fei, you're too awesome."

"Hahaha …"

He was very excited.

The Kunlun Sect would definitely rise in Long Fei's hands.

Long Fei suddenly roared loudly: "Kunlun Zi, be careful!"

Before he could finish.

The divine light behind Long Fei disappeared, and instantly appeared in front of him.

The moment he moved, Long Fei did not react in the slightest. He could not feel anything at all, and was completely not his opponent.

Kunlun Zi was the same, he did not manage to react at all, "Careful? Be careful of what? "

However …

A ray of light descended and god's scorpio stood in front of him. His eyes looked coldly at Kunlun Zi as his idea moved slightly, gently sensing the situation, and said slightly: "That's right, you are the one who has transcended the control of destiny. You have gained an additional hundred years of lifespan, and the one who has transcended the control of the Destiny God will only have one outcome.

"Before you die, I want to know who refined the life essence."

"Speak, I will make your death a bit more comfortable."

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