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"The other party is approaching. They are four minutes and ten seconds away from intersection A, where there'll be a red light for 30 seconds. Failure isn't an option."

After listening to the voice from the walkie-talkie, the man in the truck smiled with glowing eyes. "I'm a professional!"

Throwing the walkie-talkie onto the front passenger seat, the man in the truck lit up a cigarette in his mouth. He then looked at the time before stepping on the gas pedal.

There were three more minutes to go, and he was traveling at 35 kilometers an hour… When there were two more minutes to go, he drove at a speed of 50 kilometers an hour… When there was just 30 seconds left, he sped up to 80 kilometers an hour… To arrive within the forecasted time, the man was counting in his heart.

10, 9, 8… The driver could already see the traffic light at the intersection changing. Then, a black sedan drove past unhurriedly.

Just the right time.

For this specific moment, he had already taken this route five times last night before being able to accurately calculate the starting point as well as the speeds at various intervals. This was to ensure that he would arrive at the destination no more than three seconds past the stipulated time.

"That's the target." After confirming that there weren't any other vehicles following behind the other party's car, he drove his truck into the target without slowing down…


Following the impact of the collision, the other party's car flung out as expected.

Furthermore, their positions were just right.

In order to guard against the unexpected, a frame was installed at the back of his vehicle with the sole purpose of shifting the center of gravity to the top of the frame. If the position of the collision wasn't right, he would have to immediately change directions, overturn the truck by relying on the center of gravity of the frame, and crush the other party's car into a discus.

At present, however, that wasn't required anymore. The driver had a smile on his face as he firmly stepped on the gas pedal and continued to ram into the other party. The direction was shifted a little, but the other party would definitely die as long as he crashed into the wall by the side of the road.

The five million yuan is mine, that man thought to himself.

At this moment, he stared at the car as it flipped through the air. The deformed car door suddenly flew open. Next, a demon-like red shadow appeared outside the car. The car seemed to freeze in time. It stopped flipping and floated in the air just like that.

After careful examination, that lady who was dressed in red had grabbed ahold of the car in the air with one hand and lifted the two ton Audi A6 several meters high as if it was a toy.

"Impossible!" That man's pupils shrank into pinpoints

What was happening in front of him was basically impossible! Absolutely impossible!

Even seeing a UFO would be more believable than what was going on now.

Not only was he shocked, even a few cars that just happened to pass by the intersection stopped at the roadside one after another. In their cars, everyone had their eyes wide open as they continued looking at someone lift that car about seven meters into the air before landing on the ground.


"I have faith in martial arts again!"

"Is this a superhuman ability?"

Everyone was dumbstruck in their cars and had absolutely no idea how to comprehend what they just saw.

Below Ren Baqian and the empress, the truck directly passed through. The driver was practically unable to reflect upon what had happened because that incident had severely impacted his awareness. When he saw that there was a building drawing closer and closer, he suddenly regained his awareness and rapidly turned the steering wheel. However, it was already too late.


"What should we do?" A car stopped by the roadside. The two people in that car, who had just witnessed this incident, were both trembling. They had previously followed behind Ren Baqian's car by around 100 meters and had clearly witnessed the entire incident. At this moment, both of them were completely spooked.

"Go back and inform our boss!" The both of them didn't dare to stay another second longer and drove their car away at lightning speed. At the same time, they had also gotten through on the phone and explained everything that had just happened.

"Cough, cough!" Ren Baqian crawled out of the car, still feeling guilty about a terrible crime.

Nothing had actually happened to the empress. Unless it was a nuclear explosion, a truck would definitely not be able to do anything to her.

Still, Ren Baqian didn't have that kind of strength.

Of course, with the empress around, nothing would happen to him. However, the scene of the truck crashing into them still left him with chills in his chest.

How hateful was the other party?! Wanting to take a life with the first strike.

It was almost instantly that Ren Baqian grew suspicious of that Wang Zhi.

The incident at the villa had just occurred in the afternoon, and he immediately got into a car accident on the same night. Besides, that truck didn't honk its horn or reduce its speed. From all perspectives, it appeared to have wanted to take Ren Baqian's life.

Ren Baqian touched his forehead. His hand was stained with blood.

Just now, the truck had crashed directly into where the empress was sitting. She was pretty much fine, but Ren Baqian had sustained some injuries.

"Bast*rd!" Ren Baqian gnashed his teeth as he turned around to look at that truck's condition, only to see that the truck had overturned. It left a long trail on the ground, and half of the vehicle had rammed into the building in front of them. The insides of the truck were completely obscured by dust, and nothing could be seen.

The empress simply stood beside the truck. Ren Baqian didn't know what she was thinking about.

"It's too heavy, so I can't drag it." In a flash, the empress returned to Ren Baqian.

The truck itself weighed around 15,000 kilograms. After factoring in the cargo onboard, it weighed nearly 30,000 kilograms.

Even if the empress could lift a car that weighed 2,000 kilograms and leap into the air, it was hard for her to drag out a heavy truck that already had half of its body rammed into a building.

"I reckon he's probably dead," Ren Baqian said as he looked at the intact half of the truck. "However, I can roughly guess who is responsible for this."

"The people from this afternoon?" the empress asked in a cold voice.

"Yes, 80 percent."

Ren Baqian took off his shirt and wrapped it around his head, making him look like a mummy.

"Find out their location!" the empress replied with a murderous look. She was already a little disappointed that she had missed the rest of the movie. In spite of that, someone actually had the guts to attack her. That person must be tired of living.

Ren Baqian nodded. Not avenging a grievance wasn't his style of doing things. A nobleman would seek revenge regardless of how long it would take.

He felt for his mobile phone and discovered it was still on him. He held it in his hand and hesitated for a moment, but didn't dial any numbers. At the moment, Ren Baqian felt that it was rather troublesome because he didn't know where the other party stayed.

Yang Sen could probably find out his address, but he definitely wouldn't let Ren Baqian get ahold of it.

It would only be possible if Ren Baqian could threaten Yang Sen by having a conflict with the nation. However, the gains wouldn't make up for the losses. After all, threatening the nation wasn't that good of an idea.

If he were to bear with it now and take revenge after he found out the other party's location, that would be much easier.

Unfortunately, Ren Baqian never liked to procrastinate when taking revenge since the day's vengeance needed to be avenged on that very same day!

Thankfully, there was still another solution that didn't require him to fall out with the nation.

Didn't the other party have a wounded member?

They would talk about it again after she was captured.

There were nearly 40 AAA class hospitals in Shanghai. Such people would definitely go to the best hospitals.

As such, there would be an 80 percent chance of finding the other party by going to the top three hospitals.

Ren Baqian switched on his mobile phone and searched for the top three hospitals in Shanghai. He memorized them and immediately switched his phone off.

"Your Majesty, let's go to Zhongshan Hospital and have a look first. Do you still remember what that person from this afternoon looked like?"

"I have a highly retentive memory!" The empress was slightly prideful, but lowered her voice later. "However, such tiny individuals aren't fit for my eyes…"

Ren Baqian was speechless.

That means you didn't actually look at them… That's why you don't remember, right? Ren Baqian thought to himself.

Exactly the empress's style!

"Let's wait for a few minutes first and see if anybody comes to investigate." As Ren Baqian looked at the surroundings, he found that there were indeed a few cars parked along the roadside.

"Your Majesty, are there any problems with those people?"

The empress scanned in that direction and replied faintly, "They're all ordinary people."

"In that case, let's wait. Maybe the other party will send someone to investigate." After Ren Baqian finished talking, the both of them hid in the shadows near the roadside.

A while later, someone did indeed come to investigate, but they were all ordinary people. One by one, they carefully stepped closer and made phone calls at the same time.

Soon after, police cars and ambulances rushed down to the scene.

"Let's go," Ren Baqian said. It seemed like they would have to try their luck at the hospitals.

Just as Ren Baqian finished his sentence, the empress lifted his collar, and he felt like he was riding on a cloud. Harsh winds blew across his face as everything around him moved rapidly in reverse. After that, the empress jumped on top of a tall building and headed in the direction that he indicated.

Not long after Ren Baqian left, a few other people arrived at the scene. After assessing the situation, they hurriedly gave Yang Sen a call.

"Accident? A truck rammed straight into their car and sent it flying? Are they alright? Qi Zixiao lifted the car and leaped seven meters into the air? Both of them fled the scene after that, and their locations are unknown?" Once Yang Sen heard the details from the phone call, he quickly hung up the phone and called Ren Baqian, but he discovered that Ren Baqian's phone was turned off.

"Oh no, something big is about to happen!"

An hour later, Ren Baqian and the empress arrived at Zhongshan Hospital. After finding out the location of the special ward, they walked toward that building.

Just as they reached the lobby, they saw a few people supporting a lady dressed in a hospital gown and walking out rapidly.

After one of them saw Ren Baqian and the empress, his facial expression changed as he repeatedly urged, "Hurry!"

At the same time, he and another person assumed an alert stance.

Ren Baqian squinted his eyes as a cold intent permeated from his gaze. They managed to locate her so quickly. It really must be fate!

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