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Chapter 1023 - The Compendium of Cultivation

Everything seemed to have come to an end.

This Hongmeng Taoist Assembly battle could be said to have gone through three twists and turns.

All the cultivators were feeling complex emotions.

Compared to before, there were more Rakshasa School dark horses, which not only caused trouble, there was also the matter of the spirit demon woman.

Almost, these righteous sects and clans all vanished into thin air along with the Misty Mount.

The reason why everyone was safe and sound was to thank Rakshasa School's Clan Master Qin Chao.

Shen Qing's thoughts became even more complicated.

Who knew how many times Qin Chao of the Devil Dao had saved the lives of people from famous and upright sects.

Although he didn't really want to owe Qin Chao this favor, he still owed it all.

Dongfang Ying's face was also pale as he tried to suppress the fear in his heart.

Ji Yuanyuan even almost killed her!

The Lord immortal envoy did not care about her life and death anymore?

Most probably, because of his many failures, the Lord immortal envoy was angry …

Sigh, people like them who worked for the Immortal World, they might look impressive, but they were actually not even a dog, they just killed them as soon as they said they didn't like it.

What was the meaning of this saying? Accompanying a monarch like a tiger...

All of the sect members calmed down, and all of them thanked Qin Chao. However, some sects didn't even dare to say a word. Because, under Shen Dong's orders, they had rushed to be the first to deal with Qin Chao. Now that Qin Chao had become their savior, other than feeling ashamed, they could only feel ashamed.

"Today's matter, thanks Rakshasa School's friend."

Mo Tianya extended his hand, held his sword, cupped his fist and said, "However, although I am grateful, fighting is still fighting. Isn't it time for the final battle between us to continue? "

Mo Tianya was still waiting for the outcome of the battle to be decided between him and the Rakshasa School.

At this moment, he was feeling very complicated. He didn't expect that the person he hated would end up being everyone's savior.

To him, this result was extremely unpleasant. He only wanted to find an opportunity to vent the anger in his heart.

He possessed the body of an immortal; how could he be inferior to a mortal?

Especially when he saw the look in Senior Shen's eyes when she looked at him. That feeling of admiration and yearning made him even more infuriated.

Thus, he was furious, extremely furious.

Although it was not appropriate for Mo Tianya to bring up all of this at the moment, but according to the rules, they definitely had to choose between high and low.

"It is necessary to determine the victor."

Tan Hai spoke a few words of fairness, "However, Tian Ya, since you violated the rules first, you have already lost your qualifications to participate in the finals."


Mo Tianya was shocked, he never thought that his master would say such a thing.

"Tian Ya, no matter what you think in your heart, rules are rules. You should be punished for breaking the rules. "

Tan Hai said as he swept his whisk.

This old Daoist looked at his heart and nose, ignoring his disciple's gaze.

"Haotian doesn't have the strength to fight anymore. How about this?"

Qin Chao knew that Mo Tianya was extremely unwilling, but he was very willing to let this fellow down.

As referee, he offered his opinion.

"I shall see. Let Shen Qing of Mount Shu and the Venerable Emperor of Rakshasa School be the victors for this decisive battle. "As for the others, they can leave now."

"This is a good plan."

The nearby referees all agreed.

Now, not many people dared to go against Qin Chao's words.

The power that Qin Chao had displayed in the Ninety-nine Heavenly Force Thunder tribulation had completely stunned all the cultivators.

What kind of cultivation level was that!

Hundreds of bolts of red lightning couldn't even do anything to him, how could he compare!

"I agree."

Shen Qing nodded in agreement when he heard this idea.

"I have no objection either."

After the danger had passed, Su Ji's emotions had calmed down a little. She stepped onto the stage and took a deep breath.

"Big sister Shen, to be honest, I don't really want to be your enemy. As all of us are part of the devil puppet, we should actually be thinking about the same thing … "

"Different paths don't work together."

Shen Qing lifted his own Frost Water Sword, "I, Shen Qing, have dedicated my life to slaying demons and demons. How could I possibly have the same thoughts as you, members of the demonic way? As for the matter with the devil puppet, I had already swallowed down the Immortal Soul long ago and broke the connection with Qin Chao. If Rakshasa School feels that the power of my devil puppet is inappropriate, he can just take it back. Even without anyone's help, I, Shen Qing, can still accomplish great things with just myself. "

Shen Qing's strong personality gave him a headache.

"Alright, it seems like Big Sister Shen has made up her mind."

Su Ji knew that he couldn't persuade her otherwise. But as Qin Chao's concubine, he had already done all that he needed to do.

All that was left was the matter of the fist.

"In order to show my respect for you, I will not hold back."

As Shen Qing spoke, he slowly thrust the Frost Water Sword in his hand into his abdomen.

Qin Chao stared blankly at her, thinking that it was fortunate that this was not the time for her to be pregnant, otherwise, if this sword strike were to go down, the two children would really be unlucky.

His mother had stabbed him just in time.

"I have a godly sword, its name is Frost Water!" Frost? Sword Hidding Skill! "

Naturally, Shen Qing was not cutting himself, but rather, she was displaying her proud sword technique.

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The red flame ignited on Shen Qing's body, and in the end, the flame actually gathered on top of her head, and only burned a little black and red flame at the tips of her hair.

Her control over the Phoenix Nether Flame, went up another level.

"Me too. I'll do my best."

As Su Ji said that, he stepped on two auspicious clouds, supporting his body.

At the same time, water swirled around her delicate body.

It seemed that she was using the Nine You Demonic Dragon's power to control the fire.

One was true water, the other nether flames.

Qin Chao calculated Shen Qing's current strength. A 5th Layer Gold Body was indeed terrifying. He created a Summon Method for himself and then used the release technique on Su Ji, ensuring that the two of them were on the same level.

"Let me see how far you can go with his power!"

As Shen Qing said that, he suddenly extended both his hands out in front of him.

Behind her, more than ten flaming swords flew out, revolving and floating.

"Su Ji, be careful of her sword, it might explode."

Qin Chao told Su Ji through telepathy.

"Don't worry, this is a war between her and me, so don't get involved!"

Su Ji also told Qin Chao in his heart.

Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders. Ugh, Su Ji is also a strong master.

In the end, they were all women from the new era.

No, that's not right, Su Ji was a female of the new generation, there was no doubt about it.

But Shen Qing was an old lady who had lived for a few hundred years. Even though she was young and beautiful, she was still twenty years old. But his mental age shouldn't be young anymore.

Regardless if Shen Qing was a new generation female or not, the battle between the two ladies had already begun.


Shen Qing waved his hand, and the ten-odd fire swords immediately rushed towards Su Ji, smashing towards him.

"You wish!"

Knowing Shen Qing's idea, Su Ji immediately formed a seal and set up a water screen in front of him, blocking the fire swords.

"Boom boom boom!" A few flaming longswords collided with the water curtain, immediately creating a large wave of fire, causing the sky to turn red.

"Water is the bane of fire. You have no chance of winning, Sister Shen."

Su Ji stood behind the water curtain and said to Shen Qing who was standing opposite of him.

"Not necessarily."

Shen Qing laughed, he extended his hand and formed a seal of a sword.

"Sky Fire Sword Physique, retreat!" The Flaming Sword! "

A flaming sword that was floating in front of Shen Qing, suddenly began to revolve violently.

As it rotated, it brought with it the ear-piercing sound of the wind.

The surrounding Essence Qi and Fire Essence were desperately gathering towards that treasured sword.

Holy shit, no way!

Qin Chao's eyes widened even more.

Even after using the Sword Hidding Skill, he could still use the Troop-tranquilized Eleven Sword Techniques!

This Shen Qing was indeed a heavenly great beauty.


Shen Qing waved his sleeves, and the sword instantly rushed towards Su Ji.

Su Ji's expression, which was hidden under the mask, turned serious.

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The water curtain was instantly blown to pieces.

As for the surging energy, it continued to rush towards Su Ji.

Inside the power, the red Flaming Sword was still flying towards her.


At this time, Su Ji suddenly pinched a Buddha Seal, opened her red lips and let out a cry.

The pure Buddha Energy followed the sound wave and quickly spread out.

In front of Su Ji, it seemed to have formed a wall of Qi, sending the Flaming Sword flying and slashing it into the sky.

"Buddhist mantra!"

Shen Qing's brows slightly rose.

"Sister Shen, you're not the only one who knows spells from other sects."

Su Ji placed a hand behind him, "I know how to do that too … So, be careful! "

While Su Ji was speaking, he swung his hand and threw out a blue water gun from behind him.

The water lance condensed from true water was incomparably sharp. Even if it were steel, it would cut like tofu.

"Good job!"

However, Shen Qing swung out his sword with even more precision, striking the water spear that was coming his way.

Unexpectedly, the water spear had been struck, and transformed into three water dragons, coiling around Shen Qing's body, binding her.

"Water is ever-changing."

Su Ji smiled, "You've been tricked, Sister Shen."

With that, she formed a hand sign, releasing a surging water dragon that rushed towards Shen Qing's body.

Shen Qing was caught off guard, and was immediately thrown out of the stage by the water dragon.

Sword Riding Wind, soar into the sky! Wind-riding Sword! "

Fortunately, her reaction was fast, and she immediately stepped on a flaming longsword. This was to prevent herself from suffering a crushing defeat by throwing herself out of the arena.

"What a pity, just a little more."

Su Ji pouted.

"Your little tricks are useless."

Shen Qing was in the air, continuing to practice his sword technique.

"Sword Qi, Rushing Heaven Sword!" The Heaven-hacking Sword! "

This was the move that Shen Qing wanted to use to defeat Qin Chao back in Guangyuan Academy.

That day when she wanted to use this Heaven-hacking Sword, she wasn't strong enough and was used by Qin Chao to the point where she almost suffered a backlash.

Now that she was using it, it was much easier.

In the sky, the sword qi was crisscrossing.

A huge flaming sword slowly appeared from the clouds, it was extremely huge and imposing.

The Troop-tranquilized Eleven Sword Techniques of Mount Shu are tyrannical indeed. Especially after Shen Qing unleashed his Sword Hidding Skill, this treasured sword that had no attribute, had a fire attribute, so its might became even more ferocious.

When Su Ji saw the gigantic Heaven-hacking Sword that appeared in the air, his pupils slightly shrank.

"Lose under my sword!"

"If that's the case …."

The sickly gigantic sword image in Su Ji's eyes became clearer and clearer. She started to pinch a Buddha Seal and muttered at the same time, "I can't do it either.

Looking at Su Ji's Buddha Seal pinch, the monks from the Song Mountain Baotai Temple were all shocked.

"This, this is a nine word truth, a treasured vase seal!"

The Nine Word Mantra was a secret that was not passed down in the Song Mountain Baotai Temple.

How could a technique that only inner sect disciples could cultivate appear in the hands of a female Supreme Realm cultivator from Rakshasa School?

First it was the Diamond Sutra, then it was the treasured vase seal! Oh my god, could it be that Rakshasa School has a Compendium of Cultivation in his hands?

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