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The blood pond bubbled where Blood Devil's majestic body was soaking. His pores were taking in the blood while his face was as red as real blood. Blood Qi circulated through his veins with the explosions like an erupting volcano.

Bath and Gu Te stood by the blood pond. They looked so happy. They patted Shi Yan's shoulder and screamed.

"Excellent! You're at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm now!"

"Kid, you're a little monster! You've reached Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm from First Sky after just ten years. That's two realms! Where did you go? Holy sh*t. I want to go there to cultivate too!"

Gu Te and Bath didn't know that Shi Yan had gone to Desolate.

That year, Shang Chen came and left shortly after. He didn't explain things clearly.

Of course, Shang Chen thought that he didn't need to explain to the others. Shang Chen was a universal traveler. He had wandered around for years without a permanent residency. He didn't care about many people. In Agate Star Area, Bath, Gu Te, and Blood Devil were the outstanding warriors, but Shang Chen had met many more intimidating experts, which meant that the others were just juniors to him.

Shang Chen wouldn't say much to juniors.

Until now, Agate Star Area was still closed to the world out there. Thus, they didn't know many things or about the existence of the marvelous Desolate.

Gu Te and Bath were astounded because of Shi Yan's advancement. As they were the experts with powerful monster bodies, they deeply knew how strong his body was when they patted Shi Yan's body. His flesh wasn't weaker than their monster bodies...

Also, they had a strange feeling.

When they saw Shi Yan today, they had a dear feeling for him that they couldn't explain. It felt like Shi Yan was the one with the closest relationship to their lives. This feeling had no cause. It was like a Seal existing in their bloodline.

They wore contemplating faces.

Shi Yan also had a feeling...

But it was different from Bath and Gu Te. When the two of them touched him and patted him, Shi Yan had a strange feeling as if he was watching his grandchildren play.

This feeling baffled Shi Yan and made him feel awkward.

Gu Te and Bath were members of the Monster Clan. The Brutal Dragon Tribe and the Evil Dragon Tribe consisted of the most savage dragons of the Dragon Clan. The Azure Dragon, the ancestor of the Dragon Clan, was one of the precursors of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. The Brutal Dragon Tribe and the Evil Dragon Tribe had descended from the Azure Dragon. They had been mixed with the other races too.

Tracing back to their roots, the Monster warriors living in the major star areas were the hybrids of the Heavenly Monster Tribe with the other races. Gradually, they had built new races and tribes. Although the Brutal Dragon Tribe and the Evil Dragon Tribe had the Holy Beast Azure Dragon's blood, it wasn't pure. Thus, they weren't called "Heavenly Monster" and were instead just "Monster Clan."

The current Monster Clan had the bloodline of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Gu Te and Bath also had that impure bloodline. No matter what, they still more or less had the blood of the Heavenly Monster Tribe in their bodies. Thus, they had gained benefits from the marvelous changes of Grace Mainland.

The purer their blood was, the more benefits they could receive just like what the hiding Heavenly Monster Tribe had. Although their blood wasn't pure, warriors like Gu Te and Bath also received some benefits.

However, most of the Monster warriors now had little blood of the Heavenly Monster Tribe mixed through too many generations. It was completely gone, so they couldn't receive any boost to improve their competence from the changes of Grace Mainland.

Shi Yan's co-soul had fused with the Origin of Grace Mainland, which had helped Shi Yan experience the ups and downs of the continent through billions of years. Grace Mainland was the cradle of the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

As Gu Te and Bath had the blood of the Heavenly Monster Tribe in their bodies, they had such wonderful feelings.

Shi Yan understood it all of a sudden!

"Shi Yan, you disappeared for ten years. Do you know how Agate Star Area is currently?"

"The Agate Star Area can't endure it anymore!"

Gu Te and Bath shouted.

Shi Yan waved his hand and spoke to them. "We won't talk about this now."

The other two were so surprised.

"Precursors, have you recognized that your realm and power have been changing recently?" Shi Yan became earnest.

The two old dragons were bewildered. They looked skeptical for a while and then continued, "Yeah, something is changing. I don't know why but when we cultivate, it feels much easier. We can gather earth and heaven energy faster. Our realms are increasing subtly too. It seems like someone hiding in the darkness is giving us a hand..."

"Yeah, it's hard to describe, though," Bath nodded.

Shi Yan grinned. He had confused Bath and Gu Te as the two old men thought that they were wrong.

"It's not your hallucination. You guys will see... That marvelous feeling still exists and it's getting clearer day by day." Shi Yan told them solemnly. "Your body has the bloodline of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. This bloodline will help you receive boosts. It turns out that I didn't make a wrong guess. It seems... the Heavenly Monster Tribe will become stronger rapidly."

"Heavenly Monster Tribe?" Gu Te was stunned. He mumbled, "The precursors in our Monster Clan, the strongest ones, are called "Heavenly Monster." To our clan, "Heavenly Monster" is just a title of the best warriors in the clan. You say... it's a new race?"

The ancestral land of the Heavenly Monster Tribe was Grace Mainland. Those Heavenly Monsters had left Grace Mainland in the Immemorial Epoch. One by one, they jumped into outer space and drifted away in the vast sea of stars. Their bloodline had blended with other races. At the same time, branches of the Monster Clan had mated and evolved into the Monster Clan that scattered around the major star areas.

Gu Te and Bath were born in Agate Star Area. They had never been to Grace Mainland. Due to the conservative state of Agate Star Area, they knew nothing about the Heavenly Monster Tribe and they didn't know that the "Heavenly Monster Experts" in their legends were actually one of the most powerful creatures in this world.

"I'll explain later."

Shi Yan smiled and walked to the blood pond. Blood Devil was still cultivating there. He didn't even notice Shi Yan's arrival. His pores were taking in and out blood to refine his bones and veins.

Three Blood Essence Crystals emerged from Shi Yan's Fantasy Sky Ring. They looked like crystals without any principle of shape. They had a vivid, beautiful red hue as if they contained real drops of blood moving inside. They looked strange with the stink of real blood. At the same time, they had a terrifying blood halo.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The Blood Essence Crystals turned into three refined blood light that shot towards the blood pond. Magically, as soon as the stones fell into the blood pond, the blood inside the pond boiled vehemently.


The fist-sized blood bubbles emerged and exploded, releasing a thick blood mist with the abundant blood Qi.

After a dozen seconds, the Blood Qi in the blood pond expanded and turned into a misty curtain covering the entire pond. The blood pond was still boiling as if it was cooking Blood Devil's body. Blood Devil looked like a red shrimp while his pores were discharging dregs and contaminants like spider threads.

After the dirty threads oozed out of his pores, they melted and disappeared.

The blood became bright and it gave people a feeling that they were watching something both sinister and beautiful. The drops of blood seeped into Blood Devil's veins and bones, refining his body and creating more Immortal Demon Blood.

Gu Te and Bath observed the entire process. They saw Shi Yan throw three beautiful red stones into the pond and change it massively. Blood Devil's Essence Qi had reached the upper limit. The smell of blood in this area had soared up into the sky.

A red light shot up from Blood Devil's head and reached the sky. It looked like a blood column had just touched the sky and created a new wonder.

The blood-terrifying aura covered the entire sky. Blood Devil's Blood Qi rose like an erupting volcano, shooting out of the blood pond, which had sent a vibe to the souls of many experts in Devil Blood Star. They felt so worried for him. The warriors with close relationships with Blood Devil hurried to the place and prepared to guard for him.

They knew that Blood Devil was about to break through to the next level. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made such a commotion in this critical time.

Many leaders of the other forces who were on Devil Blood Star came. The war chariots were hissing and roaring in the sky of the planet while profound experts were flying to the place on their own. Instinctively, they gathered by the blood pond.

"Oh, he's made a big commotion!"

Gu Te rubbed his head. "Summon the experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan immediately. I guess Blood Devil's commotion will attract those bastards."

"Just three small stones... Hmm, see how tremendous they could create..."

Bath was still absorbed in fear. He shook his head instinctively as if he couldn't understand this.

They all had keen eyes. From the energy surging on Blood Devil's body, they knew he could break through to Third Sky of Incipient God Realm.

"Three Blood Essence Crystals aren't enough to help him reach Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. It's over my estimation. It seems like I have to pay generously." Shi Yan rubbed his chin and pondered, Then, Bath and Gu Te saw him taking more Blood Essence Crystals.

Four pieces this time!

Shi Yan threw the four crystals into the blood pond, making it boil even harder like a real erupting volcano. The blood Qi diffusing was so astonishing.

After they had arrived here, Yang Tian Emperor had kept silent all the time to observe Blood Devil. As they were members of the Immortal Demon Clan, he was so curious about Blood Devil at Second Sky of the Incipient God Realm. He wanted to observe him and see if he could find something that could support his realm or overall competence.

When Shi Yan threw four Blood Essence Crystals to the pond at the same time, Yang Tian Emperor discolored. He couldn't help but shout, "Could he endure that?"

In the cold place of the North Zone, Yang Tian Emperor had healed his damaged body with one Blood Essence Crystal and also condensed many drops of Immortal Demon Blood. He knew how strong the stone was, so he was afraid that Blood Devil couldn't endure it.

Shi Yan's face was so solemn. He took a deep breath and then spoke. "He's reaching Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. It's very dangerous. When breaking through, Blood Qi is what he needs the most of to support the process. He needs an enormous amount of energy because it will drain quickly. He needs many Blood Essence Crystals. I think he can endure it!"

Yang Tian Emperor was surprised. He contemplated for a while and then nodded. "Right, his realm is much higher than mine. Hmm, Second Sky of Incipient God Realm... Right, he should take risks for once."

Receiving the seven Blood Essence Crystals, the terrifying Blood Qi in the blood pond had shrouded the entire sky and earth. The void above the blood pond looked like it was painted with fresh blood. The light in this area had also changed into the color of crimson, dyeing the nearby plants red altogether.

Experts of the other forces from around Devil Blood Star came here. They all wore gray faces as the scene here had shocked them.

The entire blood-red world had struck their sight and gave them a strange, bizarre feeling. They didn't even dare to step closer as they were afraid that the blood would stain them or the evil energy would affect their minds. They stood by the place, watching and screaming. They wanted to know what was happening to Blood Devil.

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