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"You're heartless!"

He Manquing sneered; her bright eyes were chillingly cold. She hatefully stared at Shi Yan and berated him, " Sister Xinyan is like this because of you, and you are actually feeling happy? You, do you even have a conscience"?

She kept looking at Shi Yan scornfully after she caught a bit of joyous expression on Shi Yan's face.

Obviously, she wouldn't know that after communicating with the Ice Cold Flame, Shi Yan had come with a way to save Xia Xinyan. He Qingman just thought that Shi Yan must be feeling lucky, and immediately started criticising him. She felt bitter in her heart and got angered upon seeing Shi Yan being ungrateful.

Those Shura Blood Guards nearby also got confused. Seeing the happy look on Shi Yan's face, they also felt something was amiss.

With even Mo Duanhun saying that Xia Xinyan would be hard to treat, it was evident that Xia Xinyan's soul was injured heavily. At this moment, seeing the joyous Shi Yan made everyone suspect his intentions.

Only Mo Duanhun thought otherwise, and looked at the Blood Vein Ring on Shi Yan's hand with a thoughtful expression.

Shi Yan was aware of He Qingman's scolding, but he simply ignored it. His consciousness was deep into the Ring, still conversing with the Ice Cold Flame.

"In order to convert the souls into pure soul power, how do you refine the Soul Gathering Pearl?"

"It's very easy." The Ice Cold Flame was just waiting for this question from Shi Yan, "Burn the Soul Gathering Pearl in a special fire, destroying all the soul impurities inside the Soul Gathering Pearl. What remains will be soul power that is pure enough to be absorbed."

"A special fire?" Shi Yan thought for a moment, "You are also one of the Sky fires, will you be able to do it?"

"No no, no!" The Ice Cold Flame immediately responded, "You have to use extremely high temperature in order to burn away the soul impurities inside the Pearl."

Although the Ice Cold Flame was one of the Sky fires, it was very special. Usually, most Sky fires were very hot, capable of burning everything in their path, but Ice Cold Flame was chilling to the bone. It had the exact opposite characteristics of sealing everything in ice.

As the Soul Gathering Pearl needed extremely high temperature to refine, the fire from the Ice Cold Flame would be of no use.

"Does that mean that I will need to find another Sky fire to refine the pearl?" Shi Yan's heart sank, "Sky fires are the most extraordinary fire in the world. If it is really needed, where in the world I would find it?"

"You won't be needing a Sky fire exactly." The Ice Cold Flame said after a moment, "The fire at the center of a hundred thousand foot tall volcano will be enough to refine the pearl. As long as you are able to find a ten thousand year-old volcano, just place the pearl in its center. Let me take a look at it and I will know whether the idea will work out or not."

"Enter the center of a ten thousand year-old volcano?" Shi Yan's face slightly changed, "I would probably be burnt to ashes halfway."

The central region of a ten thousand year-old volcano was extremely hot. Let along a Disaster realm warrior, even an Earth realm, or a Nirvana realm strong warrior, would probably not be able to hold up if he rashly entered into the center of a ten thousand year-old volcano.

The Ice Cold Flame's suggestion made Shi Yan full of despondence.

"Hey, I am talking to you!" He Quigman stood in front of Shi Yan proudly, with her plump and seductive chest. Her eyes were still chilly as she glared at Shi Yan, "What, are you mute? Or have speechless?"

Shi Yan, who was in a deep discussion with the Ice Cold Flame, was suddenly woken from He Qingman's shout. Naturally he didn't know what He Qingman had said.

Shi Yan still had some good opinions towards He Manqing. When Xia Xinyan's body fell from the sky, it was this woman who ordered her demon beast to rescue Xia Xinyan.

Or else, even if Xia Xinyan's soul were to recover in the future, her body would've been half wasted.

Because of that, Shi Yan felt some gratitude towards He Qingman, and he also knew she was deeply worried for Xia Xinyan. So Shi Yan didn't mind He Qingman's unfriendly attitude.

"Sister Xinyan is in this state, and you are happy?" He Qingman clenched her teeth, "I've never seen a heartless man like you! In the Kyara Sea, Sister Xinyan is the most desired girl, god knows how many young men has a soft spot for her. There are way too many who are more handsome, and stronger than you! But just for you, in these three years, Sister Xinyan had been fighting against the Gu and Dongfang families all along. Knowing that you came to Clouds Island, she even risked her life to come and find you! And because of you, she is now like this! But you are secretly feeling happy! You're truly cruel and ungrateful! The most shameless of all!"

The more He Qingman thought about it, the more she disliked Shi Yan. So, she ruthlessly insulted him.

Shi Yan didn't know if he should laugh or cry from her fierce scolding. He felt that this woman had some problems inside, and she judged the situation without knowing anything; such an opinionated person.

So Shi Yan once again became silent, and chose to continue ignoring her.

"How do I enter into the center of a ten thousand year-old volcano?" Shi Yan communicated.

"Did you forget about me?" The Ice Cold Flame answered proudly, "With my cold energy as a protection, what kind of volcano can't you enter? How can a mere Earth fire oppose against me? With me protecting you, what do you have to be scared about?"

Shi Yan immediately realized the truth.

Because of Xia Xinyan's injuries, his mind was kind of in a mess. He actually forgot about how frightening the Ice Cold Flame's cold energy was.

Back in the day, Menluo Island was a land where volcanoes gathered. Even this kind of place still became an ice island under the Ice Cold Flame's cold energy. In this whole world, what kind of volcano can't it go deep into?

"I understand now." Shi Yan's mind gradually settled down, and once again a joyous expression emerged on his face.

"Shameless! Shameless!" Scolded He Qingman as her clenched teeth made gritting sounds, "I've really never seen people like you. How unfortunate that Sister Xinyan actually complimented you all along, this is really an eye opener for me! How could such a smart person like Sister Xinyan fancy a guy like you! I really feel unfair for her!"

While He Manqing taunted him for so long, she saw Shi Yan smile again. This really made her anger explode through the roof. If Mo Duanhun weren't next to her, she might've not been able to hold back and attacked Shi Yan to teach him a lesson.

"Uh, is it fun for you to talk to yourself?" Shi Yan's consciousness returned from the Blood Vein Ring and he slightly glanced at He Qingman, and said indifferently.

If it were anyone else, after being wronged and scolded for so long, they would feel a little annoyed from inside. Shi Yan was no exception either.

He Qingman didn't get the situation at all, and subjectively thought him as a heartless and unfaithful heartbreaker. She clenched her teeth and scolded him for minutes, and seeing him unresponsive, she just kept scolding him. This made Shi Yan feel that this woman really had some screw loose.

"You! You!" He Manqing pointed at Shi Yan, she was breathing fast while her breasts were high up, curved in a seductive figure. She was so upset at the moment that she actually couldn't speak.

Shi Yan looked at her sideways. He knew that this woman had a hot body, and her looks must be extraordinary too. But at the moment his mind wasn't thinking in this regard, so he was too lazy to bother with her. After glancing once at He Qingman, he turned his head away to ask Mo Duanhun by his side, "Are there any ten thousand year-old volcanoes around here?"

"There are none nearby." Mo Dunahun was stunned, but he pondered for a second, "But there are some in the Kyara Sea. The biggest ten thousand year-old volcano is in the Fire Cloud Island controlled by the Evil Wonderland. Miss He should be very knowledgeable about this area, as the current master of Fire Cloud Island is He Luo, her father."

Shi Yan dazed for a second and his expression immediately became weird. He turned his head and looked at He Qingman once again.

He Qingman was still mad, she clenched her teeth and was fiercely staring at Shi Yan, "No matter what you want to do, I won't help you! You heartless unfaithful heartbreaker, just looking at you gets on my nerves!"

Then, He Qingman's hot beautiful body casually moved, and in an instant, she was already sitting on the Wind Thunder Lion.

With the moving of her long beautiful legs, He Qingman shouted, "Let's go."

"Wait." Shi Yan frowned, he suddenly blocked the Wind Thunder Lion and raised his head to look at He Qingman, who was sitting high above on the Wind Thunder Lion, and said, "You can go, but Xinyan has to stay with me."

"What gives you that right?" He Qingman's eyes turned cold, "Sister Xinyan came with me, and now that her soul is heavily injured, I have to use the greatest speed to escort her back to the Xia family. When the Xia family knows that Sister Xinyan has been injured so badly, they would definitely use all their power to find a way to save her! Unlike you, they will never do nothing and even gloat around!"

The Wind Thunder Lion was ready to move. He Qingman sat on top, and condescendingly looked down at Shi Yan while taunting him with her words.

The level six Wind Thunder Lion realized its mistress's anger. Its bell-size dark red eyes fiercely started at Shi Yan, and raised its head to release an angry roar.

A level six demon beast was comparable to a Nirvana realm warrior; after this Wind Thunder Lion's angry roar, two wind blades formed into shape, and shot at Shi Yan.

"Stupid beast!" He Qingman shouted as the look in her eyes slightly changed.

Mo Duanhun snorted coldly and just like a phantom, appeared in front of the Wind Thunder Lion. He shot his big hands out and actually held the wind blades. Then while furrowing his brows, he again looked at He Qingman, "Do you need me to discipline your demon beast?"

"It's a misunderstanding." He Qingman was startled as she hurriedly stomped her foot. She stepped on the Wind Thunder Lion's head, secretly scolding at how stupid this demon beast was.

With Mo Duanhun so near it, the Wind Thunder Lion had already settled down. It hurriedly laid down again and didn't even dare to raise its head and look at Mo Duanhun in fear that he might act ruthlessly.

A level six demon beast had already gained some wisdom.

"Leave Xinyan." With a grim face, Shi Yan stood in front of the Wind Thunder Lion, and coldly looked at He Qingman.

"Even if you're a Yang family member, you still have no right to command me!" He Qingman said while gritting her teeth, "Sister Xinyan came with me, so she has to leave with me! I will never give Sister Xinyan to a heartless man like you!"

"I can save her!" Shi Yan said with a deep voice.

"You can save her?" He Qingman was dazed for a second, but then said in disdain, "Even Master Mo can't do anything, what way do you have to save her? Your capabilities are not good, but your tone sure is arrogant."

"Young Master Yan, do you want to go to the Fire Cloud Island?" Mo Duanhun saw that at this rate there would be no end to this argument, and finally couldn't help but say, "If you're going to the Fire Cloud Island, then you don't need to move Xia. Miss He should be going back to the Fire Cloud Island too, we can just go the same way."

After Mo Duanhun said that, Shi Yan pondered for a moment and also agreed, "I am going to the Fire Cloud Island, Master Mo, what about you?"

"Before we return to the Immortal Island, I will keep following you." Mo Duanhun responded.

"Alright then." Shi Yan nodded, and walked towards the only level six Cyan Blood Bat present there, "Then you can escort me to Fire Cloud Island."


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