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"Uncle Carthew, how did you dare to get out?" Zi Yao quietly saw Ao Gera leaving. She knew that from now on, this man would walk the same way with Ao Gu Duo. He might become her biggest obstacle in the future.

She didn't know why she felt relief as if she had finally thrown away the weight on her shoulder. She was so happy she couldn't say why.

Ao Gera had been with her for many years. For her, he had gone against Ao Gu Duo's calls. He had helped her manage the Glorious Amethyst Star well.

However, she understood that ambitious Ao Gera also had many wild schemes working for her.

Because he liked her and he wanted to have her, Ao Gera could give up everything to work for her. However, since she knew he had done many dark schemes behind her back, and she finally got to know his real character, she couldn't feel comfortable facing him anymore.

As Ao Gera had reminded her today of dealing with Shi Yan and killing him, he had eventually enraged her. Thus, she didn't hesitate to retort.

"I dared get out of there because I know that person wouldn't harm me." Carthew beamed a faint smile, his look strange. "That hermit wants to protect Leona. Although I don't know why I can understand him."

Pausing for a while, Carthew lowered his voice. "Those Original God Realm experts who came here, all had the thought of killing Leona. It's obviously to Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette of the Heaven Punishment. Anyway, Bi Tian, Li Yue Feng, and even Ao Gu Duo wanted to kill Leona."

Zi Yao's face changed as she nodded silently. "This is also why I want to make the limit with Ao Gera. Ao Gu Duo's an overlord of a force of the divine nation. However, he got the bad scheme of ambushing Madame Leona while she was advancing her divine nation, which goes against the interest of the divine nation. Since they have a close relation, he and Ao Gera will stand on the same side at the critical moment. They... seems to have some other plot."

"It's true that Ao Gu Duo wants Leona to die. He didn't want her to advance her power Upanishad. In the recent battle, he was attacked the most. Hence, he got the most serious wounds." Carthew sneered, his face strange. "And me, among many people in that garden, is the only one that didn't want Leona to get hurt. I wanted to protect her. Maybe that hermit got my intention. He didn't attack me from the beginning to the end. In that crowd of Original God Realm experts, I'm the only one who wasn't affected."

Listening to him, Zi Yao's eyes brightened, yelling lightly. "You're saying that... Is the person protected Madame Leona a precursor of our divine nation?"

"No way," Carthew beamed a forced smile. "Your Highness, you're overthinking. If he had worked for the divine nation, Feng Ke and Russell wouldn't have been at ease like that in the Heaven Punishment. I can say that he has some relationship with Madame Leona, and nothing related to the divine nation."

"Oh," Zi Yao nodded, looking at the further area. "Seems we don't need to worry about being disclosed."

"Yeah, many hotshots are gathering in the Heaven Punishment. Bi Tian, Li Yue Feng, and Ao Gu Duo are all at the Second Sky of Original God Realm. With Feng Ke's forces, he couldn't control the whole situation. And, as we have a hermit staying in the dark to guard the place, no one would dare to ignite the war again," Carthew smiled then added, "It's good that you have a clear line with Ao Gera. Perhaps that kid won't have doubts anymore. With your talent and appearance, it shouldn't be a hard task to recruit that kid one more time. Right?"

Carthew smiled and said nothing else. Zi Yao's face blushed. She cursed under her breath then bit her lower lip. "It's good that he's alright."

Carthew just smiled, didn't talk more.


"Uncle," Ao Gera walked alone in piles of debris. He stopped by Ao Gu Duo and said, "Princess Zi Yao and I broke up." 

Ao Gu Duo had so many wounds on his legs, his face pale. Listening to his nephew, evil light sparkled in his eyes. "What happened?"

Ao Gera squeezed a smile, sighing. "She's chosen Shi Yan."

Ao Gu Duo snorted. "Women. Especially the ones born in the royal family, they have only interest in their eyes. They don't have true loves. Seems you just wasted your time for nothing."

"I woke up. I won't put her in my heart anymore," nodded Ao Gera.

"Yeah, it's good then. Having no knot in the heart, you can increase your power easier. With your natural endowment, you will surpass everyone else in the divine nation. Until that day, that woman won't escape your hand. However, it will come with the premise that you are powerful enough!" said Ao Gu Duo in a low tone. ,

"I got it. I will wholeheartedly follow powers. Just like you, I will seek the breakthrough to the acme of the martial path," Ao Gu Duo said solemnly.

"We should go," Ao Gu Duo slowly got up. Looking at the abyss in the middle of ruins, he turned around shortly, leaving with Ao Gera without any hesitation.

Bi Tian and Li Yue Feng of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce exchanged looks. Then they got up, leaving without saying anything.

Bi Rou, Allard, and the warriors of the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce gathered from different directions, following the two Second Sky of Original God Realm experts. They disappeared shortly.

Feng Ke's group just stared at them leaving. They didn't stop the others. However, their face was solemn and heavy.

No matter it was Ao Gu Duo, Bi Tian, or Li Yue Feng, they were all at the Second Sky of Original God Realm, their real competence should be stronger than Feng Ke's. At this moment, the Heaven Punishment wasn't controlled by the four leaders anymore. If those three didn't want to quarrel with Feng Ke, he would want to burn some incense sticks already. Of course, Feng Ke's group didn't dare to act rashly.

Those warriors, who shouldn't appear in the Heaven Punishment, left arrogantly. Along their way, many pirates were scared, making way for them proactively as if they were afraid that they would welcome trouble to their life.

No one dared to explore that dark abyss. Although they knew it's possible that Leona was still in that chasm, they decided to not to mind it. They acted as if nothing had happened. People detached, leaving quietly.

The protector in the dark was too scary. It's obvious that he wanted to protect Leona. Unless they were confident of their realm, if they provoked the other, they couldn't bear the consequences.

 "Why did you guys scream just previously?" On the way back, Bi Tian turned around, asking Bi Rou and Allard with a little surprise.

Allard was shaken. He hastened to lively narrate what he had witnessed. His face was full of excitement and respect. "Commander, you have such a bright vision! That kid has an imposing potential. Now, I'm convinced that if he marries our Lady Bi Rou, it will be a big assistance to your hegemony."

Listening to Allard, Bi Tian's eyes brightened, but then, he sighed. "Young hero."

Bi Rou bit her lower lip, her face pale strangely. She didn't say anything so they didn't know what she was thinking.

"Little Rou, what do you think?" asked Bi Tian all of a sudden.

"What?" Bi Rou was bewildered, lifted her head anxiously. "I didn't hear you clearly."
 "What do you think about that kid?" Bi Tian smiled, repeating his question.

"He's... a little bit excellent..." Bi Rou mumbled her answer, her beautiful eyes bright. "More dangerous than anyone I've met. I'd wronged him. If I had known he could have such performance, I would have kept him at any cost."

"Including getting married to him?" Bi Tian chuckled, teasing his daughter.

"Father! Don't tease me! You're annoying!" Bi Rou stooped shyly. She seemed to be touched, didn't resist furiously anymore.

Women in the Raging Flame Star Area would enthrone the strong. Wild and stubborn young hotshots would attract their eyes better. Bi Rou wasn't an exception. Shi Yan's performance made her see him in a new aspect. The annoyance she got about him seemed to be smashed down.

The lake in her heart now had a hunky figure, who was playing the strings of her heart, making her uneasy.

"Alright, I'll be on this. When we see him again, I will force him to marry you!" Bi Tian laughed as his mood wasn't bad.

"Nasty," Bi Rou screamed in a low tone. Apparently, she didn't oppose this opinion.


"Father, what happened?" Feng Rao and Feng Xiao walked behind Feng Ke, couldn't help but ask.

"We were trying to kill Leona. We thought that the experts of the three forces would disturb us. We didn't expect that all had the same purpose. Then, we joined hands to fight. What a pity the hermit had dissolved our attacks. He even hurt us!" Feng Ke took a deep breath, his face strange. "I didn't know that the three forces have an internal problem like that. They seized the chance when darkness fell on the Heaven Punishment to attack Leona. Ao Gu Duo of the Dark Firmament Divine Nation also did that. Haha, I used to worry that our business couldn't be alright when so many warriors came like that. But now I feel more secure." 

At the moment, the Heaven Punishment had three forces, including the Nine Star Chamber of Commerce, the Dark Firmament Divine Nation, and the Underworld League. However, none of them was strong enough to resist the local forces of the Heaven Punishment.

If they joined hands, Feng Ke couldn't keep the star map, let alone carrying the expedition.

However, after this battle, Feng Ke realized that the three big forces didn't like each other. They would never unite. They were different from Feng Ke, Russell, Jie Nong, and Barrette. At the critical moment when the latter had to face the three forces, they would unite without any barrier of grudges.

Moreover, the hermitic expert of the Heaven Punishment was on their side, apparently. Thus, Feng Ke was confident that he could engage in the war with the three forces.

"Shi Yan appeared, and he created a big commotion..." Feng Xiao intervened, narrating what he had seen, his face grim. "Father, Shi Yan's absolutely a dangerous person. He is like a double-edged sword. If we can use him properly, he will be a tremendous support. But if we make a mistake... I'm afraid the damage may double."

Feng Ke listened to his son seriously, his face became solemn. "That kid isn't easy to deal with. I'm so surprised he could be so powerful. Little Rao, what do you think?"

"As long as I'm here, he won't consider us enemies. Father, if we can find the new star area and give him a star life, I think he will appreciate us, and it will make him on our side honestly," said Feng Rao solemnly. 

"I won't be stingy. Don't worry. He has proven himself. Who in the Heaven Punishment or even in the Raging Flame Star Area dares to look down on him?" Feng Ke said with a stern face. "His name will be spread over the Raging Flame Star Area. No one would dare underestimate him. I know what to do."

"Thank you, father," smiled Feng Rao.

"He disappeared. We don't know when he will show himself again. This kid is truly mysterious," sighed Feng Ke.

"He will reappear. I think, when he shows himself, it will be a big surprise. Perhaps... he will be even stronger!" Feng Rao mumbled to herself. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tender affections.

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