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Chapter 275 - Two Gifts!


Tang Tiande let out a shrill scream, his body was struggling rapidly, and his face was filled with pain.

Almost at the same time, Tang Huan raised his spear, and his body floated up high in the sky. When the spear tip pierced into his flesh, the flames had already disappeared, but even so, there was still an extremely intense heat spreading out, accompanied by a strange sizzling sound that spread out along with the stinky stench of his skin and flesh, causing one's scalp to go numb.

Tang Xing, Tang Jun and the other Tang Family s were completely dumbfounded.

Amongst the lot of them, many had already predicted that Tang Tiande would not be able to dodge this strike, but when Tang Tianfeng roared out, some hope was still growing in their hearts, thinking that Tang Huan would hold back or maybe he would be lenient, but they never expected that Tang Huan would not stop.

A dignified Stage Seven Martial Master was actually strung together like this with a spear.

Seeing Tang Tiande's miserable state, Tang Xing and the others felt chills in their hearts, their faces turning even paler.

Tang Huan's actions were so ruthless, so brazen, and this group of people who had already been struck by the power of the Spiritual Fire, would all end up in a miserable state.

"Cousin Tiande!"

Tang Tianfeng was shocked and angry at the same time. When his gaze landed on Tang Huan, his killing intent surged and his mouth released an earth-shaking roar, "rascal, you have guts. You actually dared to kill people in my Tang Family. Do you really think my Tang Family …." Before he could finish, his voice suddenly stopped.

"Hu!" Just then, Tang Huan raised his arm, and Tang Tiande's body flew out of the spear head like a meteorite flying from the heavens, ruthlessly smashing towards Tang Tianfeng, causing him to have no choice but to shut his mouth, as the giant hammer in his right hand struck the ground for a moment, then he quickly reached out to grab it.


An instant later, Tang Tianfeng successfully caught Tang Tiande's body that was shooting at him, but as if he was struck ruthlessly by a heavy object, he actually took two steps back, barely managing to withstand the force of the impact. His entire right arm became sore and numb.

"Cousin Tiande!"

Tang Tianfeng's mind trembled, but in the next moment, his chest was already boiling with anger. Although the Tang Tiande in his hand still had a trace of weakness, the front and back of his chest were charred black, and all of his internal organs had turned into charcoal. There was no possibility for him to survive.

"Tang Tianfeng, the second big gift I gave your Tang Family isn't bad, right?" Tang Huan's cold laughter came out.

"rascal! It should be killed! "

After placing Tang Tiande on the ground, Tang Tianfeng roared angrily, his right hand had already grabbed the gigantic hammer, and with a sweep of his two eyes, the two gigantic hammers released billions of black rays, as though they were two black holes, as though they were going to swallow the surrounding light.

"rascal, die!"

Tang Tianfeng was like a lion that had been completely enraged, at the same time that he roared, he swung his two gigantic black hammers and pounced towards Tang Huan, causing the Strength Qi to churn, and the wind to howl, the might actually reached the skies. It was as though a gigantic mountain in front of him, could be instantly smashed apart by the two gigantic hammers.

"Don't be anxious, you have not seen the first big gift that I gave to your Tang Family!"

Right at this moment, Tang Huan, who was a few meters away, suddenly laughed coldly.

Immediately after, Tang Tianfeng was extremely shocked, the spear in his hand shot out like lightning towards Tang Jiang who was sitting on the ground. Seeing that, Tang Tianfeng could not help but be furious, he shouted out in fear: "Stop! Tang Huan, stop right now! "

"Tang Huan, don't kill my brother!" Tang Xing also cried out in shock.


Tang Huan's movements did not pause at all. The fiery red spear head was like a stream of light, piercing through the void like lightning.

"Father!" "Save me!"

When Tang Jiang reacted, the spear tip was already less than a meter away from him. That sharp sensation made him suffocate, and a wave of uncontrollable fear and despair spread out from the depths of his soul. He couldn't help but scream hoarsely with his eyes closed, "Tang Huan, don't kill me, don't kill me, I don't want to die …"

"Hu!" Tang Huan was not moved at all, with a swing of his long spear, Tang Jiang was lifted up and flew towards Tang Tianfeng on a cloud, while at the place where Tang Jiang was sitting, a puddle of water was left on the ground, and at the crotch area between his legs, wet marks could be vaguely seen.


Like an injured wild beast, Tang Tianfeng let out a low roar of indescribable grief and indignation, and then threw down the two gigantic hammers as he hugged Tang Jiang. In Tang Tianfeng's arms, however, Tang Jiang was still struggling intensely, and was even crying hysterically: "Don't kill me, don't kill me …"

Tang Tianfeng was startled, then immediately shouted out with joy: "Jiang'er, you're not dead!"

At this moment, when Tang Tianfeng recalled the scene from before, he realized that Tang Huan's spear did not pierce into Tang Jiang's body.

Hearing Tang Tianfeng's words, Tang Jiang's body stiffened, and he opened his eyes. Only now did he realize that he was still alive, and instantly jumped down from Tang Tianfeng's embrace.

Tang Huan kept his spear and stood still, seeing the cold eyes revealing a teasing look.

"That's not right."

Tang Tianfeng also heaved a sigh of relief, but in the next moment, his face darkened, and a bad premonition arose in his heart. That Tang Huan had even killed Tang Tiande, how could he be so kind as to send Tang Jiang over? Tang Xing, Tang Jun, and the others stayed where they were. How could there be no tricks going on?

Furthermore, thinking back on what Tang Huan had just said and looking at his current expression, he could guess that this matter was definitely not that simple.

"Jiang'er, did the rascal do something to you?"

In a blink of an eye, Tang Tianfeng had already shouted.

Hearing that, Tang Jiang was immediately stunned, the joy on his face immediately disappeared without a trace, like an eggplant deflated by frost, he sullenly said: "Father, after Tang Huan wrapped a ball of Spiritual Fire with the power of the Genuine Qi, and injected it into our Dantian, as long as his Genuine Qi disappears, we are dead for sure."


Tang Tianfeng's expression changed as his gaze fell on Tang Xing and the others, "Xing'er, Jun'er, Hong'er, what about you guys, are you in a similar situation as well?"

"Dad, everyone is the same."

Tang Xing laughed bitterly. Tang Jun, Tang Hong and many other Tang Family nodded their heads in dejection.

Tang Tianfeng's face darkened, his hand pressed against Tang Jiang's abdomen, and in a blink of an eye, he had already raised his hand, and his face was ashen. Indeed, it was as Tang Jiang had said. There was a ball of heat wrapped in a Genuine Qi, and that should be its power.

At this time, he finally understood why Tang Xing and the others did not take the chance to escape when Tang Huan and Tang Tiande were fighting.

"Tang Tianfeng, are the two gifts I gave to your Tang Family okay?" Tang Huan laughed out loud, and the eyes he looked at Tang Tianfeng with were full of ridicule and ridicule.

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