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Chen Xiang had thought that only one of the three native bank s was powerful, but he never thought that the other three Second Villa Masters were actually at the Dao God Realm.

Great Landlord brought Chen Xiang and left the Sacred Wasteland, arriving at the center of the New Eight Wastelands. Afterwards, the Great Landlord left on his own, in search of experts from the other Divine Wasteland s.

Chen Xiang sighed helplessly, he did not expect that the situation would go as planned, and something like the Great Way of the Evil Heaven would actually appear.

He returned to the Heavenly Dragon City, and told Chu Hongqing and his wife to return back to the You Yao Mountain Villa. With them there, there was no need for him to be busy growing medicinal ingredients.

The Black Hairs Human had already left the Devil Wasteland, but what made people more worried was that these Black Hairs Human did not start a massacre as soon as they came out, rather, they were building a city in an orderly manner.

This was out of the big shots of the big shots, because they had all prepared their defenses, waiting for Black Hairs Human to come out and attack them.

"According to the information sent by the scouts, a large number of Black Hairs Human s have stayed put, as if they have some sort of plan. I wonder how much they know about us." Long Jiuxiao said, he was more worried about this matter.

After that, Chen Xiang told him about the matters of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. After knowing that Chen Xiang had killed two of the Holy Son of Heaven Wasteland, Long Jiuxiao was especially happy as he continuously patted his shoulders.

When I step into the Dao God Realm, I want to go to the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and start a massacre. These guys shouldn't have existed in the first place. Long Jiuxiao laughed.

"Senior, have you sent people to attack the Black Hairs Human yet?" Chen Xiang asked. If the number of people who killed Black Hairs Human was too great, a large amount of Primitive Tao Power would be taken away.

However, Chen Xiang felt that it was impossible to explain things so easily. The Black Hairs Human must have other motives for staying unmoving, otherwise, from the looks of the atrocities, they would not be so quiet.

At the same time, there were no movements from the profound Wasteland's side, the enchantment around the profound Wasteland had already been lifted.

At the moment, we do not plan to provoke them either. After all, our strength is limited, so we should first increase our strength a little. At the moment, the defense of the Heavenly Dragon City is still very good.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, after all, Long Jiuxiao was an expert in formations, and their strengths were not bad too. If a Black Hairs Human were to attack the city, he could handle it himself, unless he was a cultivator from the Spirit Realm.

Furthermore, Long Jiuxiao had already allied with many strong warriors and it would be difficult to support them from all sides. For example, the Three Money Divine City, the three cities inside the Spirit Wasteland, and then the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

"Looks like I have to go outside of Devil Wasteland, where the other Black Hairs Human s are." Chen Xiang wanted to see what the purpose of these Black Hairs Human s were.

"Yes, just pay attention." Long Jiuxiao wasn't even worried about Chen Xiang, he could already feel that Chen Xiang was very strong now.

… ….

Chen Xiang anxiously rushed out of the Devil Wasteland. The inside of the Devil Wasteland was already ruined by these Black Hairs Human, and now that they were inside the New Eight Wastelands, it was like a paradise for them.

"These guys have all built cities. They look more and more like humans. What the hell is going on?" Chen Xiang stood on top of a tall mountain, looking at the few gigantic cities in the distance.

"I heard from sister Viola that there are two types of Black Hairs Human. One is extremely brutal, while the other is almost human, but in my heart, I still feel great hostility towards humans. This one is also the strongest." Chu Hongqing said.

"Oh, how did elder sister Zi Lan know about this?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's the information that Yanran and the others found out." Chu Hongqing said. She and Yang Xiangyin had stayed in Yan Zilan's shop for too long, and they had become very familiar with the woman inside.

"I almost forgot... Yanran and the others are experts at gathering information. However, I am still a little worried about them. " Chen Xiang was indeed worried, because he understood those Black Hairs Human s.

"Don't worry, Yanran and the others aren't weak either." Yang Xiangyin laughed: "They have so many pills to eat, how can they recover from it?"

Yan Yanran and Lan Lan were both good seedlings, if there were enough pills for them, they would definitely not be weak, and they were both hardworking women.

After Chen Xiang observed the Black Hairs Human for a long time, a Black Hairs Human suddenly appeared in the forest below.

"Why did this guy run out by himself?" Chen Xiang immediately flew down. That Black Hairs Human was not very strong, but Chen Xiang could use a very powerful Jiuyang Dao power. Even if his cultivation was at the tenth stage of the Dao Sect, he could easily kill him, or even kill Dao Sovereign Stage experts.

The Black Hairs Human in the forest was emitting a black aura. From afar, it looked like he was covered in furry hair.

He was jumping around in the forest while whistling. Indeed, he looked very similar to a human. If he did not have that strange appearance, then he would be a human.

This Black Hairs Human seemed to be very happy at the moment. He whistled and hopped around in the forest, randomly hitting flowers as if he was a naughty monkey.

Just as the Black Hairs Human was playing with the beast bone in his hand, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared in front of him. Using the Jiuyang Dao power to form a rope, he tied the Black Hairs Human up.

"Person... "Humans." The Black Hairs Human cried out in alarm, as if he had seen a ghost. Chen Xiang had not changed his appearance yet, he thought that he looked pretty handsome, so he wasn't that scary.

"Why, you're afraid of me." Chen Xiang sneered.

"Mm, I'm very scared. Don't kill me, okay?"

The Black Hairs Human immediately nodded his head, his pale face was filled with fear, the entire Black Hairs Human was a little short, although his face was very white, but it was obvious that he was a handsome young man. Other than his fair face, his face looked no different from a human's, only that his body was covered with black Qi, which was very easy to see.

Chen Xiang never thought that this Black Hairs Human would have such a reaction, he suddenly felt that these Black Hairs Human had already changed greatly.

"Alright, I won't kill you, but you have to answer my question." Chen Xiang pretended to be very fierce.

"I know, I'll answer you." Black Hairs Human quickly said.

"Why did you come out yourself?" Chen Xiang asked: "Are there still any companions around here?"

"I feel bored inside the city, and the higher-ups have ordered me not to leave the city on my own. I spent a lot of effort and dug a tunnel to get out of here, and I'm the only one here." The young Black Hairs Human said.

"What is your goal? To come out from the Devil Wasteland and build a city. Chen Xiang asked again, this was also what he was more concerned about: "You guys were previously so brutal, you should have immediately attacked this place."

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