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Chapter 810: A Sudden Change and The Secret of Heaven-Receiving Door

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“Hmm, don’t overestimate yourself!” Qian Ye scoffed, and a dazzling ray of sunlight appeared behind Lin Mubai. Then, a hand appeared from the sunlight.

Lin Mubai would definitely die if he was struck by the hand.

However, at that split second, Qian Yu changed her direction in the air in a freakish manner, following which, a silver moon appeared on top of Lin Mubai’s head.

It was noontime… A moon?

This was a refreshing sight to behold.

However, what happened next was even more refreshing. Lin Mubai just disappeared from the spot after the moon appeared on his head. Then, a faint black shadow appeared in Qian Yu’s hand.

“Qian Yu’s skills… Are really amazing!” Fang Zhengzhi became curious about Qian Yu’s strength after he saw that.

As that thought ran through his mind, the surrounding area suddenly vibrated. Ling Yun Tower, which was originally covered by the golden radiance, changed into a completely different scenery.

It looked like a mini version of the 10,000 Miles Mountain River Illustration now.

Everyone found themselves standing on a stretch of mountains full of greeneries and rivers. There were even clouds floating above their heads and they could touch them just by extending their hands.

“It’s Ling Yun Realm!”

“The leader is using Ling Yun Realm?!”

“Everybody stay right where you are and don’t do anything!”

Ling Yun Tower’s disciples were caught off-guard by the sudden change, but they quickly reminded each other what to do.

Of course, apart from those disciples who supported Qian Ye, the minority of disciples who were on Qian Yu’s side started saying things like ‘Lady Qian Yu, be careful!’ and ‘Lady Qian Yu, watch out!’.

Fang Zhengzhi ignored all of them and focused solely on the changes in the surroundings.

“Ling Yun Realm?”

“Is this Ling Yun Realm?”

“It’s just like a mini version of the 10,000 Miles Mountain River Illustration… Wait!”

Fang Zhengzhi suddenly looked towards the sky and discovered that the golden light screen which was above them had completely disappeared.

Even the sun and the blue sky, which were barely visible from within the golden light screen, had disappeared too. It felt like the entire world had shrunk.

Of course, it wasn’t logical to conclude that the world had disappeared. In that case, the only plausible explanation was that the golden light screen had turned into the surrounding sceneries.

Or did it… Transform?

Fang Zhengzhi wasn’t sure about it, but he was certain that the mountain range beneath him was getting bigger, and the sky was getting taller.

It felt like the world was expanding.

“Wait a minute, the world?!”

Fang Zhengzhi rubbed his chest subconsciously. For some reason, he had a strong suspicion that the Ling Yun Realm was extremely similar to The Vast World.

For example, when The Vast World appeared, it first encompassed the surrounding area before destroying it and recreating it into another separated world that the user envisioned.

On the other hand, Ling Yun Realm… It seemed to contain an independent world by itself, and anything that entered this world would be converted into part of it.

Although there were slight differences between the two treasures, their fundamentals and core principles were remarkably similar.

Was Ling Yun Realm related to The Vast World?

These were Fang Zhengzhi’s thoughts, but it was difficult to prove them, especially since Qian Yu and Qian Ye were engaged in a fierce battle.

The mountain range expanded, and the clouds flew higher, which obviously led to the appearance of sunlight.

However, when the sun shone on them, the moon that engulfed Lin Mubai didn’t disappear. It just suspended in the air freakishly.

“I can let you and Ping Yang off if you hand over the Radiant Moon Realm!” Qian Ye’s voice was heard as she appeared beneath the sun. Her golden dress looked holy under the sunlight, as if she was bathing in the Light of the Sage.

“Ling Yun Realm isn’t complete without the Radiant Moon Realm. Sister’s power is enough to extend the daytime by 3 days at best. Afterward, Ling Yun Realm would wear off by itself. However, if I gave you the Radiant Moon Realm now, I’m afraid that it would last longer than three days.” Qian Yu appeared below the silver moon as she spoke. The silvery radiance covered her body like an outfit.

“Do you think you could last three days if you don’t hand over the Radiant Moon Realm?’

“I have to try.”

“Sometimes, it pays to try.”

“Over a dozen years have passed. Since I’ve gotten out of the seal, I wouldn’t have remained the same and made zero improvements, would I?”

“Improvements? Alright, I shall witness the improvements that my sister made!” As Qian Ye said that, her body burst into a golden flame, which was formed by the golden radiance.

Qian Yu didn’t say another word, but her eyes turned completely silvery like the winter when she saw the golden flame on Qian Ye’s body.

Meanwhile, Fang Zhengzhi was protecting Ping Yang with one hand and keeping the other behind his back. He was staring at the sun and the moon in the sky, deep in his thoughts.

While a fierce battle took place at Ling Yun Tower, two other sects of Holy Region, Yin Yang Hall and Fu Xi Valley, all the other sects of varying sizes, as well as the four great dynasties, had all received a letter from Heaven Dao Pavilion.

“Why is Heaven Dao Pavilion initiating a Heaven Alliance Meeting? Did they discover something?”

“That’s right. Otherwise, given Mu Qingfeng’s personality… He would usually spend his time preaching his ‘Dao of Mediocrity’ rather than taking the lead.”

“In that case, should we take part?”

“Yeah we should. Furthermore, we need to rush towards ‘Heaven Zen Mountain’ as soon as possible!”

“Got it!”

A person quickly exited a black stone room in Yin Yang Hall, and he unknowingly looked towards the new stone pavilion which was built beside the room.

The stone pavilion was extremely well-made. It completely built with a type of gigantic black rock, and it looked different from all the other stone rooms.

A dim radiance flashed past the person’s eyes, but it disappeared almost immediately, only to be replaced by calmness.

Then, the person went away speedily.

Yin Yang Hall gradually became livelier as countless disciples started to gather around. However, every one of them looked solemn.

What happened in Yin Yang Hall was completely different from the development in Heaven Dao Pavilion.

Heaven Dao Pavilion was currently at its quietest. There weren’t many disciples guarding the sword peak, and the number of disciples in the sect was much fewer than the normal times too.

Obviously, this wasn’t because all of them had died.

As the initiator of the ‘Heaven Alliance Meeting’ this time, they had already left for ‘Heaven Zen Mountain’, which was located at the center of the Holy Region, a long time ago.

Therefore, there were fewer than 100 disciples remaining in Heaven Dao Pavilion at the moment.

All the administrative matters were handed over to the Sixth elder, as all other elders had left for Heaven Zen Mountain together with the sect leader, Mu Qingfeng.

However, the disciples tasked with guarding the Heaven-Receiving Door at the Heaven Academic Altar were still standing around the door dutifully.

The Heaven-Receiving Door was built entirely from jade rock, giving it an ancient but simple look. The door was exuding a depressing air which made the surrounding atmosphere grim.

“Senior brother, I feel like the Heaven-Receiving Door… Is little strange recently!” a disciple in a white scholar’s robe turned towards and the middle-aged man beside him and said.

“Strange? What’s strange about it?” the middle-aged man replied softly.

“I don’t know. Don’t you feel that it’s getting increasingly harder to breathe near the door?” said the disciple in a white scholar’s robe in a tired tone.

“Aren’t you just feeling agitated because of the changes in the outside world that you’ve heard about?”

“Senior brother, I…”

“I can understand how you feel, since I was in the same position before. It’s perfectly fine if you feel like exploring the outside world, since the changes meant new opportunities too. However, since we were tasked by our master to guard the door, we have to carry out our duties. Otherwise, we’d be breaking the rules and the laws of the Heaven Dao!”

“Senior brother, you’re right. I know my mistakes now…” the disciple in white lowered his head and touched his chest as he took a deep breath to calm himself down.

However, his body suddenly trembled and his eyes went agape before he could exhale completely. He was even coughing badly because he couldn’t control his breathing.

“Junior brother, what’s wrong?” asked the middle-aged man when he saw the other disciple’s face turning bright red.

The other disciples were looking at him with a confused expression too.

“Door… Door, senior brother… The door…” the disciple in white was obviously out of breath because he was overwhelmed by fear. He looked extremely terrified at the moment. Although he couldn’t speak clearly, he still did his best and pointed towards the door.

“Door? What… Hmmm? Door… Door?!” the middle-aged man quickly looked towards the direction the disciple in white was pointing at after a short while.

However, when he saw the Heaven-Receiving Door, he went from looking confused to looking terrified just like the disciple in white.


It was a heartfelt terror!

It didn’t mean that he was too emotionally weak, because what happened at the Heaven Receiving Door was completely out of his control.

The other few disciples were stupefied and left slack-jawed as well.

“Call the master, call the master now!” exclaimed the middle-aged man, with his face pale as a sheet.

“Master? Didn’t… Didn’t he leave for the Heaven Alliance Meeting?”

“Oh crap… Master isn’t here?! Hurry up and inform the Sixth elder, quick… The other disciples will follow me and stop…” the middle-aged man gave an order soon after he reacted to the sudden change.

However, he didn’t finish his order, because a bloody radiance had grabbed his neck in that split second and dragged him towards the Heaven Receiving Door.


“Senior brother?!” the other disciples intuitively rushed towards the door to rescue the middle-aged man.

However, they regretted their decisions almost right away.

That was because the same bloody radiance had come for them in the form of numerous bloody claws.


That was the sound of bones breaking.

The disciples all collapsed, leaving only the disciple in white standing at where he was.

“He… Help! The Heaven… Heaven Receiving Door… Door… Has opened?!” the disciple in white kept trembling and yelling. Blood was falling onto the ground in front of him, painting the rocks red.

The other disciples’ eyes were wide open with disbelief, or rather, because they didn’t want to die just like that.

However, the most eerie part was that the middle-aged man who was first caught by the bloody radiance was kneeling on the ground with his head low and his palms together.

It looked like he was performing some sort of ancient ritual.

This occurred so quickly that it was spine-chillingly creepy. Even the calm and collected disciples of Heaven Dao Pavilion almost broke when they saw this.

“Junior brother, what’s wrong!”

“Eh? Senior brother Wang… Why is he kneeling… Kneeling in front of the Heaven Receiving Door… Oh no, alert the Sixth elder now!”

“Ah… Senior brother Li, junior brother Meng! What happened to them?!”

Three disciples who had just arrived after hearing the call for help also turned pale instantaneously. After all, the disciples lying down in the pool of blood and the middle-aged man kneeling in front of the Heaven Receiving Door, were clear indicators that the door was acting abnormally.

One of them turned and left without any hesitation. Out of the two remaining disciples, one went toward the disciple in white, while the other moved towards the Heaven Receiving Door carefully.

His target… Was naturally the middle-aged man kneeling in front of the door.

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