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Chapter 930: A List of Powerhouses Who Could Become A Virtual God Within Three Years

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After Lin Huang was done visualizing the three God Figurines, he lay in the cultivation room and slept for the entire day.

When he woke up the next morning, Bloody spoke to him directly just when he sat up on the bed before he could even speak, “The opening of the grade-7 ruins isn’t over yet. The demigods are still in there. There’s been no news on the Royal Trials from Dynasty. Also, Yi Yeyu has successfully joined the Heaven Alliance. Yi Zheng went for his mission a few days ago and sent you a message. He asked you to look after his sister when he’s not around.”

“Hmm, alright.” Lin Huang stared blankly at the floor with his head down. “It seems like that grade-7 ruins in Division 1 is opened for at least two months, maybe even be three months. I suppose Dynasty’s Royal Trials will only open when the demigods have returned.”

After the soft murmuring, Lin Huang put on his slippers and walked to the bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror above the sink, trying to comb his hair that was as disheveled as a bird’s nest. He began chatting with Bloody.

“What did Chan Dou say about Yi Yeyu’s application?”

“He didn’t say much. He just sent you a message saying, ‘I’ve handled it’.”

“Is there anything else?”


“Has there been any news?”

“It’s been quiet lately. Apart from the god relic being bought in at the Wanbao Auction that was a hot topic for a while, there’s been nothing else.”

After chatting for a while, Lin Huang stopped combing his hair that could not be tamed no matter what. He began to brush his teeth and shower.

Then, he changed and paid the bill at the front desk with Bloody. He then made his way to another hotel.

The reason why he stopped staying in the cultivation room was that all cultivation rooms were enclosed. There was not even a window in there, so it was definitely not an ideal place for one to stay. It could only be used for cultivation.

Moreover, a cultivation room was usually only over ten square meters. Apart from cleanliness and full amenities, it was worse than the cheapest room in ordinary chain hotels. However, the price was a few times more expensive than an executive suite in a luxury hotel. Apart from cultivation needs, nobody would be willing to spend the money to stay in such a place.

After breakfast, Lin Huang checked into the hotel and sat on the couch to browse through the news for a while.

He looked through the topics slowly. Indeed, just like what Bloody said, the recent news on Heart Network was insignificant. There was no topic that captured his attention at all.

“Hasn’t it been a little too quiet recently?” Lin Huang frowned as he thought it was very peculiar.

Division 3 was a messy place, and a few incidents would happen almost every month, but it had been over a month since the Wanbao Auction had passed, yet nothing interesting happened after that.

“Maybe the powerhouses with top combat strength are in Division 1’s ruins,” Bloody explained.

Lin Huang thought about it and opened the Hunter Association forum with his personal Emperor’s Heart Ring. Mr. Fu had gotten him the privilege from the last trade since his account in the union organization was a permit for demigods which was exclusive for him.

After opening the forum, he saw a hot thread immediately.

The title was ‘A List of Powerhouses Who Could Reach Virtual God Within Three Years’.

The thread’s title caught Lin Huang’s attention, and he looked at it right away. He squinted after spending a few minutes reading the thread all the way to the end.

According to the thread, the Union Government provided ancient cultivation methods to a minority of imperial-level powerhouses from the internal department of the union organization.

The methods did not contradict the cultivation system existing in their bodies; it was just like learning another method all over again.

Throughout the two months or so, some of the imperial-level powerhouses who received the methods had cultivated to mortal transformation-level. They were on holy fire-level for the time being.

The list posted on the thread was a list of imperial-level powerhouses who had made an impressive improvement in the ancient cultivation methods throughout the two months.

“No wonder it’s been so quiet!”

A minority of the imperial-level powerhouses were cultivating the ancient methods while the rest were trying to get their hands on the methods. They did not have time to mess around out there.

Moreover, the demigods had reached the Division 1 ruins. The remaining ones were on the immortal-level, so there was nothing much that they could do.

“It seems like one must have high compatibility with the methods as well as great talent and potential to be able to cultivate the ancient methods to achieve mortal shedding-level in two months. However, this bunch of people is underestimating the ancient methods…” Lin Huang was not only cultivating the Twisted Fate Scripture, but he had also done cultivation simulations of hundreds of the ancient methods. He knew very well that the further one cultivated into those methods, the more difficult they were.

Powerhouses who managed to elevate their combat strength to imperial-level with their current cultivation system possessed talent and abilities of a genius-level. That was how they managed to cultivate the ancient methods with half the effort.

Perhaps it was easy to cultivate during the early stages, but it would only get more and more complicated later on. Just like it was easy to learn primary school-level mathematics, it would get more and more difficult when one got to junior high, senior high and university levels.

Moreover, the ancient cultivation system was completely different from the current cultivation system. There were no references the imperial-level powerhouses could depend on at all when they were cultivating the ancient methods. Just like one who had mastered playing the piano and was beginning to learn art, the journey was unrelated.

One could only say that the union organization had a great idea, but they were over-optimistic.

Lin Huang scanned through the list. There were only 11 people on the list. Those people had the potential of breaking through to virtual god-level within three years. However, to him, only two among the 11 could make it.

One was Fu Minghan while the other was Qi Hao.

Both of them had broken through to mortal shedding-stage within a month. One spent 23 days while the other spent 27 days. In the cultivation of the ancient methods, the duo’s talents were ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the other nine fared much worse. The fastest one among the nine spent 38 days.

“Fu Minghan and Qi Hao might be able to break through to Virtual God in two to three years,” Lin Huang analyzed based on various situations. “However, these cultivation methods are only spread across on a small-scale. If they’re spread to more people, there might be more people who have talents that are on par with the duo or are even more powerful. We can’t rule out the possibility of people breaking through to virtual god-level within two years.

“However, if everything goes as expected, I’ll definitely elevate to imperial-level within this year. Nevertheless, I can’t be completely sure about the elevation after imperial-level.” Lin Huang did not dare to say that he could definitely elevate to virtual god-level within two years, but he had his goal set.

“Apart from the people’s transformation, the changes happening to the Abyss Brink poses a bigger risk.” Lin Huang felt the burden on his shoulders becoming extremely heavy all of a sudden. No matter whether it was the changes to the people or to the Abyss Brink, both changes were bad news to him and Mr. Fu. It could even bring catastrophe.

The only thing that he could do was to strengthen himself continuously. He had to improve to the point where he had the right to speak to the prominent Union Government.

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