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Chen Xiang teleported to the outside and discovered that many disciples were fighting with Black Hairs Human. The number of Black Hairs Human s did not seem to be that high, so all the disciples dared to leave.

"Not good, there won't be that few Black Hairs Human s." Chen Xiang frowned: "These disciples are too inexperienced, it's obvious that they were lured out."

Chen Xiang didn't need to think about it to know that there would definitely be a Black Hairs Human in this area.

He immediately rode his Six Realms mirrors and flew over, shouting at the disciples who were fighting, telling them to quickly enter the palace.

The defenses of the three palaces were very strong. Just now, when Chen Xiang came out, he could feel that if he was attacked, he would definitely be able to hold on for a while.

These disciples all knew of the relationship between Chen Xiang and the three Villa Masters, so after hearing Chen Xiang's words, they all returned to the palace, although they still did not understand the reason.

"Everyone, it's impossible to have so few Black Hairs Human s, especially this one." Chen Xiang said, "Even if there are so few Black Hairs Human s attacking us, the number of people after this will definitely increase. Moreover, there is a fellow like the Transmission Master among the strong Black Hairs Human s as well, so the Transmission Master I met before could teleport thousands of Black Hairs Human s in one go."

Chen Xiang's voice was very loud, he was telling the disciples of the three palaces to understand what kind of crisis they were in just now.

The two spies who had tried to kill Chen Xiang earlier couldn't help but curse when they heard Chen Xiang's words.

If the disciples that left the palace to fight did not return, when they had exhausted most of their energy in the battle, a large number of Black Hairs Human s would have teleported over, and all of them would have been killed.

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, a large group of Black Hairs Human s suddenly appeared, surrounding the three palaces tightly. There were at least one hundred thousand Black Hairs Human s.

There were many disciples on the floors of the palace that could be seen from the windows. Seeing this, they couldn't help but break out in cold sweat, if not for Chen Xiang calling them in, they would have died without a doubt.

After the Black Hairs Human appeared, he started to attack the three palaces crazily, but he was unable to break through the defense of the palaces.

Chen Xiang told everyone to calm down and to wait inside the palace for the three Villa Masters to return.

Fan Shixin and the others had only brought a portion of the team out, the majority of them were left behind.

Chen Xiang took out his Communication jade Symbol paper and sent a message to Fan Shixin.

"Villa Owner Fan, where are you guys? Come back quickly, there's a traitor, and he attracted a large group of Black Hairs Human." Chen Xiang said, but he did not receive a reply. It was possible that he was too far away.

Chen Xiang had just used her consciousness to monitor those two fellows who wanted to assassinate her. Those two fellows did not dare to do anything now, and their strengths were not weak either, they were both from the Dao Shi realm, but they were not the strongest people here.

Now, everyone had retreated back into the palace. If the two of them were to take action and kill Chen Xiang, the matter would be exposed.

It seemed that he had to forge that pill in advance.

Even if he had to use both Jiuyang earthly fruit s to refine, this would be an extremely huge challenge for Chen Xiang as he was currently unable to refine even an Emperor Pill.

"First, we will separate the refining of Jiuyang earthly fruit and the refining of Diprofound fruit." Chen Xiang planned to start right now. If Fan Shixin and the rest are unable to return within a short period of time, then the three palaces would be in danger.

He didn't know if the Jiuyang Dao power that Du Xiaoling was talking about was really strong, but Du Xiaoling had said that this kind of Jiuyang Dao power had a strong killing power that could instantly kill Black Hairs Human.

Chen Xiang could only try it first. The Devil-suppressing magic power he had previously used against demons had a very good effect, even if it was much stronger than him, he would still lose miserably against these Devil-suppressing magic power.

So Chen Xiang thought that the current profound Tao Power and Jiuyang Dao power were similar to the Devil-suppressing magic power.

Arriving at the palace, Chen Xiang asked the few array masters inside about how long the defensive array could last. At this point, they were all worried, because the palace's defensive array could only defend for a month at most.

"There's still a month, that's enough." Chu Hongqing said: "In another ten days, the Jiuyang earthly fruit will be harvested, and there should be a lot of Diprofound fruit."

Right now, within ten days, Chen Xiang had to familiarize himself with refining Diprofound fruit, at that time, with refining together with the Jiuyang earthly fruit, it would not be too difficult.

"Yes, I'll start now." Chen Xiang returned to the secret room. This time, he reinforced the door of the secret room, using the Six Realms mirrors to release a seal. Even Dao Sovereign would need a bit of strength to break through.

Chen Xiang took out a Diprofound fruit. Although the Diprofound fruit was completely black, it emitted a dense amount of profound Tao Power, and there was even a crystal core within it.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to put the Diprofound fruit into the furnace to refine it, his Communication jade Symbol paper suddenly shook.

"Chen Xiang, we are in trouble here, we did not expect the Black Hairs Human to be so strong compared to what we imagined, you must hold on until we return, the palace can probably last for one month, if we do not return in twenty days, you will think of a way to run out of the palace on your own, and go to the Sacred Wasteland to call for reinforcements." Fan Shixin finally replied to Chen Xiang, "Let's talk about the traitor first. You have to keep an eye on them during this period of time."

Chen Xiang sighed, the Black Hairs Human was indeed powerful, even Fan Shixin and the others could not resist it, and fell into a difficult situation.

Right now, Chen Xiang could only wait patiently for twenty days, at that time, if he did not have any progress in pill refining, he would have to return to the Sacred Wasteland.

"I wonder if there are any Black Hairs Human s with the strength of Dao Sovereigns outside." Chen Xiang was a little worried at the moment, but he had asked those formation masters before. So far, their strongest attack was only at the Dao Sect level.

Chen Xiang placed the Diprofound fruit into the Chuangshi god furnace. This was his first time refining an Emperor Stage medicinal herb, so he was rather excited.

Of course, right now he was only refining the Diprofound fruit by himself, the Diprofound fruit had to be refined together with the Jiuyang earthly fruit, he was also very eager to refine the Jiuyang Dao power.

"Diprofound fruit s should be low-grade Emperor Stage medicinal herbs, and Jiuyang earthly fruit s should be mid-grade Emperor Stage medicinal herbs. If the two are combined to refine pellets, it would be mid-grade Emperor Stage medicinal pellets." Chen Xiang said: "If I can refine this Diprofound fruit into a pill, then I can understand how to refine low grade Emperor Stage pellet. After that, refining a middle grade pellet will be much easier."

"If I were to add those purple pearls to water, the Jiuyang earthly fruit might be able to reap a good harvest a few days in advance." Chu Hongqing said, she was also aware of the current situation.

"That's for the best." Chen Xiang released the flames and began refining the Diprofound fruit.

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