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Chapter 855: We're from the Heaven Alliance!

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It was before daybreak in North Sand City.

20 black silhouettes gathered around the government residence quickly and hid in dark corners. Nobody noticed their existence since there was a wall outside the government residence.

“Go!” As a lady’s voice transmission came into their ears loud and clear, two silhouettes moved almost simultaneously.

Two black rays flashed through the air like needles.

In the next second, two honorary immortal guards that were guarding the door pressed their temples and collapsed onto the ground quietly.

Before they fell, the two black silhouettes dashed towards them immediately and dragged the two bodies into the bushes.

From attacking to handling the dead bodies, the entire process took less than two seconds.

After settling the guards, the 20 black silhouettes slipped into the government residence.

They slunk out of the dark corners and scattered around, beginning the official hunt.

In the government residence, the powerhouses, who were in deep sleep, died silently in a variety of ways.

Some of them had their heads severed right away, some had a blade pierced through their head while some had tiny needles stabbed through their heads. There seemed to be no wounds on the surface.

In the governor’s room, Wei Yun who was sitting with his legs crossed on the bed opened his eyes all of a sudden.

“Who is that?!” He fairly sensed that he was being watched by a poisonous snake in the shadows and would experience a fatal attack anytime.

“You’ve quite an extraordinary sensing ability…”

A black silhouette revealed itself from the shadows slowly. There was a black mask on her face and a red ruby mounted on the forehead of her mask.

“An assassin?!” Wei Yun’s pupils shrunk a little. Although he saw the lady before him, he did not sense her existence at all. Only a top professional assassin would be able to hide her aura to such an extent.

“You got that right. I’ll reward you for that!” The black-robed lady walked towards Wei Yun slowly, not seeming to be in a rush to kill him. “Why don’t you choose how you want to be killed?”

“I choose for you to be dead instead!” Wei Yun got up and launched his attack. He threw a hard punch at the lady’s face right away.

However, a silver ray lit the room up all of a sudden while a spike bayonet pierced through Wei Yun’s face.

The room fell into dead silence.

After removing the spike bayonet from Wei Yun’s face, the lady took out a white handkerchief and wiped it in her hand.

“I forget to tell you that I’m not only good in assassinating, but I’m also pretty good at fighting too.”

After wiping the blood off the spike bayonet, the lady then tossed the bloody handkerchief onto Wei Yun’s deformed face and opened the door as she turned around.

At the door entrance, the 19 black-robed men gathered and waited.

“There’s still 57 minutes before the honorary immortal guards change shifts. Let’s look for the valuables as fast as we can…”

What was happening in the North Sand City government residence was happening in a few other cities at the same time.

The only difference was that the people and the plans in each city.

After one to two days of lurking, the underground organizations only revealed their ruthless side after finding out there were no imperial-level powerhouses in this world.

The massacre in government residences and plundering of resources were nothing.

Some of them carried out massacres in the entire city.

Powerhouses such as the Seventh Prince were almost invincible when they fought people on the same combat strength. They broke through the honorary immortal guards’ battle formations easily. Moreover, since all underground organization members were genius powerhouses on immortal-level rank-9, nobody at the government residences could fight them.

The whole world was plunged into a panic of invasion and plunder.

In the middle of the night, the Heaven Alliance members gathered again.

“I’ve two pieces of bad news,” Tang Ning spoke in all seriousness before they distributed the items.

“People from the Saints invaded the city today. Over three million in Fenglai City were killed. Nothing was left.”

All of them were horrified to hear that.

“How did that happen? Don’t they only use virgins for their sacrifice? Why do they have to kill everyone in the city?” Tan Lang was a little puzzled.

“Their sacrificial ceremony was interrupted. They killed the entire city in their rage, saying that they had to do that in order to put out their god’s anger,” Tang Ning explained while feeling a little helpless.

“Did nobody from the Union Government and the Hunter Association do anything?” Lin Huang asked while frowning.

“The Union Government has their hands full dealing with Dynasty for the past few days, so they wouldn’t have time for this. Dynasty has robbed two cities and tens of smaller towns. If nobody stops them, I wonder how much resources will be taken away.”

“The Hunter Association’s dealing with the Purple Crow, so it’s hard for them to spare time to help as well. The adventurers are the only ones that are allocating people to try and stop the Saints and prevent them from doing more harm.”

“How about Charm and the heretics? Are nobody dealing with them?” Shen Tao asked immediately.

“That’s the second bad news.” Tang Ning looked perturbed all of a sudden. “People from Charm seem to be coming for us…”

Everyone was overwrought with anxiety upon hearing what Tang Ning said. The room fell into pin-drop silence.

“Should we retreat? We’ve no upper hand if we’re dealing with Charm,” Li Jia consulted Tan Lang, “If we’re fighting, we still have the upper hand to win if we fight one-on-one. But they have double our people, the odds of us winning are slim. Moreover, Charm is an organization of professional assassins. Their people are experts in assassination and other sneaky techniques. It’s impossible for us to watch out for their attacks.”

Tan Lang became silent and nobody knew what he was thinking about.

“I think it’s possible for us to give it a shot,” Lin Huang could not help but speak up, “We can work with the government residence to fight them. In that case, the number of people from Charm will no longer be their upper hand. In terms of assassination, we’ve Li Jia who’s skilled at sensing. I suppose they won’t be performing at 100% with their sneaky techniques since Li Jia’s with us. I’ve some techniques in that aspect, so I should be able to help. Moreover, we can ask for help from the union organization. We just have to stall until the rescue team arrives. We don’t have to kill everyone from Charm.”

Although Lin Huang said that they would not have to kill everyone from Charm, he was already thinking about how to kill all of them in one shot and take everything that they had plundered.

He even thought of getting away from the group and hunt for the people from Charm if Tan Lang and the rest decided to retreat. After all, they had sent themselves to their doorstep and he could not let them get away just like that.

After a moment of silence, Tan Lang finally spoke, “Retreating without trying isn’t who the Heaven Alliance is. Even if we have to fight Dynasty, we’ll fight and not retreat! Our enemy is Charm this time, so not only will we stay, but we must also win! However, this battle is a tough one and some of us might even die. Please be prepared for that and don’t take any chances.

“We’re from the Heaven Alliance. We’re the No. 1 genius organization in the world! We’ll show everyone in this battle that we, the Heaven Alliance, deserves the No. 1 title!”

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