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Chapter 158 - Sky Wood Stone

"It's a success!"

On the Phoenix Nest's round platform, Tang Huan's face was filled with fatigue. However, as he looked at the empty blue colored ball at the bottom of the pit, his eyes brimmed with an uncontrollable joy.

The process of fusing with the "Nirvana Sacred Fire" was actually much easier than Tang Huan had expected.

Tang Huan was very clear on the reason for this. Firstly, he possessed a mysterious object like the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", and had absorbed and refined five phoenix feathers beforehand. Secondly, he had benefited from this extremely cool and bizarre round platform, as well as from the blue round ball that was used to bind the "Nirvana Sacred Fire".

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Tang Huan to be this relaxed.

Of course, this sort of ease was only relative. Tang Huan was different from that "Flamewing Phoenix King." "Flamewing Phoenix King" borrowed the heat emitted from "Nirvana Sacred Fire," but Tang Huan directly absorbed it. Although there was a cool feeling wrapped around it, the kind of pain that the Spiritual Fire created when shuttling through the Spiritual Meridian was enough to make even one's soul tremble, was not something that could be completely eliminated by the cold feeling.

If one were to compare the two, the pain should be similar to when he was fusing with the True Fire. However, the process of fusing with the Spiritual Fire was far more painful than when fusing with the True Fire.

This round table's coolness had allowed Tang Huan's consciousness to remain awake the entire time, but also allowed him to clearly experience the pain of being burned by the Spiritual Fire for an extremely long period of time.

Now that the Spiritual Fire had been completely absorbed, Tang Huan's entire body felt like he was collapsing, and he couldn't even lift a single finger.


The temperature of the palace plummeted, while Xiao Budian jumped up onto the stage and cheered out loud before jumping into Tang Huan's embrace, knocking him into a pit.

Seeing Tang Huan like that, Xiao Budian was immediately shocked, he immediately jumped away from Tang Huan's chest, jumping to the edge of the pit, his eyes blinking, filled with a human look of worry and anxiety.

"It's fine. I'll be fine after a short rest."

Tang Huan raised his hands and lovingly rubbed Xiao Budian's head, then closed his eyes. But after a short moment, Tang Huan suddenly opened his eyes and laughed, "Xiao Budian, don't push anything out of your mouth to feed me. I don't want to eat anymore."


Xiao Budian tilted his head and blinked his eyes a few times, looking innocent.

Tang Huan did not speak further, he closed his eyes once again and started to circulate the "Heavenly Art". Xiao Budian turned her chubby little body around the pit, constantly scratching her ears and cheeks, as though she wanted to get close to Tang Huan, but was worried of disturbing him, since she was extremely conflicted.

Fortunately, Xiao Budian didn't linger on it for too long. Not long after, Tang Huan woke up from his cultivation and sat up straight.


In the next moment, a light voice rang, and a ball of dark red flames the size of a bowl appeared in Tang Huan's right palm at lightning speed.

Almost at the same time the flames appeared, a series of crackling sounds came out from the surroundings of Tang Huan's palm.


Xiao Budian jumped three feet into the air in shock. Before she could even land on the ground, her small body had already expanded rapidly, her two fleshy wings flapped with force a few times, and she floated a few metres away. As if he felt that the heat was hard to endure, Xiao Budian slipped all the way to the edge of the round platform before stopping.

Looking around, Xiao Budian could not help but be curious. The sharp horn on his head released a golden light and started to emit a cool feeling, enveloping its entire body.


Xiao Budian quickly ran to the edge of the pit and jumped towards Tang Huan's shoulder. When the claws made contact with Tang Huan's body, its swollen body returned to normal.

"This is called 'Nirvana Sacred Fire'."

Tang Huan said with a smile on his face. At this moment, within the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" of his Dantian, there was only a ball of "Nirvana Sacred Fire" left. As for that ball of True Fire, it had already completely fused with the "Nirvana Sacred Fire".

This "Nirvana Sacred Fire" was indeed one of the five great Spiritual Fire in the world. Compared to the True Fire, the quality of the two were worlds apart. Regardless of whether it was the purity of the flames or the heat contained within them, they were all on a completely different level when compared to the True Fire.

It was no wonder that Shan Shan's mother would risk her life to try and fuse with the Spiritual Fire.

I wonder how effective middle tier weapons forged with Spiritual Fire will be?

"Come, let's go forge a weapon and try it out."


Xiao Budian waved his two little claws excitedly. Tang Huan became even more excited, and in the blink of an eye, the flames vanished, while he jumped out of the pit and left the round table with the wooden case. This round platform was too cool. If he were on it, it might affect the effectiveness of the fire.

Tang Huan sat cross-legged on the ground, and was stunned when he opened the wooden chest.

He suddenly realized that he was still missing something. He had the "Blazing Iron" for forging weapons, the "Phoenix Flame Essence", the "Dragon Crystal" and the "Phoenix Stone". However, he lacked a mid-grade gem that could be used as a support.

"Phoenix Flame Essence", "Dragon Crystal", "Phoenix Stone"...

Each of these three materials were priceless treasures. In comparison, "Obsidian Iron" was more common, but it was also a precious refining material. Under these circumstances, if they were to use normal mid-grade gems to complement it, it would greatly affect the quality of the weapon.

Of the five elements, wood could ignite fire. In order to be compatible with the "Phoenix Stone", one had to find an extremely high quality mid-grade gem of the wood attribute. Perhaps it was not limited to mid-grade gems, as long as it could match the "Phoenix Stone", even high-grade gems of the wood attribute would be fine.

Tang Huan believed that the "Nirvana Sacred Fire" that he had fused with could even refine a high level gem.

"Wood Attribute Gem …."

Tang Huan's mind raced.

Gems were divided into grades according to how easy it was to smelt. Generally speaking, the easier the gem was to smelt, the worse the quality would be, and vice versa.

However, there were a few exceptions.

Just like the "Phoenix Stone" and "Dragon Crystal", middle stage Weapon Refiner could refine them, but the quality of them far surpassed normal middle stage gems.

"Perhaps the 'Heavenly Wood Stone' in the high-grade gem can be used..."

After a long while, Tang Huan muttered to himself, "However, this sort of high-grade gem, is usually only found in Sword Crafting Valley. He will first go to the Phoenix City to see if there is such a 'Heavenly Wood Stone'. If there is none, then go to the Dragon Spring Town outside of the 'Sword Crafting Valley' to see if there is any other 'Heavenly Wood Stone' that can be purchased from there. "

"Xiao Budian, we are going out." After making up his mind, Tang Huan stood up.


Xiao Budian's shout came from behind him.

Tang Huan looked over in the blink of an eye and realized that the little guy had already dug out that mysterious blue ball from the stage, and was happily hugging it.

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