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Tang Huan had long understood the profoundness of this "Flaming Rainbow Spear Art", but this was the first time he was truly using it.

"What a heavy killing intent!"

Inside the wooden shed, the purple-dressed woman suddenly shot up, her beautiful eyes slightly opening, as she uncontrollably muttered out, "If I were to suppress the Genuine Qi to the level of the Stage Five Martial Master, even the Spear Saint Ye Chongshan from a hundred years ago could only execute the second style of this spear art, right?"

Even though he was already a Stage Six Martial Master, he could still feel a considerable threat from Tang Huan's spear.

Almost at the same time, cries of surprise sounded out from the surrounding Martial Warriors s who were watching the battle from the sidelines.

When Tang Huan thrusted out his spear, everyone's minds seemed to have been seized, as though they had suddenly been placed in a battlefield filled with the terrifying intent of slaughter. The heaven and earth churned, and a few Martial Warriors with weaker wills trembled in fear.

"This …"

Hong Tao's expression suddenly changed.

In this instant, he felt as if his entire body had been locked on by the long spear that was shooting towards him. At this moment, he even had a strange premonition that no matter which direction he dodged in, it would be difficult for him to avoid the blazing spear tip.

The fiery red tornado caused by the longblade instantly became even more ferocious and frightening. A terrifying heat spread out, and it seemed as if the tornado had condensed into a flame. The surrounding space was ignited into a crackling sound.

Almost at the same time, the long spear in front of him also became like a dazzling stream of fiery red light as it ruthlessly stabbed into the rapidly spinning tornado.

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Outside of Phoenix Spirit Valley, deafening cries immediately sounded out, the extremely tyrannical Strength Qi also started to wreak havoc at the same time.

In a split-second, the red light shattered and the fiery tornado surrounding the blade was torn into pieces. Hong Tao violently pulled back the saber in his hand and his body seemed to be pushed back by an irresistible force. His face turned as white as paper.

"Bang!" "Bang!"

Tang Huan was also retreating.

Every time his feet landed on the ground, the ground would tremble violently. Dust rolled as his feet sank into the ground at a speed that was hard to see with the naked eye. In an instant, it had reached his calf. After retreating two steps, Tang Huan was able to stabilize his body, but his cheeks quickly flushed red.

"Humph!" Tang Huan pursed his lips and let out a heavy snort. His body immediately rose into the air, and the long spear in his hand first rose up, then smashed downwards from above at the retreating Hong Tao.


Right at this moment, a strange cracking sound came out, the red light from the Crimson Flame Spear dissipated, and the entire body of the spear actually burst apart. In a moment of effort, the two meter long spear in Tang Huan's hand turned into a short rod that was not more than two feet long.

This sudden change of events made Tang Huan, who was still in the air, startled. His mind suddenly remembered Tang Si's reminder before the battle.

This guy's weapon was even better than he had expected.

The Crimson Flame Spear forged from hematite was already considered pretty good amongst middle tier weapons, but it had been completely destroyed so quickly. However, he didn't know what material was used to make this long blade.


As his feet touched the ground, Tang Huan suddenly woke up. With a quick leap, he had already appeared in front of Hong Tao, the short rod in his hand stabbing towards his chest at the speed of lightning.

"Haha, Tang Huan …"

Seeing Tang Huan's weapon exploding, Hong Tao laughed wildly, but before he could finish, his bloodless face revealed an expression of shock and anger. In his eyes, Tang Huan's figure was quickly approaching, and the momentum of the short rod in his hand caused his entire body to turn cold.

However, at this time, Hong Tao's long blade, which had been lifted high due to the fierce impact, did not have time to strike down.


Hong Tao desperately twisted his body, trying to avoid the short stick. However, the next moment, he couldn't help but let out a painful groan as his body flew backwards like a cloud and landed heavily on the ground. His body twitched and he spat out blood.

Looking at the location of the dagger, he knew that Hong Tao's heart had already been pierced through. Even the Great Firmament Golden Immortal would not be able to save him.


Tang Huan let out a light breath and walked to Hong Tao's side step by step. With a flick of his feet, the long blade left Hong Tao's right hand and floated into the air, which Tang Huan grabbed.

Hong Tao was like a fish lacking water. He opened his mouth wide but was unable to say anything. His widened eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Congratulations, you can go and reunite with your brother now."

Tang Huan looked down at Hong Tao, and laughed, but Hong Tao was unable to endure it any longer, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and immediately stopped moving.

"Number 369 wins!"

After staring blankly for a while, the referee at the side seemed to have awoken from a dream and loudly shouted. His gaze towards Hong Tao was filled with regret.

Outside the martial arena, after a short period of silence, a world-shaking noise suddenly exploded.

"Victory? Tang Huan actually won? "

"I really didn't expect that not only did Tang Huan defeat Hong Tao, he even killed him!"

"Hehe, I already knew that Tang Huan would definitely win this battle."

"What a hindsight, who said just now that Tang Huan was going to lose without a doubt?"


"Tsk, tsk, Tang Huan's weapon is actually damaged, without a weapon to use, in the next round, Tang Huan will probably lose for sure."

"This is indeed a big problem. His spear seems to be extremely suitable for the Weapon Refiner to use. Even if they were to use the same spear art, the power of the borrowed spear would be greatly reduced."

"Even if he fails the next round, it doesn't matter. The victor of this round has already entered the top 11."


Amidst everyone's shouts, Tang Huan walked out of the third arena.

As soon as he left, dozens of young men ran out and rushed into the martial arena, carrying Hong Tao's corpse with them. But before they left, they looked at Tang Huan with murderous intent, as if they wanted nothing more than to charge forward and tear Tang Huan's body into shreds.

Tang Huan only pursed his lips, then returned to the resting area on the left, and sat down cross-legged.

At this time, in the ten different arenas, there were two that had already ended their battles. Other than him, there was also Meng Zixuan and the black clothed man who caught his attention and became the victors of the seventh round. The two of them sat cross-legged, unmoving, as if they were recovering their Genuine Qi.

"Tang Huan, this is for you.

A fair hand was extended in front of him, and a white pill that was about the size of his pinky lay quietly on the palm of her hand.

Immediately after, Gu Fei's beautiful face entered Tang Huan's line of sight, and from her brows, there was undisguised concern.

"Thank you very much."

Tang Huan did not argue and directly threw the white pill into his mouth and swallowed it.

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