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"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Everyone in the hall laughed.

"This fatty is too funny."

"Even the aphrodisiac was brought to the auction, and the Fengyuan Merchant Union has become a swindler on the streets?"

"Get lost."

"What do you think of this place?"

… ….

Everyone was laughing.

The Chen family was laughing, Chen Xiaoshan, Chen Yueran was laughing.

The Murong King's Manor was laughing, Murong Fenglei, Murong Tian was laughing.

Fu Tianlong was laughing.

The Family Jin Union was laughing, and so were the other people from the Merchant Union. They were laughing at Chen Tianfei, and at the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

Such a huge auction was actually selling aphrodisiac?

The Fengyuan Merchant Union instantly fell into the bottomless abyss.

Fu Xishan's eyes closed slightly, her heart was as dead as death, without even a shred of hope, she had to bear all the responsibility.

She wouldn't be able to turn her body in this lifetime.

Xiao Ying said anxiously, "Young Master Long, what do we do? This is the auction house of the god emperor city, what about the male strengthening medicine, why … …"

Long Fei walked to the window outside the private room, and looked at Fatty Chen who had an ugly expression, Long Fei shouted loudly, "Fatty, let them have a bite!"

"Don't they like to laugh?"

"Then slap their faces!"

It was not loud.

However, many people heard it.

His voice quickly quieted down.

The young man from the Chen family stood up and looked at Long Fei with disdain, "Trash from the Southern Domain, you don't even have the qualifications to speak in this god emperor city."

"The person from the South Horizon Region?"

"Isn't the South Horizon Region the gathering place for trash?"

"What did this person just say?" Slap our faces? "What does he count as? Brat, come down if you have the guts. Watch how I kill you."

Chen Xiaoshan laughed coldly: "Chen Tianfei, you really are a pig. You don't even have a brain, and you're still following this brat from the Southern Domain."

The mocking laughter became even louder than before.

The South Horizon Region was known as the place where trash gathered. After the calamity that happened in the Long Family, the South Horizon Region rarely appeared in the eyes of the immortal domain.

Facing the mockery of everyone else.

Long Fei did not have any change in expression.

Instead, he looked at Chen Tianfei and said: "Fatty, believe in me!"

Without saying a word, Chen Tianfei picked up a pill and swallowed it.


He swallowed the pill into his mouth.

Chen Yueran laughed mockingly, "Do whatever he tells you to do. Do you want to eat sh * t too? Hahaha... What a pig. "

In that instant.

Chen Tianfei's eyes flashed a ray of light, his entire body became extremely hot and dry, immediately sitting cross-legged, the vigorous energy in his body continued to attack his four limbs and hundred of bones.

Most importantly, the holy-armor fairy vein in his body released a force that was much stronger than before.

"Weng …"

A ray of light shot out from within the suit of light.

It directly covered Chen Tianfei's entire body.

"Weng …"

Another wave of power shot out and a golden light scattered in all directions. With Fatty as the center, a halo of light spread out, covering the entire hall like rays of sariras.

"Weng …"

Another halo of light appeared, its power was extremely dense, full of the power of the Immortal Foundation. It was the power of invincible defense.

In that instant.

In the first row, an old man stood up with an excited expression and said with a deep voice, "Immortal Foundation has broken through!"

"His Immortal Foundation has broken through!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The power in Chen Tianfei's body rushed out and exploded, causing the golden light in the halo to become even stronger.

holy-armor fairy vein breakthrough!

At the same time.

Chen Tianfei's cultivation broke through the shackles of the Spiritual Level immediately. More importantly, the divine armor's power had awakened.

It was a complete awakening.


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Before the old man could finish speaking, Chen Tianfei unleashed his strength once again.

holy-armor fairy vein has broken through and entered the third stage! "

Chen Tianfei's cultivation also broke through once again, instantly reaching the second stage of the Spirit Immortal Realm.

At this moment.

Chen Tianfei opened his eyes and stood up in excitement. Looking at Long Fei who was sitting on the balcony of the private box, he yelled with incomparable excitement: "Boss, boss, boss, I broke through, I broke through, hahaha …"

That feeling of excitement was something that no one could understand.

Too excited.

And it had risen by two levels in a row.

Who could do it?

He only asked who could do it.

With just this pill, Chen Tianfei was able to accomplish it easily.

At this moment.

The entire audience was shocked, no sound came out, they were all dumbstruck as they looked at Chen Tianfei who was on the stage, completely dumbfounded.

At this moment.

The Clan Elder suddenly rushed to the stage. Without waiting for Chen Tianfei to agree, he picked up a idea pellet and started to sense it.

His face darkened, and his eyes shone brightly as he said, "Exquisite, Exquisite... A Heaven Ranked Grade Nine pill! "

As soon as his voice faded …

The entire audience was in an uproar.

Who was the person sitting in the first row?

With such an honorable identity, an elder of the god emperor academy, his words were authority.

He looked at Chen Tianfei and said: "Your Immortal Foundation has surpassed the third grade and your defense is extremely strong. Kid, if you are willing, I can give your god emperor academy the qualifications to make an exception."

god emperor academy's admission pass.

It was not bought using money, but was invited by the clan elders of the god emperor academy in front of so many people.

He was moved!

This was too unbelievable.

At this moment.

The entire arena was in an uproar.


Long Fei's voice sank as he laughed coldly, "Chen Xiaoshan, you're laughing."

"Murong Fenglei, you f * * king smile."

"You people who like to ridicule people, f * cking laugh for laozi!"

"Keep fucking laughing!"

"Why aren't you laughing?"

"People of the Nine Business Union, laugh."

"Fu Tianlong, you old thing, why don't you laugh?"

"Keep laughing for laozi!"

Long Fei's voice became louder and louder, each time stronger than the last. Every sound was like a palm that fiercely smashed down.

This slap caused their faces to burn incomparably hard.

Face smacking!

He wanted to give it a good thrashing, to give it a good thrashing.

They were beaten to the point that they couldn't even breathe.

The Chen family, Murong King Manor, Fu Tianlong, Family Jin Union, and those people who had mocked Chen Tianfei and the Fengyuan Merchant Union were all speechless.

was completely crushed by Long Fei.

Especially the Chen family.

Chen Tianfei's broken record caused Chen Xiaoshan's face to hurt, that feeling was too unbearable, it was the same for everyone in the Chen family.

No member of the Chen family has yet met the criteria for admission.

But now …

Chen Tianfei who was abandoned by the Chen family was accepted as an exception.

Chen Tianfei was very excited, very excited, he took a glance at Long Fei on the window ledge, then said to the elder from god emperor academy: "I will definitely go to god emperor academy, but it's not a pass, I want to take the exam with my own strength."

"I will use my strength to prove everything!"


Chen Tianfei pretended to be awesome.

Yet another slap in the face for the Chen family.

That elder said excitedly, "Alright, I will wait for you at god emperor academy."

shi qian walked up excitedly and asked: "May I ask if you can call out an auction now?"

Chapter IV

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