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He pointed at the pavilion master's nose and cursed, "You're a tough one!"

Grand Pavilion Master.

drug race Zhi Zun.

A Heaven Ranked Level Eight Alchemy Master, other than the extremely rare immortal pill masters, he was basically one of the top existences in the entire Sky Martial Continent.

A weakling?


Long Fei pointed at his nose and cursed at him, saying that he did not even know the basics of Alchemy.

This was not only an insult. This was a slap to his face, a slap to his dignity.

The entire drug race was raging.

It was incomparably terrifying.

"Kid, insulting the Grand Pavilion Master, you're tired of living."

"Too savage."

"You dare to say such things about the Grand Pavilion Master's person, who do you think you are?"

… ….

They were all filled with incomparable rage.

Long Fei did not care about them at all, he dropped down from the Powder-making Competition Stage with the pill in his hand, walked in front of the pavilion master, smiled, and said: "Great Pavilion Master, since you think you have won, why don't you add some extra stakes?"

Long Fei had really displeased him, and shouted: "What more do you want to gamble on?"

"Very simple."

"You won, take my life." Long Fei said casually.

He was betting his life on it!

The pavilion master glared at him, "Fine, no matter what you want, I'll bet with you!"

"I will definitely kill you with my own hands."

He was so angry that it seemed as if flames were about to burst out of his head. He could not hold it in any longer.

Long Fei was too arrogant.

Long Fei laughed: "This is an additional bet, what I want is also very simple. If I win, I want the green dragon tripod."


"Brat, you are too presumptuous. The green dragon medicine tripod is a sacred object of our drug race. How can your little life be exchanged for it?"

"You're right, your cheap life is not worth it at all."

… ….

green dragon tripod, the sacred object of the drug race, cannot be desecrated.

Long Fei laughed coldly, and said: "Pavilion Master, do you dare to gamble?"

"You don't dare?"

"What a monster, hahaha …" Long Fei purposely angered the pavilion master, who was already incomparably angry, so when he was provoked by Long Fei in such a way, he could not help but cry out.

The pavilion master bellowed: "Fine, I will use the green dragon tripod to gamble with you. I will definitely take your dog life."

If Alchemy were to enter the valley and defeat Long Fei, according to the rules, it would at most cripple one of Long Fei's hand or one of his legs. This was not enough to calm the anger in his heart.

Thus …

He wanted Long Fei's life.

Man Tuoluo also became nervous and said, "Long Fei..."

Xiao Ying became excited, and said: "Young Master Long is too handsome, to actually dare to be so arrogant in front of the pavilion master, hahaha … Is there anyone more arrogant than him in the world? "

Mu Xiaoyao's mouth curved into a proud smile, and he thought to himself: Brat, I suddenly hope that you can win.

"You don't have the slightest bit of power of celestial in your body, if the green dragon tripod is in your hands, it would be as easy as pie for me to snatch it away, hahaha …"

Mu Xiaoyao had always been paying attention to Long Fei's power of celestial.

During the process of refining the pellets, Long Fei had already released all of his power of celestial. There was no longer any power of celestial in his body, and someone like that could be said to be a piece of trash.

Killing Long Fei was too easy.

… ….

Long Fei laughed complacently, "The Great Pavilion Master is indeed the Great Pavilion Master.

And then …

Long Fei made a inviting gesture with his hand, and said: "Pavilion Master, let's begin the examination."

The pavilion master laughed coldly and said: "Ninth level of heaven stage, violent attribute, Spirit Burst Pill, top quality."

"As for his role."

The pavilion master smiled and said: "To be able to instantly restore a person's power of celestial, whether it's cultivation or battle, this type of medicinal pellet is extremely precious."

"Ninth level of the heaven stage?"

"Spirit Burst Pill? A pill that is infinitely close to being an immortal pill … "

"The great pavilion master is indeed the great pavilion master. The Spirit Burst Pill have already been refined. Truly amazing."

The drug race disciples became excited.

This was no ordinary pill. This kind of pill was priceless, and there was no market for it.

Even Mu Xiaoyao was moved, "drug race's Alchemy Technique is really too heaven defying."

It caused a huge commotion.

Long Fei took the pill and looked at it for a while before opening it to check the system. Then he muttered, "It's just as you said."

He had to say it.

The Grand Pavilion Master was still very fair in this regard. At the very least, he wouldn't lie to him.

With regards to the pill's quality, it was impossible to deceive Long Fei, so he used the System to check the attributes and came out.

Long Fei took out the red pellet that he had refined and placed it in front of the pavilion master, saying: "No matter what I say, it's useless.

"As for grades."

"It should belong to the elixir category."


Long Fei placed the pellet into the hands of the pavilion master, and then walked to the Powder-making Competition Stage opposite of them. He looked at the gigantic green dragon medicine tripod with excitement. It's mine now. "

"Love you so much."

Long Fei wanted to kiss the green dragon medicine tripod ruthlessly.

"About that."

"Can you lend me eight strong men? I want to carry it home." Long Fei intentionally said. He could even pick up a ten thousand three thousand jin dragon salyer, let alone this green dragon tripod.

At this moment.

A golden light appeared on the body of the green dragon tripod.

Only Long Fei could see the golden light.


"Saint artifact?"

"That's not right!" Long Fei immediately denied that the Holy-ranked equipment would give off this kind of light. The idea moved, wanting to see the green dragon tripod's attributes, and also wanting to know why it was emitting this golden light.


"This item does not currently belong to you. It cannot be viewed."


"This item does not currently belong to you. It cannot be viewed."

The system sounded out continuously.

Long Fei was not anxious, but in her heart she was extremely excited, and she said to herself: "Does it not belong to me? It's going to belong to me soon, hahaha … "

Long Fei's actions had undoubtedly made all the drug race disciples unhappy.

The results of the competition had not come out yet. With how arrogant Long Fei was, everyone's eyes were filled with a cold intent.

"Kid, the results aren't out yet."

"What are you being arrogant for?"

"Are you saying that elixirs are elixirs?"

"Refining immortal pills?" Who do you think you are? "

… ….

Celestial pills were not something an ordinary person could concoct. One had to break through the ninth level of the heaven stage Peak Realm in order to step into the realm of immortal pills. There were very few people in the entire Sky Martial Continent.

Furthermore, those people were all hundred years old, with profound strength at the peak, but how old was Long Fei?

He just stepped into the realm of immortal pills?

The pavilion master was also extremely unhappy in his heart. His gaze faintly sank, and when he sensed the medicinal pellet Long Fei had given him, his idea sank.

The sensing idea was instantly bounced back.

The pavilion master's face was filled with shock. He was released once more and bounced back. Why was he unable to enter the world of pills? = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

Because …

He couldn't detect it.

His cultivation base was not high enough!

He was the dignified drug race Sovereign, the Pavilion Master, a grandmaster in the ninth level of the Heaven Ranked Alchemy, and even fused with the Immortal Foundation of a medicinal pellet. But now … He couldn't do it!

Chapter III

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