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Long Yingyi shouted angrily: "Don't think that you can be arrogant just because you can't be killed here. Don't forget that you can still fight.

Long Yingyi really wanted to kill Chen Xiang right now, but he knew that he must not do so. He believed that as long as he could enter the Azure Dragon Tomb and carry out their plans, they would ultimately obtain a strong power and control the dragon race and Evil Spirit Race.

"Elder Brother Shen, leave quickly! Long Yingyi definitely has a lot of evil tricks up his sleeve. " He had experienced it just now, that in order to obtain the Dragonscale debris, Long Yingyi was willing to use any means possible.

"It's fine. I just don't feel good about not being able to kill this bug right now. He really is no different from a bug in my eyes. I can crush him to death with ease." Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword s. As long as he controlled himself and did not kill the other party, he would be able to make his move appropriately.

As long as he could cripple Long Yingyi and make it impossible for Long Yingyi to continue searching for the Dragonscale debris, then the only place would be his.

"Hmph, isn't it too arrogant to just use a broken sword?!" A small human, with flesh like mud, dares to clamor in front of a thunder dragon like me! Although you can kill those four people, they did it for the sake of capturing you. We also gave an order that we could not let them kill you, so if they did not use their full strength, you would have succeeded. " Long Yingyi swapped for a dark purple long sword, the dragon patterns engraved on it flickered with purple lightning.

"Elder Brother Shen, this is the Azure Dragon Ancestor's Purple Dragon Lightning Sword. To be able to turn the sword qi into the extremely terrifying Purple Dragon Divine Thunder, you have to be extra careful." Long Qing reminded him seriously.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then walked towards Long Yingyi step by step. Long Yingyi secretly held onto the Purple Thunder Lightning Sword, he never thought that Chen Xiang would actually walk over like this, he thought that Chen Xiang would suddenly attack him from afar, or perhaps attack him from afar.

"I told you to be arrogant." Long Yingyi aimed at Chen Xiang's shoulder and swung his sword. A furious dragon's roar followed by thunder could be heard, the divine sword in Long Yingyi's hand released a burst of purple light, the terrifying lightning attribute divine dragon energy struck towards Chen Xiang's shoulder.

In that instant, one could clearly see that it was an angry purple dragon formed from lightning. It opened its huge mouth, as if it was going to bite Chen Xiang's shoulder to pieces.


Chen Xiang's shoulder was struck by the Sword Qi, causing an ear-splitting dragon's roar to echo in the sky.

"Haha …" "You reckless fool." Long Yingyi laughed out loud, and when the purple light started to dissipate, his laughter suddenly stopped, his expression was filled with shock.

Chen Xiang's shoulder had indeed been struck, and there was a charred black hole that was still smoking at the place where Chen Xiang's shoulder had landed. The clothes on his shoulders and arms had already been burnt to ashes, so it was possible to see that the charred black spot on Chen Xiang's shoulder was only the surface of his skin.

Long Yingyi's attacks were very accurate. If he hit his shoulder, it would break his entire arm!

However, Chen Xiang's arm was still there, and that strike just now had not caused much damage to Chen Xiang. Just as Long Yingyi was startled, Chen Xiang had already rushed in front of him with a stride, his sword slashed towards his shoulder, chopping off one of his arms.

"You coward, if you want to break someone's arm, you have to do this, not hide at a distance." Chen Xiang laughed coldly, the arm that fell to the ground turned into a huge dragon claw, with a gold armor on it. This Long Yingyi was wearing an extremely sturdy set of divine armor.

Long Yingyi's face turned green, he was furious and frightened. Just as he was about to run, Chen Xiang swung his sword towards his other shoulder and cut off his arm.

"You just wanted to cripple all of my limbs and then smash my body into mud, right?" Chen Xiang saw Long Yingyi's expression full of fear and despair. He swept his sword across Long Yingyi's legs and cut them in half.

"You … My father will kill you. " Long Yingyi's anger reached its peak, and he could only say that out loud.

"Is that so? Your plan has failed, how can your father kill me? " Chen Xiang chuckled, then heavily stomped his foot on Long Yingyi's chest, breaking his breastbone.

Even though it was a dragon's body, in front of Chen Xiang who possessed sixteen Bones, a weak Long Yingyi was no different from tofu.

Long Yingyi, who was about to speak, spat out blood when he heard Chen Xiang's words.

Long Qing, who was watching from the side, was completely stunned. He was the same as Long Peijin, he had never thought that the legendary weak and small human beings would actually have such terrifying strength.

"I think your dad won't be able to sit still after leaving this time. He's going to activate his evil spirit army and start a war!" Chen Xiang fiercely kicked Long Yingyi's body, sending him flying far away.

Long Yingyi was speechless, he knew very well how terrifying Chen Xiang's strength was. If it were not for the fact that they could not kill him here, he would have been killed by Chen Xiang a long time ago.

"Brother Longqing, are you feeling better?" Chen Xiang walked over and helped Long Qing up.

"It's much better, Elder Brother Shen is really powerful!" Long Qing exclaimed, "Even his father is not your match! Here, this Dragonscale debris hasn't even taken up my blood, it can still be used. "

Chen Xiang received it, and then, he took out a Shangpin bone level Dan. However, Long Qing refused to give it to him no matter what, and in the end, Chen Xiang forced it to him.

After Chen Xiang crippled Long Yingyi, he and Long Qing headed towards the plain, waiting for Long Lin and the other two dragons.

Three days of time was more or less up to the point of passing. After Long Lin and the others returned, they were able to find one, and gave it all to Chen Xiang while also understanding that it was Long Qing who said it, so Long Lin and the others naturally believed it.

"What exactly did Long Yingyi and his son send to deal with you?" Long Qing asked. This was what Long Yingyi had said himself, it was definitely true.

"Evil spirit, and there's even the Evil Spirit Blood Bead! That day, when you all ran out of the city, the Great Elder told me to stay in the cave of Pei Jin. On my way back, I met an ambush. " Chen Xiang said: "Long Yingyi and his son are connected to the Evil Spirit Race. However, it would be best if both of you leave alone, and inform the Great Clan Elder in secret. In order to avoid being silenced by them. "

"They actually colluded with the Evil Spirit Race!" He still could not believe it, but when he thought back, this was something that Long Yingyi himself had admitted to.

Chen Xiang said: "This is not strange, furthermore, Long Jinrong has a very high position in the Evil Spirit Race! If Long Jinrong can take down the dragon clan and destroy the elders who are in the way of Dragon Emperor, he would be the most powerful on this planet. "

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