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He was a bit confused.

He was so confused that he didn't know how to react.

Murong Xiu will die?

How is that possible?

Someone at the eighth level of the Psionic Immortal Realm versus a seventh level of the Psionic Immortal Realm would die?

A fantasy story?

Everyone thought that Long Fei was too arrogant, and was simply courting death.

In a private room in the Vermillion Bird Courtyard.

"This kid is too arrogant."

"How can a seventh-grade Immortal-ranked expert fight against a eighth-grade Spiritual Immortal?" A duel? Hmph, your brain is pretty much cramping. "

"I really don't know what qualifications he has to say the word 'duel'."

They all thought that Long Fei was courting death.

The veiled girl lied down on the window, looking at Long Fei below her with a misty gaze. She smiled lightly, and said: "I think he will win."

As soon as his voice faded …

The other three were stunned.

At the same time.

A man stood up and said, "Master, if he can win, then this person is just too abnormal. There really is a possibility that he's a Demon Slayer. Should we make a move on him?"

The veiled girl replied: "No rush."

"Yes sir!"

The man sat back down.

… ….

Black Shark Faction.

The Tiger Shark used the Voice Transmission Technique to say, "When this guy dies, immediately kill him, catch him off guard."

"Yes sir!"

"This brat …" Hmph, it really is a bunk next to the latrine. It's not too far from death! "

… ….

Fu Xishan was extremely anxious.

She even wanted to rush out to stop him, but … She knew clearly in her heart that once Long Fei decided on something, even ten bulls wouldn't be able to pull it back.

Solo Murong Xiu?

This …

Fu Xishan sent a sound transmission to the smoke thunder, and said: "Uncle Lei, no matter what, we cannot let him die.

"Do you understand?"

Dead orders.

The smoke thunder frowned, then picked up the smoke stick and smoked a few puffs.

This was the first time Fu Xishan gave such an order to him.

Even though he was slightly unhappy.

However …

He was a member of the Fu Family and had to obey orders.

… ….

Murong Xiu's blade moved, he walked over and laughed coldly: "Boy, you asked for this yourself."

Long Fei looked at Murong Xiu and said faintly, "Come."

At the same time.

His gaze looked at the surrounding crossbowmen. Murong Xiu would be easy to deal with, but the words these crossbowmen said … It was a problem.


Murong Xiu rushed forward, his two blades transforming into layers of blade images, the pressure of the eighth stage of the Spirit Immortal Realm pressuring forward, "Brat, die!"

He was completely domineering in the Dao of the Sword.


who had merged with his god's soul herb could easily withstand the pressure of the Spiritual Level.

It didn't matter if the pressure couldn't crush him, since he could knock Long Fei flying just now, but this time it was the same.

The two blades were like scissors that locked onto Xiang Longfei's throat.

Long Fei did not move.

Time was important to him.

A second was important.

"Young Master Long!"


"Is he scared silly?"

"Aren't you going to challenge him so arrogantly? Now you are so scared that you don't dare to move? "

"He looks like trash."


… ….

The crowd burst into jeers.

Long Fei's arrogance had displeased them, and now that they were standing alone and not moving, they were about to become dead dogs on the ground.

Murong Xiu was also extremely excited, this time he wanted to kill Long Fei with one move, "Brat, you have to have the ability to be arrogant, even if you want to be arrogant … Too weak! "

The two blades fell.

Xiao Ying was so scared that he did not dare open his eyes.

Man Tuoluo was the same, his heart sank as he felt pain.

At this moment.

Long Fei made a grasping motion with his right hand, "infinity sword!"


A weapon that was exactly the same as the infinity sword in the one hundred and first place appeared on Long Fei's right hand.


Sword gear.

A long sword hilt.

The only difference was …

6500 points of attack.

And 100% critical damage!

His right hand clenched heavily, and in that instant, Long Fei shouted in his heart, "infinite sword!"

The Sword Saint's Limitless Sword Intent was quickly released.

Looking at Murong Xiu who had a pleased expression on his face, Long Fei said disdainfully: "I am arrogant and never need capital."

As soon as he finished.

The sword stabbed out.


Double knife to the face.

Long Fei's body rushed forward, and with an incomparably savage thrust, the attack power of the infinity sword in his hands directly destroyed all of Murong Xiu's defenses.


The heart was pierced through.


A bright red damage figure floated above Murong Xiu's head, with a critical hit of 5 million points.

At this moment.

Long Fei lifted Murong Xiu's body up heavily and flew into the air. The power of celestial in his body started to surge.


The power of celestial rushed into the infinity sword.

Long Fei swept his foot across in midair, and it was as if the power of a full moon had exploded out.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

A series of sonic booms sounded in the air. It was impossible to withstand the crushing pressure of this kind of power.

"Master, be careful!"

A middle-aged man rushed out and formed a light red halo in front of the veiled girl. The veiled girl did not even blink as she looked at Long Fei who was in midair.

At this time.

Long Fei just happened to see her. Under the sword wind, she removed the veil covering her face, revealing a peerlessly beautiful face. There was a gaze that no male animal could resist.

At that moment.

The heavens and the earth were moved by this.

It was too beautiful!

With just that one glance, the veiled girl moved her right hand and the veil once again covered her face.

Long Fei also did not have any extra time to appreciate them.

His long sword swept out, causing 6500 points of attack damage to explode forth.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang …"

The hundred crossbow wielders around him were all instantly killed, blood mist exploding from their bodies as they floated down.




The system beep exploded, causing Long Fei's ear drums to hurt.

At this moment.

The infinity sword in Long Fei's hand fell back down to the ground heavily.

Murong Xiu's corpse just happened to fall from the sky and was ruthlessly stepped on by Long Fei. With a savage gaze, he pointed the infinity sword in his hand and roared, "Who else?"

"I only have one question!"

"Fuck, who else?"


It was firmly crushed.

It was as if the entire Vermillion Bird Street had been trampled over by Long Fei.

Was this person even human?

In that moment, even the air shield barrier released by the demon dwellers from the Vermillion Bird Courtyard was destroyed.

He couldn't react in time.

There's not enough brains.

Only the veiled lady smiled and muttered the two words, "Amazing!"

"His life is mine now!"

It was also at this moment.

The veiled girl stood up.

The eyes of the middle-aged men behind her all flashed with respect.

… ….

At this moment.

One of the disciples of the Black Shark Faction asked: "Hall, Hall Master, we, we, we are still going to attack the Mu Rong family?"

The Tiger Shark's eyes darkened, and slapped its face, "Go for your mother's hands, you don't even have eyes, all of the Mu Rong family's people are about to die." = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

Long Fei was too strong.

However …

Suddenly, from afar, their footsteps were like thunder as thousands of troops came crushing down.

Patriarch Murong, Murong Fenglei is here!

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