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Hao Lei had already taken a shower. There was just such a free time. Qin Sheng was going to tell him about this. But he did not directly speak, instead he euphemistically looked for opportunities.

"Hey, she was drunk as a mess, you didn't stop her and let her get drunk like this?" Qin Sheng said helplessly.

Chang Baji poured a glass of water, shrugged and smiled. "If we can stop her, we have already done it. She refused our help, and did not let others replace her drinking the wine. She drank so much. What can we do?"

"This silly woman." Qin Sheng did not know what she thought. Anyway, she drank like this could only make herself feeling uncomfortable.

Qin Sheng handed the cigarette to Chang Baji, and thoughtfully said, "Brother Chang, it is quite boring all this time. I'm sorry to let you protect a little girl."

"Why you say sorry? Look what you've said, I don't like to listen to these words. I have a lot of fun. You don't know that Bingbing's design company is full of beautiful girls. When I am bored I will play with those beautiful girls. It is really funny," Chang Ba said happily. He really did not feel bored. He would stroll in Lujiazui and Sinan Mansion when he had nothing to do. Or he would chat with beautiful girls to kill the time. People could always find a way to entertain themselves.

Qin Sheng had nothing to say but really had to approve Chang Baji. This old man was really good at flirting with women. Wherever he was, no matter how beautiful the woman was, he could make the woman so happy. He was not that handsome. But he could be a real woman killer if he was handsome. Qin Sheng thought it was talent. If he had part of the talent, he could be super good.

"I have nothing to say but approve your ability." Qin Sheng held up his thumb. Chang Baji was not shamed and laughing. When it came to beautiful women, Qin Sheng had a topic to talk. He smiled and said, "As to beautiful women, I am not boasting. The place where I am working at, is full of beautiful women. They all have good body figures and temperament. All of them are well-educated college students. Do you want to go?"

"I really want to go. But you are not the boss, can you let me go?" When it came to beautiful women, the eyes of Chang Baji were bright.

Qin Sheng said slowly, "Look, there is a chance. The security minister of Shangshan Ruoshui just left two days ago. This position is very important. Our boss is looking for a candidate. You have done this work before, so I recommend you. Are you going to have a try?"

Chang Baji heard this, pointed to Qin Sheng and smiled playfully. "You kid now know too much, do not play tricks on me. Tell me frankly, I think it is not that simple."

Qin Sheng, such a little fox, when facing the old fox, Chang Baji, he was still too shallow. He smiled slyly. "You see through me. Just let me tell you the truth. Shangshan Ruoshui is the top membership club in the Bund. The members are all rich and royal. The big boss Jiang Xianbang and I have some relationships. He also helped me deal with the Han family's business, so I choose to go there. His security minister was fired, so he wants to find another one. I recommend you to him. Are you interested in it?"

Qin Sheng said things all over with half-truth and half-false.

"What about Bing Bing? Hao Lei can handle it?" Chang Baji did not give an urgent answer, but considered the safety of Han Bing first.

Qin Sheng replied, "I know you will definitely ask this question. Don't worry, it has been solved. No one will bother Han Bing in the future. Hao Lei here is enough."

"In fact, I don't know if this is correct. After all, you are just coming to Shanghai to help me. You haven't said that you want to stay in Shanghai. Besides, you have lived in Xi'an for so many years. Everything you have is in Xi'an. So I have to ask you first," Qin Sheng then said, leaving some room for himself.

Chang Baji smoked his cigarette and shook his head. "Shanghai is more interesting than Xi'an. Xi'an is too stuffy. I have been cleansed one's heart and limited one's desires so many years, and I should enjoy the funny world of Shanghai. So I have decided to stay in Shanghai."

"Really? Brother Chang, have you really decided?" Qin Sheng was surprised, and felt happier.

Chang Baji nodded slowly. "How can I lie to you. We are friends. And I also reluctant to leave. But as for what you said, I can not promise you. I have my own principle. It depends on the man I work for. That is okay if you want me to go. I have to see your boss first. If I approved him, I would go. If I couldn't approve him, this thing would pass."

Chang Baji was telling the truth. He was not short of money. He just wanted to live comfortably.

After listening to Chang Baji's words, he could also understand. This was the style of the Chang Baji. Although Chang Baji did not say yes, it was a chance. So he replied, "Okay. Mr. Jiang is in Beijing these days. We will wait for him to come back, and sit down to talk. Then you can make your decision."

"Okay," Chang Baji said casually. He didn't take it seriously.

At this moment, Hao Lei had finished his shower. Chang Baji prepared to wash and sleep. Before he left, he stared at Qin Sheng's bedroom, and did not forget to ridicule. "If you want to do something, now is the best chance. Every minute of the night is precious. We will never eavesdrop."

Qin Sheng felt angry and ashamed.

"Still not going to sleep?" Chang Baji just walked away, and Hao Lei came out with a mystic smile.

Qin Sheng stared at him. "We sleep together tonight?"

"I do not sleep with a man. You are really blessed, but you don't enjoy it. It is really unbelievable." Hao Lei rubbed his hair and sighed.

Qin Sheng roared, "Shit, I sleep on the sofa."

Qin Sheng went back to the bedroom after saying this. And he prepared to take his blanket to sleep on the sofa tonight. Anyway, the weather was not very cold. Maybe he would have to stand the magical harm of southern winter at the end of this month. Qin Sheng had been experienced the winter during his four-year college life.

In the bedroom, Han Bing, who was originally covered with a quilt, did not know when she had kicked the quilt. She wore a Hlow-cut evening gown tonight, which would reveal her slender white legs. Qin Sheng even saw certain black lace thing. He meditated "See no evil, see no evil".

He re-covered the quilt for Han Bing, and poured a glass of water on the head of bed. Qin Sheng took the blanket out, and slept on the sofa over the night.

On the other day, when Qin Sheng had not woken up, Han Bing had already got up. She was awakened by thirsty. Only then did she find herself in a strange environment. After all, she only came to this new home twice. Han Bing was a little bit scared. She thought that she got harm after she was drunk. So she quickly checked the quilt and found that things in her imagination did not happen. So she released.

After coming back to earth, Han Bing carefully looked at the room and finally remembered what it was. She felt funny and annoying. It must have been Chang Baji and Hao Lei pulled her back.

After coming out of the master bedroom, Han Bing saw Qin Sheng lying on the sofa. A turtledove took over the nest of a magpie. Qin Sheng was forced to the sofa by herself. She walked gently to Qin Sheng, and Qin Sheng's sleeping posture was very serene. The sound of her footsteps was very weak. But when she walked to Qin Sheng, he who was very vigilant, was still surprised. He opened his eyes fiercely, and scared Han Bing to shout, almost fell to the ground.

"You scared me." Han Bing gasped on her chest.

Qin Sheng shook his head and said in a bad manner, "Wake up?"

"Yes," Han Bing whispered, "I drank too much last night."

"Let's drink less in the future; body health is important." Qin Sheng slowly got up and stretched out.

Han Bing was like a child who had done something wrong. She bit her lower lip and said, "I know, did I act crazy last night?"


"Then you didn't do anything to me?"

"You are crazy."

Han Bing muttered, "Am I not charming for you?"

"How do you go to work like this, I'll send you back to change clothes first," Qin Sheng casually said. He had nothing to say to this silly woman. And he did not know what was in her mind.

Han Bing looked at her awkward figure. She could only let Qin Sheng sent herself back, and to take a bath to change clothes first. She would come over later, after all, it was just six o'clock.

Back to Huarun Nine Mile Bund, Han Bing was reassured about Qin Sheng. She took a bath in the bedroom. Qin Sheng was watching the news outside. After Han Bing changed clothes. The weather became cold, so Han Bing changed the style. She wore high heels with simple straight pants, plain sweater with black jacket, and a Hermès scarf on the neck.

Qin Sheng used to like a woman with long black hair. Secondly, he liked when a woman put her hair up. Who knew that he was used to Han Bing's short hair. He now felt short hair was getting more and more beautiful.

"Is your wife a beautiful woman?" Feeling that Qin Sheng was looking at her, Han Bing had a sense of achievement, so she smiled and said.

Qin Sheng almost said she was beautiful. He stopped in time. He turned his eyes and shouted, "Let's go, you must be hungry, just eat something. Bring them some more breakfast."

After breakfast, they returned to Shilin Huayuan. Chang Baji and Hao Lei both got up. They saw these two people came in from the outside. They were shocked. Hao Lei spent a long time to react and said, "You two slept together last night?"

"You boy is worth teaching." Chang Baji commented as an experienced man. It seemed that Qin Sheng really did not miss such an opportunity. He thought Qin Sheng was a real man, who just slept with such a beautiful woman. Terrific.

Han Bing was blushing, and Qin Sheng shouted, "What do you think in every day?"

After that, threw the breakfast to Hao Leid and said, "Hurry up, to have your breakfast. And get out of here when you finish."

Chang Baji and Hao Lei both laughed. and Han Bing was like a little daughter-in-law, saying nothing.

When Han Bing left, Qin Sheng searched the nearby gym and prepared to find a time to apply for a card. Recently, he was a little decadent. He did not exercise well and his physical fitness declined. It was a dangerous signal for a man who worked by his body.

Qin Sheng selected a few. he planned to look at them at night. He wanted to choose a gym that having good environment and equipment.

It was still early. Qin Sheng was reading in the room, preparing for a day to go to a large bookstore, and pick a batch of books to enrich himself. Reading was Qin Sheng's greatest pleasure. He would read books no matter how busy he was. When he was in college, he often went to the library with Su Qin. After he graduated, he had been different places in the past two years. There were also books in his bag at any time. Even in the previous time, he would take time to read.

At 9:30 a.m., he went to Shangshan Ruoshui, and the reception department was going to have a meeting. Ms. An took the lead to announce one thing at the meeting. That was, Qin Sheng had turned to a regular worker since today. he directly broke the fastest turning speed of the reception department. Even Qin Sheng felt so surprised. The happiest person was definitely Qin sheng's young master Lyu Yuan. But others had some opinions.

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