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The noble crown prince picked up the veil with his fingers and gently put on the veil for the girl beside him.

Nangong Lian looked at the youth who was wearing the veil for her. He was clearly younger than her, yet he was as noble as a god. But now, such a young man had actually helped her put on the veil in front of everyone's eyes.

The crowd only saw the crown prince lowering his head to cover the woman with a veil. Such warmth made everyone puzzled, but no one dared to say anything.

"With your mouth on someone else's body, if you are determined, you won't feel sad no matter how much you listen!" Shang Wuxin withdrew her hand, "If you are not strong enough, then just kill him with your identity!" "Why do you have to feel so wronged?"

The youth's voice was extremely cold, but to Nangong Lian, it was the calmest piece of music. The nightmares that had been plaguing him for so many years, the true faces that he dared not to face, suddenly bloomed at this moment.

Shang Wuxin put on Nangong Lian's veil before looking at the kneeling servant girl, her voice carrying a unique coldness, "Who gave you the guts to attack the people around me?" To Shang Wuxin, Nangong Lian was a woman who was hard to come by. Although she did not want to become a friend, she would not allow anyone to scheme against her just by looking at her pleasantness.

"Servant, this servant was not careful either!" The servant girl knelt on the ground and kowtowed, "Please have mercy, Crown Prince!"

"No need to be afraid, I hate noise the most. Since this lowly servant is so careless with her actions, go and carelessly pluck this lowly servant's tongue!" Shang Wuxin's tone was indifferent, but this caused the entire yard to quiet down. Everyone could feel the brutality and bloodlust of the crown prince.

Nangong Lian was not afraid of Prince Shang's actions and was only touched. No matter what Prince Shang did, it was all for herself. Furthermore, even though she was a woman, she had followed the Imperial Brother for so long.

The servant girl did not beg for her life; instead, she cut off the servant girl's tongue without fear. Blood flowed out from the servant girl's mouth, and the other half of her tongue was still lying on the ground.

Shang Wuxin looked in the direction of the curving lady and moved away as if nothing had happened. When the Crown Prince looked over, the curvy young lady felt a chill run down her spine. However, she felt that the Crown Prince had only qualified as his servant girl. However, how could he have known that Shang Wuxin did not intend to do anything to her at the beginning, but since she had provoked him for being so untactful, he did not mind giving her some gifts.

Shang Wuxin looked at the crowd sitting below, and then pointed at the woman who had just slandered Nangong Lian. Her pink lips parted and her calm and low voice was slightly raised. Her voice lingered in the air, giving off a few hints of bewitchment …

"Come here!"

The young man's voice seemed to ring in his ears, and his delicate face was as white as jade. The girl uncontrollably got up and slowly walked to the side of the crown prince. Her blush became more and more severe, and her heartbeat became faster.

"Come on, kill this bitch!" Shang Wuxin took the sword from the fearless hand and handed it to the woman.

The girl was infatuated with the eyes of the crown prince. When the cold sword in her hand touched the crown prince, she woke up completely. The sword in her hand suddenly fell to the ground.

Is there no life in the hands of any man or woman here? However, the difference was that these ladies would never kill people by themselves. Therefore, when the woman saw the sword in her hand, she was afraid that she would be helpless.

The woman was afraid that Shang Wuxin would turn a blind eye to her fear, but the fearless woman went forward and picked up her sword before placing it in the woman's hand and holding the woman's hand. The woman wanted to struggle, but how could she lose her martial arts without fear?

He didn't fear holding the woman's hand and sending her sword to her servant's stomach.

"Puchi!" The sound rang in the courtyard. The girl wanted to scream, but nothing came out. She could only watch as her longsword was sent into the servant girl's body by the girl behind her. Blood splashed all over her face, and she looked as if she was a fool as she looked at the dead servant girl on the ground.

He fearlessly let go of the girl's hand and took back his sword. After wiping it clean with a handkerchief, he stood behind the crown prince as if nothing had happened. However, at this moment, no one dared to underestimate this servant girl. They were even more afraid of this person, the crown prince.

Nangong Lian suddenly burst into laughter while everyone was alarmed. Her voice was soft and sickly. "Crown Prince, you are so nice to me!" As he spoke, he approached the crown prince, but did not touch him. That was why Leng Yufeng, who was sitting there, did not attack him. However, he understood that this woman did not seem to have any love for the crown prince. However, Leng Yufeng had to admit that even though there was nothing between the crown prince and this woman, he still felt uncomfortable when he saw how the crown prince was protecting this woman.

Nangong Lian gave an innocent look to Shang Wuxin. She also knew that it was these women who had pulled off her veil today. If she had felt that it was terrible in the past, but seeing how this young man protected her so much, Nangong Lian felt that even if the entire world knew that she did not have a face today, it would not be a problem. Because her heart was strong enough.

At this time, the crowd did not realize that there was only one servant girl following behind the crown prince. However, no one paid attention to the servant girl behind the crown prince because something like this had happened.

"Crown Prince, this place isn't clean anymore. Why don't we take a walk in the garden?" "This Prince's Mansion's garden is extremely beautiful!" Shang Chen said with a smile. If it wasn't for the urgency of his tears, he would be fine.

It's here! Shang Wuxin's eyes moved, and then she nodded. "Alright!" Just as everyone was walking toward the flower garden of the First Prince's manor, the fearless person who had disappeared for a period of time silently returned to the crown prince's side.

Leng Yufeng understood in his heart when he saw Dauntless appear at the crown prince's side. He also felt cold when he looked at the First Prince's Mansion.

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