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The crown prince had trespassed into the third princess' sleeping quarters, threatening the imperial concubine, and angrily assaulting the third princess had caused a huge commotion in the imperial court. Various folding instruments filled Emperor Shang's imperial study, and the daily cries of the morning court officials who wanted Emperor Shang to punish the crown prince rang in his ears.

Emperor Shang did not express his disagreement, and even the Third Princess that was supposed to appease him had been shut up in his house for a month. This caused many ministers to be dissatisfied, some even wanting to die in the main hall.

If it weren't for the fact that the Left Premier had always been blocking the way, he wouldn't have known how serious this matter was. In addition, he had even suppressed it because he was afraid that if this matter were to spread to the common people, it would cause a huge ruckus.

Shang Wuxin was very clear about Huan Moche's recent state of being very busy at morning, evening, and evening. Shang Wuxin was also very clear about Huan Moche's recent state of being very busy at night, and Shang Wuxin was also very aware of the voice from outside.

Early in the morning, just as Mo Che was preparing to head up to court, he discovered that the Crown Prince was standing at the entrance of the crown prince's mansion. Today, the Crown Prince was dressed in a royal yellow crown prince's palace, so he came to the crown prince's side and asked with some concern, "Is the crown prince going to court today?"

Everyone in the crown prince's residence knew that the crown prince only woke up after sleeping under the sun for three hours a day. Moreover, the crown prince rarely wore court clothes, so this made Huan Mubai understand what the crown prince wanted to do. After all, the crown prince had not gone to court prematurely and did not have any real power on him, so he had entered the court to seize power. As for Leng Yufeng, he had gone to the border to better control the military force, and the two of them, one for the sake of giving the crown prince a foothold in the court.

"I haven't been to the morning assembly for so many years, it's time to take a look today!" Shang Wuxin looked at Fantasy Mo Che as he got into the carriage.

Today, Huan Moche was wearing a blue robe. In the imperial court, only he wore such simple clothes every day, but this was done by Emperor Shang himself. This blue robe was very elegant and elegant, his body was beautiful, his features were like ink, his face was like a peach, and his lips were red and white. But fortunately, after spending so many days together, Shang Wuxin no longer had as much aversion towards Huan Moche.

Normally, he would take his own carriage to attend court. If he could attend court together with the Crown Prince every day in the future, then he felt that it would definitely be a very happy thing.

"How many forces do you have in the imperial court today?" To go there today, she needed to know how many enemies she had.

Sitting opposite the crown prince, Huan Moche slowly said, "The imperial court is divided into four factions. One of them is Emperor Shang's loyal official standing in the middle of the court. As long as the crown prince doesn't lose too much virtue, these people won't question the crown prince." Some of them were from the Second Prince's influence, and many of these officials were from Ning Fei's family. It was impossible for them to win her over to their side. Some of them were from the Duke of Qing's faction. This was also the strongest and most powerful force in the imperial court. Although they didn't do anything, if they were to target the crown prince, the crown prince would find it difficult to move forward. What remained was the power of the Crown Prince, including officials, Minister Bai, and others. Although it was not as strong as Duke Qing's power, it was more powerful than the other two powers! "

Shang Wuxin looked at Fantasy Mo Che and realized that he did not take a close look. Now he realized that Huan Moche seemed a little thin, and it was indeed difficult for him to win over so many court officials to deal with the Left Premier in such a short period of time. As the Crown Prince, he was indeed a shopkeeper, and it seemed that the men around him would always help him like this. From his initial doubts to his current acceptance, everything was changing for him.

"Thank you for your trouble!" No matter what, she still needed to thank Huan Moche for not having any relationship with him, and that was only a responsibility.

The smile on Illusory Mecha's face became very sincere, not a warm smile but a slightly excited smile. Every single line on his face was extremely gentle, and he carried the smile of the spring breeze that bloomed like a pear blossoms in the night, captivating his soul, causing even Shang Wuxin's eyes to flash.

"Not at all!" In fact, he had recently discovered a very big secret, and that was that he knew that Miss Han who stayed by the crown prince's side was actually a man. This made the originally thought that there was no possibility that he was also possible, and the reason why he wanted to protect the crown prince was because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to accept the man's fondness for the female lead. So he felt that he could also strive for it, and even so, Mystic Moon did not feel that he was inferior to that young master Han who was neither male nor female. As long as he slowly approached the crown prince, one day he could stand by the side of the crown prince like that young master Han, and act as the crown prince's person.

When Shang Wuxin and Huan Moche walked into the hall, many ministers were horrified. After all, no one knew that the crown prince would be attending today's assembly, and the crown prince had never been to court.

No matter how these ministers thought about it, they all bowed respectfully to greet him, "Crown Prince!"

Shang Wuxin nodded and stood at the front of the group of ministers. When they saw such a maverick Crown Prince, all of them were wondering if they should continue to join the crown prince today, but they all looked at their loyal followers with clear eyes.

As soon as Emperor Shang sat on the Dragon Throne, he saw the most eye-catching crown prince standing at the very front. The crown prince had his hair tied up, and two wisps of silky black hair fluttered at his temples, revealing his nobility. His pair of deep eyes sparkled like stars, and he wore a yellow crown prince's robe with bared fangs and claws embroidered on it.

"Long live His Majesty! Long live the Emperor!" Everyone saluted, and only the crown prince and the Minister of the Left bowed without kneeling. This made many people feel dissatisfied, but these two were proud people, so how could they kneel to anyone, even if it was the crown prince's father.

"If there's anything to begin with, we will not be able to leave the imperial court!" Attendant Xu's shrill voice resounded in the hall.

"This subject has a prelude!" He thought that the court official would step forward and say, "The crown prince recklessly disregards the law and cannot take on the position of the crown prince. I ask that the emperor revoke the position of crown prince and grant justice to the third princess and the other consorts!" After the court official finished speaking, many people stood up and said, "Your subject shall submit his proposal!"

Emperor Shang looked at his subjects and was very angry. If these sons and daughters had not provoked Xin'er, she would not have acted so viciously. Emperor Shang had warned his children to do as they pleased, but since they were unwilling to do so, he would not show any favouritism. After all, only the heart was the most important thing.

"Crown Prince, do you have anything to say?" Emperor Shang looked at the crown prince standing there and said in a serious tone. Although he did not intend to blame the crown prince for this matter, he did not agree with the crown prince's impulsiveness.

Shang Wuxin took a small step forward. "I actually didn't know that the officials in the harem cared so much about the matters of the harem, and also cared so much about my Third Imperial Concubine."

"The emperor's family matters are matters of state. As the master of the Eastern Palace Palace, the crown prince is actually so domineering. He really doesn't deserve the position of the Eastern Palace!" A minister looked at the crown prince angrily, as if this was a disaster for the country.

"Have the ministers made a mistake!?" Third Princess should have been punished since she left the palace. As a Princess, she actually dared to provoke the Palace Master. More importantly, a Princess actually dared to punish a servant in such a cruel manner. Do you think my position as the crown prince is for decoration? " Shang Wuxin's voice grew louder, leaving many people speechless. The power of the crown prince was there, and the princess was merely a tool for marriage.

"Ministers, if you have the leisure, why don't you do something for the country instead of staring at me all day long?" Shang Wuxin's expression was unsightly, and her preparation became more hurried. "If I ever encounter more ministers pestering me in the future, I don't mind punishing you!" It's enough for a criminal offense! "

Moreover, today, the crown prince should have been trying to win over the hearts of the people, but right now, he seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Seeing the crown prince's expression, Mo Che was a little worried, and the looks in the eyes of those ministers became even more dark and concentrated.

Many ministers were speechless from the shock. After all, their identity was right there, and with the crown prince's status, many things could be done as a matter of course. However, there was an old official who stood up and said, "Your majesty, the Crown Prince is not worthy of the Eastern Palace. Please think twice. This old official is willing to die with my determination!" As he spoke, this old official was about to slam into the coiling dragon column in the main hall.

Many ministers wanted to stop them, and Emperor Shang was worried as well. However, Shang Wuxin used a palm strike to push away those who wanted to stop him, and the old official only realized that no one was stopping him when he bumped into the pillar.

Huan Moche found it funny. Some of these old officials had been selling their elders for the past few years. Normally, people would only stop them from dying, but he never thought that the crown prince would actually stop these people today.

"Aren't you going to use your death to clear your mind?" "If you don't die, how can I see through your determination?" The crown prince just stood there and sneered. Then, he directly slapped his palm towards the coiling dragon column and immediately caused his head to be split open and blood to flow out of his head.

"This is what it means to die with Ming Zhi!" The Crown Prince said with a smile, "Do you still need to kill that Minister to clear your mind?" "Let me take a look today. If I ever find out that there are people in the imperial court who wish to kill me, I will definitely grant them their wish!"

Everyone was shocked by the Crown Prince's actions. They were afraid that no other Crown Prince would dare to force a court official to death in the main hall. However, if you said that the Crown Prince had done something wrong, then the Crown Prince did nothing.

Emperor Shang watched as his daughter resolutely dealt with the matter. A smile flashed across his eyes, and he descended from the imperial court, bringing this matter to an end.

As soon as he got off the carriage, he quickly walked towards Shang Wuxin, while Huan Moche, who was beside the crown prince, did not know that he was following the crown prince. When the two entered the carriage, Shang Wuxin was just about to chase Huan Mo Che off, but Huan Mo Che suddenly asked nervously, "Crown Prince, are you injured?"

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