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Shang Xin returned to the crown prince's mansion, entering the sleeping quarters without a word. Shang Wuxin was just a little tired, which was why he was acting like this. However, he did not want to be the sorrowful Shang Wuxin in the eyes of these men. Because he did not hide anything, the men all knew the reason for the incident. They also knew that Qiu Rongrong was actually Shang Tong's half-sister.

"I'm going to kill that Qiuyi clothes!" Han Xuanhao looked at the tightly shut door of the palace with a hint of dissatisfaction in his voice. They were leaving tomorrow. Such a thing actually happened today. He thought that the woman inside would be abandoned by others. How could Han Xuanhao endure that?

"Leave Qiu Rongrong to me, I must make her live a life worse than death!" In Ye Yizhi's eyes, Shang Wuxin was the best. Therefore, as everyone looked at the world, they all thought that Shang Wuxin was the best. But now, because of the unfairness of a single Qiu Rongrong, how could Ye Yizhi not be angry?

Seeing the two of them preparing to leave, Nangong Qian had a headache as he berated, "If Xin Er were to know about your actions, she would definitely be angry!"

"But now that Xin Er isn't happy, if she's unhappy, then those people shouldn't be alive!" Han Xuanhao was not very thorough in his consideration of the situation. He was also a bit impulsive in his actions. He was the most undisciplined out of everyone here.

Other than Shang, none of the others were worth mentioning in Ye Yi Zhe's heart. Of course, this didn't mean that Ye Yi Zhe didn't have a brain. How could a man who managed the Ye family well know about impulses?

"Since Xin`er has done so, then you have a purpose. If you kill her, you might forget that she's your mother. Do you want Xin`er to have some sort of relationship with you in the future!?" Nangong Qian looked at these people with dissatisfaction as he felt that these people were dragging Shang unintentionally as he could not stand up to them.

What Nangong Qian said was right. If he were to kill an ordinary person, then he would have already done so. However, that person was Shang Wuxin's mother, and their blood relationship was something that could not be changed.

"Besides, is that woman really an ordinary person? "The empress of a country could actually hide the truth from the world for so many years, and not only did she get married and give birth to children, she's still alive and well. There are many articles about this!" A cold glint flashed in Nangong Qian's eyes, no one can hurt Shang Wuxin, this QiuYan garment is not a good person.

The few men did not object to Nangong Qian's words. Perhaps among them, only Nangong Qian was able to keep a clear head. This was also the reason why there were many times when only Nangong Qian was able to control Shang Bin.

"Xin'er?" At this moment, Leng Yufeng saw Shang Wuxin standing at the door of the chamber.

Shang Wuxin lazily leaned on the door of the sleeping quarters, seemingly having listened for a long time. He then yawned, "I was just sleeping for a while, how did I end up being heartbroken when I got to your place?"

Fortunately, Nangong Qian had stopped him. Otherwise, he would really be in big trouble! Shang Tong was not in the mood to tell the others directly, "Men, put the food here!" Usually everyone had their meals in the main hall, but Shang had no mood to arrange them in the courtyard outside the hall. Clearly, this reunion dinner was meant to prepare for tomorrow's departure. Although she didn't say it, it didn't mean that she didn't care. It was just that some people liked what they said and some people liked what they said.

Before the sky darkened, lanterns were already hung up in the yard of the sleeping quarters of the crown prince's mansion. Before the sky darkened, lanterns were hung up in the yard of the sleeping quarters of the crown prince's mansion.

Shang Bin had always known that the men around him loved fine wine, but he had rarely seen them drinking during meals together. However, he had a bad feeling when he saw the pot of wine before. After all, his wine ¡­

Nangong Qian took the wine pot from Shang Xin's hands, his voice was full of anticipation, "Tomorrow is the day you have to leave, it's normal to drink wine tonight!" Then he poured some wine into the cup in front of Shang. Fortunately, it was only a small amount, but it was only this small amount of wine.

"Nangong, don't move!" Shang unintentionally reached out and pinched Nangong Qian's cheek, then said unhappily, "Didn't you hear me say you couldn't move? If you move again, I'll throw you out! " Even though it was just a little bit of wine, Shang Wuxin was confused. Of course, this kind of appearance was rarely seen by these few men. They all understood why Nangong Qian wanted Shang Wuxin to drink wine.

Looking at the drowsy and drowsy Shang Bin, but this was all in front of the person she trusted, because a maidservant had just arrived to serve the dishes. However, in an instant, Shang Wuxin's cheeks, which were initially flushed red from drunkenness, recovered instantly, and even her eyes turned cold. They did not doubt that if that maidservant was an assassin, Shang Wuxin would not have been in danger.

"Xin'er, you're drunk!" Nangong Qian reached out his hand to hug Shang Wuxin, and said to the few men, "Xin Er is drunk, I'll send her back to rest, you guys can go as well!" His righteous manner made the few men's eyes turn red. They wanted to go up and tear Nangong Qian apart, but seeing Shang Wuxin's rare docile manner in Nangong Qian's arms, they could not help but feel itchy in their hearts. How could they bear to disturb Shang Wuxin at this time.

"If you want to send Xin Er back to her room to rest, it should be me. Why are you here?" Han Xuan Hao stopped Nangong Qian's steps, and his voice was filled with extreme displeasure. Since their hearts were already so drunk, who knew what would happen? If there was something good, none of them would be a fool.

"On what basis? The person who is holding your heart right now is me! " Nangong Qian smiled and said, "Hanxuan Hao, there are some things you shouldn't go overboard on!" It was already a miracle that he could tolerate these people. What kind of logic was this? They didn't even give him meat to eat.

It was indeed true that he was the one who ate the most meat from these men. Moreover, this man did not have any ulterior motives for Shang Bin. Han Xuanhao had to be magnanimous in order for Nangong Qian to carry Shang Wuxin into the hall.

However, after a while, Han Xuan Hao regretted his decision to directly overturn the table! Ye Yi Zhe looked at the stains on the ground with disdain and said, "You have to get used to it. We can't make things difficult for Xin'er!"

This quiet man read a lot and thought a lot. Compared to the sadness of the others, he was a bit more open-minded. With a single sentence, the few men all went back to their own courtyards, but no one saw the envy and determination that flashed through the eyes of the man in the sleeping quarters.

In the bedroom, Nangong Qian was carrying Shang Xin on the bed. Nangong Qian's throat was dry and even his palms were sweaty. When he raised his head, he saw Shang Bin lying on the bed with his eyes wide open, but they were extremely deep and sober.

"Xin Er!" Nangong Qian helplessly rubbed his temples and felt that he had made a mistake. His voice sounded like he had unknowingly spoilt her, "Are you pretending to be drunk?" When Nangong Qian asked this, he realized Shang Wuxin's eyes were a little misty. Even Nangong Qian couldn't tell if Shang Wuxin was really drunk or just faking it. After all, tonight Shang Wuxin had only touched a little alcohol.

"Hehe, if I wasn't drunk, how would I know that Nangong also wanted to steal jade?" Shang Wuxin laid on the bed and smiled lazily. Even though it was still the same decorations, but he had turned from a handsome man into an enchanting woman, it made Nangong Qian's heart itch uncontrollably.

Nangong Qian smiled helplessly. Only Shang could be so smart, but he did such a thing. Nangong Qian did not deny and directly took off his clothes. He only took off his undershirt and carried Shang Wuqing who was on the bed, "Do you need a bath?"

Nangong Qian lowered his head and took a whiff, Shang Wuxin's body was still reeking of alcohol, the original aroma of her body had been completely concealed.

"Huh?" Shang unwittingly turned his voice a few times, "But Nangong personally bathe me?" As he spoke, Shang Wuxin extended his arm and wrapped it around Nangong Qian's neck as he lifted his head slightly to kiss Nangong Qian's lower lip.

Nangong Qian, who was carrying Shang unintentionally, walked into the bath, allowing Shang to cause trouble on his lips. Even though he was suffering so much that his eyes turned red, he still allowed it to happen, and only when he was in the bath did he let go of Nangong Qian's lower lip.

After placing him in the bath, Nangong Qian took off his clothes and entered the water. He then hugged Shang Tong and started to wash, but someone drank and from time to time he would reach out his hand to touch the muscles on Nangong Qian's abdomen, and from time to time he would kiss the man's lips. After washing for a long time, not only did he not clean up, but he also broke out in a cold sweat.

"You can't regret it!" Nangong Qian said fiercely and lowered his head to kiss Shang Wuxin's lips.

Nangong Qian's lips dropped down accurately, his breath was heavy with looting as he roughly pried open Shang Wuxin's lips and started absorbing. There was no technique, no persuasion, no seduction. Instead, he used the most primitive kind of male power he yearned for.

Shang Bin stood absentmindedly in the middle of the bath, the water from the bath permeating his collarbone. She tilted her head up to receive the kiss, her narrowed eyes carrying a bewitching demon, silently stirring up Nangong Qian's chilling heart.

The temperature of the water in the bath rose slowly, and only the sound of water splashing could be heard.

It was almost noon when Shang Wuxin opened his eyes. Surprisingly, the person beside him had already stood up. He saw Nangong Qian sitting on the bed in his middle clothes with a book in his hand. It was hard to tell if he was reading a book or not.

"All of you are waiting for your meals, are you unable to get up now?" Perhaps it was because Shang Wuxin was too much on Meng Lang's side last night, Nangong Qian still had a scratch on his neck, but Nangong Qian's collar was still so low today. He was truly showing off naked.

These men, for some reason, liked to leave scars on Shang's body, but Shang's delicate skin was always covered in scars after each affair.

Shang Tong's back was so beautiful that even the Valley of the Butterfly Goddess was in awe of him. It was undeniable that the creator of this animal was trying to create such a skin bag to confuse the crowd.

"Don't think about it again, my small body can't take it!" No matter how good her physical strength was when meeting these men, it was useless. There were too many monks and too little porridge to begin with, so eating a meal was a lot of fun.

Even if he wanted to, he knew that this was not the right time. He got up and gave his clothes to Shang, but Shang by himself, it was not that he did not want to be served, it was just that he did not trust Nangong's cooking skills.

"We're leaving soon?" Putting on his outer robe, Shang Xin asked absent-mindedly. Such an attitude would easily make people think of a rogue who wouldn't acknowledge his words after eating.

Nangong Qian bit his lower lip, "At night!" For them, it would take some time. Even if they did not spend all their time together with Shang, they had already decided to spend it in the Crown Prince's Palace.

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