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The extravagant and extravagant Star Pavilion was very lively today. That was because not only did the top card of the Star Pavilion come today, but it even came on its own free will, and was even more willing to give up their first night tonight.

When the men heard about the new ace card, they were all a bit excited. It had to be said that the top card of the Star Pavilion was all beautiful women, not only was the first card of the Star Pavilion the best, but also the music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. However, most of the Star Restaurant's number one players didn't sell themselves. Now, not only did the new number one person want to sell himself, he even volunteered to go to the Fallen Towers. This made many people curious.

In one of the rooms in the Star Restaurant, Han Xuanhao was lying on a soft couch with Shang Wuxin in his arms, watching the extravagant scene below. At this moment, there was a pearl curtain at the very top of the hall, and within it lay a naked woman. And this woman was Qiu Rongrong.

All of this was Shang's unintentional idea. Didn't Qiu Rongrong covet Leng Yufeng's plans to have a relationship with him? Of course she did! Qiu Rongrong had made Leng Yufeng lose the ability to walk, so how could she let Qiu Rongrong die so simply? She wanted to take away Qiu Rongrong's possessions one after another, making her regret and hurt her so much.

"Honored guests, this card today is really a fledgling, I hope that you all will take mercy on her!" The old procuress laughed as she said that. Then, under the gaze of the crowd, she opened the half-open pearl curtain. At this moment, the originally unconscious Qiu Rongrong also regained her senses, but unfortunately, she was unable to move or speak.

A pair of curved eyebrows, red lips and white teeth, and a pair of eyes that were slightly curled under her long eyelashes that were as calm as autumn water, her beautiful face made everyone swallow their saliva, not to mention that beauty was currently lying naked on the floor. Although her skin was white and delicate, her figure was still like a flower bud, and her terrified expression made many men want to immediately go up and caress her.

In the arms of these men, they were all carrying frivolous women. Although Qiu Rongrong could not move, she could tell that this was a brothel with just a glance. Qiu Rongrong, who was already afraid, also noticed that these people were staring at her obscenely like wolves. It was only at this moment that Qiu Rongrong felt the chilliness of her body. She had actually let so many people look at her naked body and most importantly, these people were all clients who whored for sex.

What had happened? No matter how much Qiu Rongrong tried to seduce the noble young masters, she had never thought of doing so. She only felt pleading but not hatred towards Leng Yufeng. She had always felt that her status was noble, so how could an ordinary man be worthy of her? Thus, after so many years, she could also be considered to have kept herself clean.

Qiu Rongrong, who was helpless, was so frightened that she shed tears. She cast her innocent gaze towards some of the nobler gongzi in her opinion, hoping that someone could save her. As long as she was saved, she would definitely kill all these people.

However, how could Qiu Rongrong know that the Brothel Keeper had painted her with the makeup of a brothel girl and was now lying there looking innocently at the crowd. She was not asking for help, but was blatantly luring them.

"Ah, the bawd!" Today's number one is really out of the ordinary. Just looking at it makes people want to commit a crime! " A frivolous young master came to the center of the hall and took a closer look at Qiu Rongrong. The lecherous look on his face made her want to puke.

The old procuress smiled, "Ah, young master, you must be blessed today!" "This card is voluntary, and if young master likes it, then I, the Madam, will make the decision to let you touch it!" The old procuress knew that this man had offended the High Lord. It was easy for a woman to punish him. The old procuress had her own ways for so many years, especially towards women who thought highly of themselves.

The man was slightly surprised. Although the ladies in the Star Restaurant were frivolous, these people who came here to have fun did not dare to do anything. Thus, when they heard the bawd's words, they immediately stretched their hands out to walk across Qiu Rongrong's skin.

Qiu Rongrong's eyes widened and she wanted to cry, but she couldn't do anything. Her tears instead caused the man's hand to stroke her body even more violently as words of disgust filled the surroundings. At this moment, Qiu Rongrong even wanted to die rather than be humiliated like this.

At this moment, there was a man holding a brush and drawing nonstop in the hall. His brush was moving nonstop, and soon, he would draw one painting after another. Wasn't this the naked Qiu Rongrong painting that happened in the Star Restaurant? He was not a pervert, he was the manager of the Pavilion of the Under Heaven, but his master had ordered him to obey the orders of Prince Shang, and now that he had fallen to such a low level of painting, no matter how sad he was, he did not dare to stop. Thinking that he would have to draw countless more paintings today, the manager had the urge to cry.

At this moment, Han Xuan Hao's clothes were slightly open, revealing his fair yet not skinny chest. He had one hand around Shang Bin's waist, while the other hand took out a clean fruit from the plate and placed it next to Shang Xin's mouth, of course, if one was able to ignore the fact that from time to time, he seemed to accidentally touch Shang Xin's lips.

"They're all trash, what's there to look at?" Han Xuanhao said in dissatisfaction. He himself had never looked at the hall because those women in the hall were not even comparable to a fingernail of Shang Wuxin.

Shang Wuxin slowly opened his mouth and ate the fruit that Han Xuanhao handed to him. He discovered that Han Xuanhao seemed to be addicted to touching his lips with his fingers, and slightly opened his mouth to bite Han Xuanhao's finger. Shang Wuxin originally wanted to give Han Xuanhao a bit of punishment, but in the end, he was unwilling to let go just by gently biting his lips.

Shang Wuxin did not know that Han Xuanhao's eyes had suddenly turned to fire. He then picked up Shang Wuxin who was lying in his embrace and kissed her. A hand gripped the back of her head tightly as the temperature on his lips became hotter, gradually deepening the kiss. Han Xuanhao extended the tip of his tongue in an attempt to pry open Shang Wuxin's pearly white teeth, while his hands moved around his waist, creating a scorching heat wherever he went.

Shang Wuxin's originally dark eyes were like a layer of misty mist as she smiled and closed her eyes, her entire room was filled with ambiguous feelings ¡­

At this time, the bawd looked at the time and stood up with a smile. "Tonight, it's not that the highest bidder isn't chosen by Hua Kui, but I'm holding a few peonies in my hands. As long as these peonies are thrown into anyone's hands, tonight's guest will belong to them!"

Qiu Rongrong, on the other hand, watched the Brothel Keeper's actions in horror. She watched as the Brothel Keeper threw the few peony flowers in her hand down the hall. The man with martial arts skills had already flown over to grab them, but in the end, three men had gotten the peony.

These men with peonies were very ugly and did not look like rich young masters either. Of course, the bawd did this on purpose; after all, the bawd ran the Star Pavilion as a subordinate of Hanxuan Haohao. How could her kung fu be lacking? The bawd personally picked out a man for Qiu Rongrong.

"Oh, so it's these three young masters. Hua Kui's guest here tonight will be you. I'll congratulate you here!" With that, the old procuress ordered the servants to carry Qiu Rongrong into the room, and the three men followed closely behind.

The moment they entered the room, the gazes of the three men turned towards Qiu Rongrong, wishing they could spit on her. Qiu Rongrong looked at the three of them in despair. Then, the first person took action, followed by a second person who touched Qiu Rongrong's skin as well. The third man even directly lay on top of Qiu Rongrong.

Qiu Rongrong's eyes widened, but to no avail. A wave of pain came from Qiu Rongrong, who knew that her chastity was gone. However, at this moment, Qiu Rongrong only hated him, hated everyone, but hated him even more. She knew very well that the only person who would treat her like this was Shang Wuxin.

However, he could not bear to see Shang's exhaustion, so both of them washed up and rested in the Star Restaurant for the night. The two of them slept together, but the woman was in the man's arms and they seemed to fit each other perfectly.

He got up and put on his clothes. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Dauntless holding onto a bowl of medicine. Just as he was about to drink, a hand reached out from behind him and threw the bowl away.

He turned around and saw Han Xuanhao, dressed in a loose red robe, looking neither happy nor angry. Shang didn't know that it was wrong to drink the medicine after every affair, but now was not the time for him to have a child.

Han Xuanhao shut the door directly and pulled Shang Wuxin into the room. Fearless, who was outside, was worried and did not dare to leave the room to listen for any activity inside. If Sir Han were to do anything unfavorable to the crown prince, she would rush in as soon as possible.

"Xuan ¡­" Shang had no intention to explain.

"Xin Er, you're not allowed to drink that medicine from now on. We've all eaten pills made by Ye Yi Zhe. You won't get pregnant!" Han Xuanhao lowered his eyes as he spoke, but his heart was filled with bitterness. He was the youngest among the few of them, but like everyone else, he hoped that Shang Wuxin would give birth to a child, regardless of whose it was.

Shang was stunned for a moment, his eyes seemed to be moved by something. She didn't think that when they found out about this, they wouldn't blame her, but would instead do such a thing. This was something that any man would find difficult to tolerate. They had done too much for her.

Shang Wuxin approached Han Xuan Hao and wrapped her arms around Han Xuan Hao's waist, placing her head in Han Xuan Hao's chest. With a gentle and apologetic voice, she said, "I'm sorry! Once everything has settled down, I will resume my female identity. If you don't mind, we can get married! "

This step of retreat came from Shang's unintentional mouth, which was what he was truly thinking. Thinking about being together with these men in the future and having children for them, this scene not only made Shang Wuxin not resist but also gave birth to a sense of longing.

Han Xuanhao was not angry, but he felt a little sad. He did not expect to hear Shang Wuxin's words, which were like a guarantee. Han Xuanhao embraced Shang Wuxin tightly and smiled, "Why would we mind? Xin'er, you're not allowed to go back on your words! "

"I've never thought of going back on my word!" Shang laughed.

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