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Chapter 61: Spirit blade, Flying Feather

Feng Xiao waved his hand and stopped Yang Ao Tian.  He said in a soft voice, “Before thanking me, you should see something first.”

After saying this, he slowly opened his tightly clenched left hand…..

“Soul Absorbing Gu Insect, it’s a Soul Absorbing Gu Insect…..”  Yang Ao Tian called out in surprise with a look of disbelief.

Feng Xiao had a slight surprise in his eyes.  He never thought the other side would recognize this gu insect.

“This… the key thing harming my little sister?”

Yang Ao Tian was terrifyingly sinister.  His fists were so tightly clenched that they almost bled and the pleasant surprise was completely pushed out by his endless rage and hatred.

“Brother Yang, don’t be excited and listen to me.”  Feng Xiao patted his shoulder and said, “According to what I know, the only method to insert them through the bloodstream.  Do you have any ideas about this?”

Yang Ao Tian’s face was as black as charcoal.  After thinking about it for a bit, he vacantly shook his head.

“Perhaps, I know who it is.”  Feng Xiao tapped his nose.

Yang Ao Tian suddenly looked up, hoping for the answer

This person had given him too many surprises.

“Little sister Xi Ruo’s Soul Absorbing Gu Insects were inserted once every two weeks.  The biggest one was inserted three months ago and the smallest one was inserted less than a week ago.”

Yang Ao Tian was shocked.

“Think carefully, other than you, who else has come in contact with little sister Xi Ruo?”

Yang Ao Tian suddenly trembled as he said in disbelief, “You mean Aunt Liu?”

“Oh, so that middle aged woman is surnamed Liu.”

“Impossible.”  Yang Ao Tian was suddenly incited, “Aunt Liu was a nanny I casually found on the market and for the sake of safety, I also investigated her family background.  She is definitely a normal worker.”

He hoped that everything wasn’t true, that way he wouldn’t have to endure this kind of pain and remorse.  He actually let someone harm his little sister to death under his eyes.

“Is that so?  If my guess isn’t wrong, that Aunt Liu should have come to you on her initiative.  If she has the mind to do it, how could you easily find her real background.” Feng Xiao softly said as his eyes unconsciously looked out the window.

Yang Ao Tian was silent.

“Why did you need to hire a nanny?”

“After mother died, it wasn’t convenient for a man like me to take care of little sister.”  It was like Yang Ao Tian lost his final bit of strength as he replied in a mechanical voice.

“If that is true, how are you planning to take care of that nanny?”  Looking into his eyes, Feng Xiao’s eyes slightly narrowed.

Yang Ao Tian was stunned, but he immediately understood.  He grabbed a fork from the table and charged out at a vague figure outside the window.

Such quick speed, Feng Xiao secretly praised.

“Dang!”  There was the sound from weapons clashing followed by a cold snort from a woman.

Feng Xiao walked out the front door.  Outside the door, Yang Ao Tian was watching a figure that kept moving into the distance with a look of hatred.  The iron fork in his hand had already been distorted.

“Why don’t you chase?  With your speed, it would be easy.”

Yang Ao Tian threw the fork onto the ground and coldly said, “I’m not a match in terms of skill, so there is no point in chasing.  I have to stay here and protect Ruo Ruo.”

“Is that so?”  Feng Xiao laughed, “A person with such high skills in martial arts is willing to act as a nanny for three months, just to let a girl die without knowing why.  Would they really by willing?”

Yang Ao Tian trembled.  He already thought of something, but he was not willing to admit to it.

“It seems like some people really don’t want trouble.  Brother Yang, who would be the first suspect if little sister Xi Ruo were to die?”  Feng Xiao flexed his wrist. Looking at the figure disappearing into the distance, he revealed a strange smile.

Yang Ao Tian painfully shook his head, “Perhaps it isn’t, I haven’t seen her before.”

“Is that so?  It doesn’t mean they’re sent by the Ximen Family even if they’re not a member.  I’ll just grab her and ask.”

Yang Ao Tian was astonished.  This man in front of him that seemed harmless seemed to already know everything.

Feng Xiao revealed a strange smile and slowly raised his right hand.  Stretching out his fingers, he grabbed in the air in the direction Aunt Liu ran off in.

This strange action stunned Yang Ao Tian.

Aunt Liu didn’t even think about this, she just ran at a speed that normal people would find hard to believe.  Her heart was filled with hate. She had wasted three months and she was just about to succeed before it failed.  It made her especially shocked that someone could take care of the Soul Absorbing Gu Insect. She had to quickly return to the family to report this incredible matter.  It was a good thing that man she couldn’t understand didn’t chase her.

Getting over 300 meters away and seeing no one chase her, Aunt Liu let out a sigh of relief.  Suddenly she felt someone grabbing her clothes from behind and she quickly turned around, but she found no one there.  However, this force became stronger and gradually she was pulled back in the direction she escaped from.

Aunt Liu was scared out of her wits and desperately struggled, but she couldn’t fight back at all.  She finally flew back at a speed faster than when she was escaping, landing in Feng Xiao’s outstretched hand after a few seconds.

Feng Xiao used a bit of strength and sealed her meridians before throwing her back into the room through the window.

“Go, ask her anything you want.  Although there aren’t many people living here, it is better to be careful.”  Feng Xiao slowly turned back to the Yang Family’s little house after he finished speaking.

Yang Ao Tian’s opened mouth finally closed with difficulty.  His expression that seemed like they were watching a monster finally faded and he went in with a blank look.

“Speak.  This aunt, what is your name, how old are you, how many children do you have, are you married, and who had you come here?  I’m very patient.” Feng Xiao sat down on the sofa with his legs crossed like he was the master. He was gnawing on a washed green apple while speaking in a muffled voice.  Yang Ao Tian coldly stared at her with eyes like blades, not saying a word.

Aunt Liu’s body was numb and she couldn’t move, but she gave a cold snort and closed her eyes without answering.  Her expression was indifferent, but her heart was shocked by the other side’s strange skills, trying to secretly guess who he was.

Feng Xiao revealed a cold smile and suddenly whipped his right hand out.  A cold glow flashed in his hand and a short sword with a faint red glow inserted itself into the ground beside Aunt Liu.

Aunt Liu gave a smile of disdain, “I’m not even afraid of poison, how can I be afraid of your little blade!  Give up, don’t think you’ll get anything from me. I advise you to let me go, otherwise just wait for the endless pursuit.”

After saying this, Aunt Liu looked at the dagger on the ground with eyes of disdain and her face suddenly fell.  She couldn’t stop herself from trembling. She wanted to speak, but she was shocked to the point of being unable to speak.

“Flying…..Flying Feather Blade.  You are the Blood Emperor, Ying Feng……”

Aunt Liu’s trembling voice said this and felt all the power in her body disappeared.  She knew that she would die this time and Ximen Family would silently accept this. She only hoped the other side wouldn’t investigate her background.

Since Feng Xiao already came here, he didn’t plan on hiding his identity.  He slowly stood up from the sofa and looked over at Yang Ao Tian with an expectant look.

He wasn’t disappointed.  Yang Ao Tian’s expression had frozen and there wasn’t even a trace of breathing.  His eyes opened wide in shock and there were traces of worship and excitement.

Eastern Blood Emperor, killing people without spilling a drop of blood.  Western Demon Emperor, slaughtering all humans.

The Blood Emperor and Demon Emperor were the peak assassins in the east and west.  Just these two names made all the people in the world panic, being synonymous to the word death god.

The name Ying Feng was the name he gave himself.

Flying Feather Dagger: Ninth place on the Chinese Weapons Ranking.

Title: Agile Blade.

Type: Dagger.

Has a height of 20 centimeters, a length of 9 centimeters, a width of 3.2 centimeters, and a weight of 3 grams.  The blade was in the shape of a feather and there was a criss cross pattern on it. The Flying Feather Blade is said to be the feather of a phoenix from heaven being refined in the flames of hell for three thousand years before becoming a dagger.  It only had the weight of a feather and it would slowly float down like a feather if thrown, so it was named Flying Feather. Although it could cut iron like mud, it drew no blood when killing people.

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