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Chapter 692: Forcefully Hounded to Death

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“Leave a few spies to observe the situation. Don’t take any action.”

“Hehe, this time the Su family is going to face big trouble. It’s very likely that the Wu family will personally take action and perhaps the entire Su family will vanish.”

“What about Su Hao then?”

“If it happens during the day, the Federation will definitely intervene. After all, Su Hao’s identity can’t be ignored. But during the night, with some concealment, who knows what will happen!”


Many forces had the same guess.

This kind of thing, they were already used to it.

On the surface, there are policies, but behind the stage, anything is possible.

What are the rules for? They’re to be broken! These families had studied thoroughly regarding the policies that didn’t sit well with their personal interests and then created multiple loopholes. With the current status of the Wu family, if they really wished to annihilate the Su family, who dares to offend such a force? All someone could do is pretend not to see it.

Just like that, a storm was about to descend.

Meanwhile, for Su Ling, today was a great day for her because it was such a rare occasion to have no one bothering her. She could finally take this chance to cultivate wholeheartedly. After a year, she had already reached level nine of the specialized realm, and was now working hard to reach the peak!

Su Hao looked at Su Ling from afar before shifting his gaze back to Jianghe City.

He knew that these men dared not try to stop the Wu family but never would one think that there wasn’t even the slightest movement as if they were completely blind and deaf!

Since you’re not capable of stopping it, at least inform the higher-ups!

Why not warn the Su family?

It’s not like we’re asking you to throw away your life!

Why? It’s all due to fear of offending the Wu family!

“Seems that things are getting more interesting.” Su Hao’s gaze was cold, “Yes, an ordinary Zhanzheng College’s student, even those who graduated after four years, they are mostly just stepping into the professional realm. How could they have the strength to rival a domain esper of the Wu family? But…”

“Just a bunch of short-sighted men!”

“If Zhanzheng College is that simple, what’s the use of those ten families which have world espers respectively sending disciples to the school?”

“Wu family, government…”

Su Hao stood up. One could no longer see any change of emotion from his face as if he turned into the most common student. However, Zhang Zhongtian who was beside him all the time instead felt that the current state of Su Hao restraining himself was like some kind of otherworldly being hiding and waiting for the right time to reveal his cards!

Today, Jianghe City was still as peaceful as ever.

The news which caused panic among the major forces didn’t cause a ripple among the ordinary citizens. That night, Su Ling went back home early to rest.

That night, in such a calm manner, it arrived.

Until the early morning hours of the next day…

Near the Su family’s home, a terrifying aura suddenly burst out, causing every strong esper in the city to be alerted, “It’s coming!”

The Wu family finally made its move!

Everyone was greatly alarmed.

“Whose aura does this belong to? An elder of the Wu family?”

“Impossible, this isn’t an aura of domain realm. This is…”

“Wu San!”

Wu San, the person in command of the Wu family’s forces!

A peak professional esper, his hand was holding a Nitai artifact, the Mithril Sword! He was known for killing a domain powerhouse, and thus being called a pseudo-domain esper. The Wu family’s determination was shown with having Wu San personally take action. The Wu family finally revealed its true color, wanting to remove the Su family once and for all!

Near the Su family’s home, in a little square, every powerhouse was actually watching. Everyone knew that a big battle is about to unfold! Between the mysterious protector of the Su family and Wu San, who will emerge victorious in the end?


In front of the Su family’s home, Wu San held his Mithril Sword with dense, horrifying aura emitting from his body. One step at a time, he approached his target. Each time he did so, his aura escalated!

Soon, the monstrous aura filled the sky and condensed itself.

It then headed towards none other than the Su family’s home. If no one is there to block it, the entire Su family was bound to disappear after receiving such an attack!


Su Hao finally made his move!

His afterimages flickered.

In a flash, he already blocked the path of this incoming powerful aura. With his Circular World activate, it absorbed every single bit of the aura! Wu San’s horrifying offense seemed to collide with a bed of soft cotton and couldn’t cause any harm. As the one responsible in this attack, that was quite an uncomfortable scene.

“Who are you?” Wu San asked and stared at this young man who appeared out of nowhere.

He’s too young!

With just a look, this man was still in his youth, yet he was able to emit a frightful demeanor. This young man was by no means an average youth.

“I don’t have the habit of clarifying the confusion of a dead man.” Su Hao gave a cold smile, “For you to appear here, you must be the cannon fodder send by the Wu family. After all, three peak professional espers have died. He must be too wary of this fact.”

“You think too much.” Wu San calmly said, “Trying to instigate me isn’t quite effective against me.”

“Then, what a pity.” Su Hao’s eyes suddenly became serious. With an oppressive force, it was slammed down from the sky, focusing on Wu San. In regards to attacking someone with aura, he was quite an expert too!


Wu San’s face finally showed some hints of change.

When Su Hao attacked, he could already feel that overwhelming might! It’s too powerful! That thick and dense aura, he had never seen it from his family’s head!

How could this be?

This young man is just a peak professional esper!

Wu San could clearly identify Su Hao as a fellow peak professional esper. In fact, he had a high-grade Nitai artifact and a grade A ability. In theory, he should not be afraid of anything in the same realm as him. In addition, he had defeated a Zhanzheng College’s student before.

But now…

Under the suppression of Su Hao’s aura, he could feel the destructive power which rivaled a stormy sea!

“This aura…” Wu San trembled as he recalled a place which he couldn’t believe, “You’re a disciple of Tian Long Court? Are you Chen Yifeng or perhaps… Su Hao?”

When he finished his words, Wu San couldn’t even believe himself.

If it’s Chen Yifeng, he might still believe it, but if it’s Su Hao…


How long has it been since he entered the school?

“Su Hao.” Su Hao replied two words in a flat tone.


Wu San’s mind was in total chaos. His condensed defensive barrier instantly broke. Being blasted by Su Hao’s strong aura, he was forced to step back while spurting out fresh blood. In the end, he had to rely on his Mithril Sword to resist. Even so, he still had his doubts.

This is Su Hao?

The one who kept being targeted wherever he goes?

The one who was reduced into such a pitiful state?

F*ck those rumors!

If he’s that pitiful, how did he end up in Tian Long Court?

How could he easily suppress me with just his aura alone? To experience this first-hand, Wu San couldn’t even have the chance to counter!

Total suppression!

Wu San laughed miserably.

This is the definition of absolute oppression!

Even when he faced an ordinary level one domain esper, he could still move his sword around, but facing Su Hao, he wasn’t even qualified to wield his sword!

It’s not like he’s afraid, but he couldn’t!

He couldn’t pull it out!

It was as if the ability to utilize the energy within his body was severed!

He couldn’t move no matter how much he struggled!

Su Hao just sat there indifferently. In fact, he didn’t say a single word or do an action, but his aura was getting stronger as time moved. Wu San’s hand which was holding the Mithril Sword trembled. He could no longer hold it!

How could my grip be this weak?!

“You… puff!”

Before Wu San even able to finish a word, he was once again bombarded by another incoming force.

After so long, he still didn’t rise from the ground.

As for Su Hao, he just casually walked over there and hit Wu San’s chest. Wu San, the first in command of the Wu family’s force died.

As for the Mithril Sword, it just laid there beside the corpse.

Su Hao didn’t even bother to look at it!

Right now, the entire Jianghe City fell silent. Everyone who personally witnessed this scene had their throat dry up. They thought that it would be a huge scale war, but they never imagined that it would end like this.

When Wu San’s aura erupted, everyone was looking forward to how this battle unfold.

However, never would one imagine a much stronger aura than Wu San’s to emerge and completely suppress him in an instant! Second by second, Wu San’s aura was suppressed.

In fact, he couldn’t even attempt any counter!

Yes, a total suppression!

Even when Wu San could no longer resist, lying like a duck on the ground, even when his aura was no longer visible, everyone still had this idea that they had seen incorrectly.

He died just like that?

Number one in command of the Wu family’s force!

Knocking the enemy’s door in such a domineering manner, with a top grade Nitai artifact to aid him, he actually had zero chance to counter-attack before his life was eventually extinguished?

Are you trying to tease me?

Everyone tried to sense it one more time and was instantly frightened because Wu San’s aura had truly vanished!

A character who once used his Mithril Sword to kill a domain esper was forcefully hounded to death like this. Exactly how strong is the Su family’s guardian?

Everyone was paying attention to the direction of the Su family’s house.

There a stream of aura surged up to the sky as if a deity had descended.

That figure stood there mysteriously like a sun. Everyone couldn’t see how he looked like, but the aura coming from the body terrified them.

“Too strong!”

“Maybe the Wu family might not be able to win!”

“Yea, it’s too scary!”

“I wonder if the Wu family dares to continue this battle?”

“Hehe, he has to continue. If he dares not attack even after Wu San died, then the Wu family is finished for sure!”

Everyone looked at the sky.

Just as they predicted, a few seconds later, a new powerful aura joined the scene. Everyone turned their heads in the direction of this new aura. They knew that this time, the Wu family’s head finally arrived!

Even after Wu San died horribly, he still came!

“A good show is about to begin.”

Everyone once again looked at the main stage.

From far away, that Wu family’s head took one step at a time, slowly heading toward the Su family’s home. His terrifying aura was still condensing as he advanced. This was coming from a true domain esper!

His aura was currently confronting Su Hao’s aura.

In the end, it was yet another round of aura confrontation!

However, unlike Wu San, this aura belonged to the Wu family’s head, a domain esper. Compared to Wu San, it was much stronger y unknown times!

“Yet another battle of auras. He’s trying to gain back Wu San’s face!”

“Wu San died in such a miserable way, being killed by a young man who is in the same realm!”

“A battle of auras could only injure one at most. Wu San is such an embarrassment. However, if the head could overwhelm the opponent with aura alone, he has at least won some dignity back for Wu San.”

“However, can he win?”

Everyone once again looked toward the main stage.

The entire Jianghe City seemed to be attracted to these two opposing auras.

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