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Chapter 489: +1

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This kind of pain was still too sudden for Xiaojiang. He was shocked because he never thought such a thing would happen to himself.

Why? He was a descendant of monsters and his father once said that all members of their family wouldn’t die by accident and all monsters in their family would have very long lives.

Xiaojiang never suspected the words from its father. Last winter, all his family members went back to their old home and visited his great-grandfather, who looked strong and wore a red shirt.

He believed what his father said but the concept was broken by what he witnessed.

He thought of every possibility, maybe today was his unlucky day, or he met a ghost, or it was the viciousness of the universe… but he couldn’t understand why Iron Whistle killed him.

‘He used to be very obedient being with Cheese. Last time he saved me from Wind-Chasing Wolf. And he was just… playing with me?’


Iron Whistle pulled out its tail and Xiaojiang fell down with a pale face and lips moved. He had no energy. The expression on his face was half of fear and half of puzzlement. However, based on his instinct, he kicked his legs, trying to get away from this terrible guy.

Suddenly Xiaojiang’s sight turned black… just as Iron Whistle opened its mouth. Something held it back and allowed Xiaojiang to escape from its bite.

“Wind… you…”

“Stop talking!”

Xiaojiang felt Wind-Chasing Wolf was pressing hard on the wound on his belly.

This time, Iron Whistle wanted to kill him, but Wind rescued him… Xiaojiang didn’t say a word, but closed eyes due to fatigue.

He just felt it was ridiculous, not sad.

“Xiaojiang! Ha… Xiaojiang!! Don’t sleep!! Don’t!!” Wind shook Xiaojiang’s body, and blood-soaked his hand. It thought it might happen someday.

He was pissed and had such thought when Xiaojiang talked about him on the rooftop that day, but he just threw a can of food in the end.

Wind held up Xiaojiang and went to the pet hospital to get rescued as soon as possible, but Iron Whistle stopped him, because he felt hungry. It had a faster speed than Wind… probably due to the fact it had stronger legs and more ways to beat them.

Its tail slid on the ground quickly and soon entangled Wind’s leg, dragging him to the ground.

Xiaojiang rolled out of Wind’s arm, bleeding all the way, with his weakening breath… if it were a human being, they would have died immediately after such an injury.

Wind couldn’t care so much. He learned how to fight from being beaten and now it mastered some effective ways to get rid of his enemies.

A wild monster did not fear a fight at all, especially those with dirty tactics. Wind grasped a handful of sand, sprinkling it into Iron Whistle’s eyes; meanwhile, his hands turned into wolf’s claws, piercing towards its tail! They struck the joints and made Iron Whistle contracted its tail by instinct, at the same time, evading the sand.

Wind stood up and thought quickly about whether it should kick it heavily or take Xiaojiang away… He didn’t know why he was considering Xiaojiang’s life.

‘It would be better if he died.’

“Are you Iron Whistle? Never thought you…”

Before it finished saying, Cheese’s voice came, “Wind! What are you doing here?”

Cheese’s meat, canned food and others in hands dropped when it saw this scene.

Cheese suddenly quivered, running to Xiaojiang and saw the blood on its body, closing eyes and pale face…

“Watch out, Cheese! Your monster is crazy! Xiaojiang was hurt by it!” Wind shouted.

Cheese was shocked; it looked at Iron Whistle, who was showing an innocent face to Cheese.

Cheese looked towards Wind then, who looked fearful, both paws and the blood on paws and clothes, “Wind, you…”

“The blood was wet when I saved Xiaojiang!” Wind frowned, “You don’t believe me? But trust this… freak?”

“Iron Whistle is not a freak!” Cheese said in a low voice, “But you, you want to fight Xiaojiang last time, and wanted to kill him…”


Wind laughed crazily; it suddenly jumped out of the wall, leaving only his voice, “It’s none of my business!”

Wind left, and Iron Whistle climbed close to him, rubbing his body again.

Cheese touched Iron Whistle’s head, “You saved Xiaojiang from Wind right…”

“Sss.” Iron Whistle retracted its tail, and close wound on its joint.

Cheese quivered abruptly, “Iron Whistle, wait for me here… No, you hide somewhere in the sewer! I need to take Xiaojiang to the First-Aid Center!”

After the words, Cheese held up Xiaojiang and left the sewer, where it was more convenient than the city roads.

‘What the hell!’

Long Xiruo tore an old book… it was an expensive cultural relic, rare in Taoists’ circles, but now it was divided into half.

Many old books had the same fate with it, because they didn’t tell the true dragon how to turn back to her original appearance.

It was not long after the accident, but to Long Xiruo, every second was tough… She was looking for methods of that in the basement of the pet center. She never took off the loli costume since ever she closed the pet hospital gate.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door… as she lost the monster power, she was not different from ordinary people by all respects, which made it inconvenient for her to do her work.

She turned more agitated, but still ran up to the back door, tiptoeing and looking through the peephole.

“Is Master Long here? Master Long! Master Long! Are you here? Please help rescue Xiaojiang, he’s dying! Master Long!”

‘Damn it… coming at this time!’

Seeing Cheese was worrying about Xiaojiang in his arms… and Xiaojiang’s blood, Long Xiruo frowned.

“Master Long! Master Long! Are you here?” Cheese had to slap the gate hard.

The door was opened. Cheese said with a happy face, “Master Long, you’re here!”

But the light wasn’t turned on; only a hoarse voice was heard, “Take him in! but remember, don’t turn on the light, or I won’t save anyone!”

“OK! OK…” Cheese couldn’t care so much; he took Xiaojiang in from the back door.

Shu Xiaoshu always got pregnant, and he always took his mother here, so he knew the construction very well, hence wouldn’t feel it inconvenient without any light.

“Master Long, why is your voice…”

“I… I don’t feel good, don’t ask more. Cough! Take Xiaojiang to the operating room! Go, go!”

Cheese was frightened by the furious tone. He dared not to hesitate and sent Xiaojiang in by feeling the road. Then, he walked out of the room as per Long Xiruo’s orders.

The operating room door was closed, and dim light could be seen through the door gap.

Cheese was relieved… since he had sent Xiaojiang to Long Xiruo, his life would probably be saved.

But Long Xiruo was weird today… why?

The true dragon can get sick?

“Is it… her period?” it reminded Cheese of the days each month before his mother got pregnant.

Who knew how would she think if she realized Cheese was thinking about this.

She was worrying about her current situation.

Many methods couldn’t be used to treat monsters after a true dragon lost all her monster power. If she just relied on those medicines and medical equipment…

“Damn it, don’t shake!!”

She found sorrowfully that her arms were shaking slightly when she injected epinephrine into Xiaojiang…

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