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Chapter 631: My World

Translator: Yorasu  Editor: Fireclaws

Aureate light blinded his vision.

The scene in front of Chen Sheng changed. In fact, it changed a few times. Sometimes it looked like a fantasy. At times, it seemed realistic. When he fully regained consciousness, he had already entered a new world.

“An illusion?”

Chen Sheng tried to grab a willow. The sensation astonished him. How could one differentiate this as an illusion?

“Su Hao is said to have a 100% degree of realism. At first, I didn’t believe it. Now it seems that he has some talent. However, with this unorthodox illusion, you’re trying to trap me?” Chen Sheng sneered.

There are thousands of illusions in this world. The most terrifying ones involve time, space, and sealing off one’s memory. There was once this top tier illusion, Millennium Dream. No matter how powerful you are, you will be crushed under the concept of time. When compared to Chen Sheng’s Little Dark Room, Chen Sheng’s move is simply a child’s trick.

It feels like a dream but isn’t.

It seems realistic but isn’t.

Those are the embodiment of a powerful illusion.

When you return to reality, you still won’t be able to tell what is real or a dream. The scale of panic and confusion within your heart is unimaginable! That is what a powerful illusion is all about!

“That 100% degree of realism is a waste on you.” Chen Sheng muttered to himself, admiring the beauty of the shore embankment he’s on. Raising his hand to point at himself, he cast a technique on himself.

A dazzling light flashed for a moment. Afterward, Chen Sheng became even more aware. This technique ensures that Su Hao’s illusion won’t influence him. Most illusions would be instantly noticed and destroyed.

However, it didn’t seem to be effective.

Chen Sheng raised his brows. He tried to use another method to decipher this illusion.

What he didn’t realize is that not far away from him, in another world, two men were pointing at him while engaging in a heated discussion.

“It’s too weak.” Su Hao sighed.

“How many can actually have this world? Even when I was in the domain realm, I still couldn’t achieve such a feat. However, only a real world esper can apply the concept of time.” Shi Mingxuan smiled, “Chen Sheng must have thought this place is an illusion, but are you not planning to make a move soon?”

“Hold on.” Su Hao shook his head.

He knew how difficult it is to obtain this opportunity to collect statistical data. This is the first time he had completed his switchover to the spiritual side and introduced outsiders into his own world.

Fortunately, it was successful.

Whether it’s the reactions coming from an enemy or the senses towards the model world, they are all rare data.

Obviously, Chen Sheng became the white mouse for Su Hao’s experiment.

Both observed him for a moment. Chen Sheng was still trying to solve this puzzle. Even without Su Hao breaking a sweat, Chen Sheng was still trapped here and couldn’t escape.

“He’s heading to the wrong direction.” Shi Mingxuan commented.

“Of course.” Su Hao laughed, “To use illusions as an entry point into the spiritual realm, is that something they will ever imagine? If he’s trying to use the standard of illusions to decipher it, I’m afraid he won’t be able to leave here forever. Even if anyone knows, how many can actually master this spiritual gateway?”

“That’s true.” Shi Mingxuan was deeply impressed.

In the past, wasn’t he trapped here like this?

“As long as one steps into my world, everything will be under my control!” Su Hao’s arrogance skyrocketed.

This is all coming from his absolute confidence in controlling his world. No matter how strong someone is, as long as they are pulled into his model world, he would have some way to kill the enemy! Isn’t this Su Hao’s original intention for joining the illusion department? After entering here for a little over a month, his goal was finally achieved!

Reaching Heaven in a single leap!

His route of talent which had stagnated for a long time had finally taken a huge step in an instant and even setting a record that no one has ever achieved in history.

Su Hao watched Chen Sheng from above the sky as if he was spectating his pet.

The data test was soon completed. Chen Sheng literally tried any method he could think of but still remained fruitless. After all, he was going in the wrong direction.

“It’s time to make a move now.” Su Hao muttered to himself.

During the beast wave, Su Hao had once gained a power which surpasses professional espers. That feeling of flipping mountain, splitting ocean, and shocking Heaven and Earth as if the son of God had descended; he still remembered it.

Too bad, he didn’t have such might now.

That method of attack looked and sounded cool, but the energy consumption is too much for him to handle. Thus, Su Hao had to be cautious when he tried to pull Chen Sheng in here.

“I guess I will just go out and kill him.”

Su Hao had such thought within his heart. This is his model world. He controls everything here. Chen Sheng won’t even have a chance to use any tricks.

However, what Su Hao didn’t expect was there is actually an individual who is more excited than him.

“Why don’t you let me have a try?” Shi Mingxuan’s hands were a little itchy.

After all, this world is a bit too boring for him. Only he lived here. During this period of time, even when he lived together with Su Hao for a decade, it was still dull. Right now, with an additional person in the model world, he would naturally get excited.

“Hold on.” Su Hao pointed at Shi Mingxuan, forming a layer of mysterious black mist, “You can’t kill Chen Sheng. So, it’s better to hide your identity like this. Now go.”

“Hehe.” Shi Mingxuan charged happily like a kid who had just received sweets.

Chen Sheng, who was in a dilemma and stressed from searching for a method to decipher this lock, suddenly saw a black shadow rushed towards him. This scene caught him by surprise, “Who?!”

The surrounding ground trembled.

Chen Sheng’s apprehension had reached an extreme peak. In this illusion, he would rather believe the incoming shadow is an illusion so that it won’t be able to hurt him. However, no matter how he tried to convince his heart, he could still feel the other party’s existence. Subsequently, he knew that his plan didn’t work. Even if he kept reminding himself that the other person is a fake, it still remained true!

If he didn’t evade, he would die!

“God damn it!” Chen Sheng gritted his teeth and could only defend.

These two men soon clashed with each other. Except no illusion was involved. Somehow, the battle between them looked strange as if is a brawl between two street thugs.

One punched while the other kicked, yet Shi Mingxuan showed an expression of joy.

Even Su Hao was dumbfounded, witnessing this scene. The computers in his mind were silently gathering data of those two’s engagement. Any data coming from an outsider is definitely worth.

After a few minutes, Shi Mingxuan had a bloody nose and swollen face while being satisfied. Shi Mingxuan’s expression made Su Hao wonder whether this man is an M.

“Is it really that fun?” Su Hao was speechless.

“Hehe.” Shi Mingxuan went back to Su Hao’s side, “Why don’t you leave this guy here? I haven’t found such a fun toy for quite some time now.”


Su Hao mourned for Chen Sheng in advance. Looking at the Shi Mingxuan who is still full of adrenaline, he could only shake his head gently, “This guy is a disciple of the Dean. People are still watching outside. It’s fine if you want to fight, but if you let him die, I will probably get a beating from the Dean.”

“Oh.” Shi Mingxuan was somewhat disappointed.

“What’s there to be sad about?” Su Hao shook his head helplessly and laughed. “Why don’t you think of it this way? Since I have mastered this origin technique, in future, I will naturally bring others here. Then, I will hand them over to you.”

“For real?” Shi Mingxuan was pleasantly surprised.

“Of course. However, my opponents will get stronger and stronger in the future. So don’t complain when you can’t beat them.” Su Hao laughed.

“Of course not.” Shi Mingxuan’s eyes shone like a wolf who found its target, “After all, I still have the strength of a domain esper. Besides, I might not be their opponent outside, but in this model world… hehe…”

The way Shi Mingxuan laughed sounded a bit sinister.

Su Hao silently mourned for a few minutes for his future counterparts. To be tormented every day in this model world by this nearly bored to death domain esper…


It’s quite interesting, right?

When Su Hao left, Chen Sheng was already in a half-dead state. There is only aura exiting his body and nothing entering to replace it. Chen Sheng then looked at the sudden appearance of a person.

“100% degree of realism, I am not wasting it.” Su Hao said in a low tone.

Chen Sheng was so ashamed that he wished he could hide. Among thousands of sub-specialization in illusion, he is walking the route of fear and Su Hao is obviously taking another path. Although he didn’t understand what was going on, he had suffered a complete defeat. That horrifying illusion made him think it was actually a real person and was still fresh in his mind.

No wonder this man could comprehend the radiance of extreme…

Su Hao’s talent, no one would be able to reach him!


Su Hao made a waving motion, and the scene changed. Chen Sheng was thrown out of this model world.

He returned to the real world!


Chen Sheng regained consciousness but had to spurt out a mouthful of blood. Taking a few steps back, his whole body is now drenched in blood. Those attacks earlier were partially reflected in the real world. This is the terrifying part of an illusion.

Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

He used illusion as a platform but to have such an effect was indeed a surprise.

“I lost.” Chen Sheng walked towards the Dean and said embarrassed.

He had always thought he is the proudful son under Heaven and wanted to ensure the Dean’s reputation isn’t tainted. However, he never considered that Su Hao would take total control over this battle. He had zero opportunity to fight back!

“No worry.” The Dean just waved his hand.

At the same time, Su Hao also retracted his consciousness from the spiritual realm.

Turning around to face the two peerless powerhouses, he bowed slightly to pay respect. He no longer felt unrest. This is only something that can be obtained from experience.

Ten years in the Little Dark Room!

Now, his mindset is very firm!

“Hahahaha.” The old man laughed wildly.

This is how a strong esper should carry oneself!

“My old friend.”

“Who is superior or weaker, is there any need to compare?” The old man laughed loudly.

“The same old temper.” The dean bitterly smiled while shaking his head. Even the way he looked at Su Hao was a little different. It had a special meaning that Su Hao had never seen before. “I hope you can walk the different path to the end.”

After saying so, the Dean vanished from the spot.

“Can I know who you are?” Su Hao gently asked. He knew since the Dean had left, the old man will soon depart as well.


The old man went silent. “When it’s time for you to know, you will know. Maybe, when you step into the world realm, I will tell you.”

“Alright!” Su Hao looked determined, “I will definitely reach there!”

The old man chuckled. His facial expression was somehow a bit complicated which couldn’t be described in words. He once again looked at Su Hao with a smile and then shook his head lightly before vanishing.

“He left…” Su Hao sighed.

There is no longer a doppelganger of the old man.

Right now, with the departure of the old man, the barrier he placed naturally disappeared. Su Hao’s figure once again appeared within the illusion department’s square. He could see the astonished looks coming from the crowd.

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