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Chapter 524: And Yet, Heavens Apart

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While Lizi was confused about these, she suddenly heard Cheese’s cry from her back— turning over, she saw Cheese’s face occupying almost all of the screen.

“Don’t worry, your family is safe, just a bit terrified,” Lizi said rapidly.

And Cheese answered rapidly, “Where are you? I’m going to that place now!”

While Lizi suddenly said, “Stay there, let me go to you… I’ll be there soon. Well, wait for a minute.”

Lizi closed the laptop while talking to him.

The screen suddenly turned blank, nothing could be seen. In the whole basketball gym, there was only Cheese and Nini… Cheese was still worried about his families, because he could not see them himself.

“Nini, Nini?” Cheese walked to Nini, holding her shoulders and shaking, “Nini, can you hear me?”

But Nini still looked at him woodenly.

Cheese could only pin his hopes on Long Xiruo while looking through the big hole of the gymnasium’s ceiling… He didn’t know how the situation of Master Long and Wind was.

“If… if only I could become stronger.”

He suddenly realized a question… that was, if he had a strong power like Wind, he would not have met such a despairing situation.

It was horrible enough for him to send his relatives and friends to death, even if he thought of it now… He didn’t know how he got through those hard times.

It was a scary feeling where his body and heart had collapsed in one instant… He could not choose the result at all. Cheese was sure that nobody could make a decision under that situation.

As Cheese was thinking randomly, the door on the other side of the basketball gymnasium was opened. This scared him and made him pay attention… but it turned out a woman with a mask was coming out carrying Shu Xiaoshu!


“How did you get here so fast…”

Cheese gave a start, then ran directly to her— he considered her as the savior of his family.

“Ah, your family members were placed at the back.” Lizi shrugged her shoulders, “If I knew that earlier, I wouldn’t have walked around to look for them.”

“Right… at the back?” Cheese was stunned and felt disbelief… His family members and Xiaojiang were just behind the door and very close to him.

Cheese pushed open the door hurried, and found his brothers and sisters on the floor as well as Xiaojiang, but at least they were safe.

“Thank you! Thank you… I won’t forget your help forever!” Cheese showed his appreciation toward the face-covered woman, and took a deep breath, “And I’ll pay it back!”

“Ah, let’s skip this.” Lizi put down Shu Xiaoshu, and said, “Oh, let me tell you something. The guy did not seem to want to kill your family members or friends… Look, this is the thing I found from them.”

Lizi stretched out her hands, and showed him a palm-sized blood bag.

Cheese received it from Lizi; he looked a little shocked, “Wind… but he actually…”

“I don’t know the details, it’s between you and him.”

Lizi shrugged her shoulder, “I don’t understand what that guy was thinking about, but his gaze was filled with ruthlessness and killing intent. Ah… I don’t understand that. Forget it, I won’t intervene anymore. Well, it’s time to go~ then, bye bye!”

“Hold on, you didn’t tell me your name, saviour!”


Lizi finger held her chin, and thought for a while, “Er, if you want to pay it back, you should… if you have a chance to meet a human called Ren Ziling, if she has trouble or is in danger, go help her. But you cannot tell her, just help her secretly, because she doesn’t know there exist monsters in the world.”

“Ren Ziling… a human?” Cheese deeply breathed, and then nodded, “OK, I got it! And I will never forget it!”

“Bye bye~”

Lizi jumped out through the big hole at the ceiling… but she didn’t actually leave the place; instead, she just found another place to hide and focused on the golden and purple lights crazily fighting with each other.

The golden and purple lights colliding each other were hiding among countless rays of disco lights above the gymnasium… They hid among these disco lights and seemed to have added a special beauty to the original monotonous lights.

But it may be because of these complexed disco lights, the ferocious fight had not attracted the attention of the thousands of audience… or one could say they didn’t notice it yet.

Rather, they were all drawn by the fiery atmosphere at the spot and gazing at the stage and the screen. It seemed that they forgot everything… everything.

“It’s exactly the True Dragon of the Godly Land… why doesn’t it look as powerful as the legends?”

Lizi lifted the camera to the night sky, “What’s the background of Wind-Chasing Wolf? He can even go neck to neck with Long Xiruo. But the battle is so clear, why isn’t anybody mentioning it… Are they dumb? Ah, I’m so hungry…”

“Mum! Wake up! mum! Wake up!” Cheese now shook Shu Xiaoshu’s shoulder… but her pupils were still looked dull as same as Nini— and other guys!

“Bell…” Cheese suddenly remembered the scene where Wind got a bell… ‘Will it dispel the control if I destroy the bell…”

“I need to notify Master Long before taking any actions!”

Cheese took a deep breath and wanted to act… but at the moment, he stopped automatically, and subconsciously look to a direction— It was the direction of the main venue.

He listened carefully, the sound was getting stronger and stronger… as if someone was singing in front of him. The strong guitar sound seemed to be telling him something, which made become absent-minded.

But Cheese soon shook his head— it was not the time to listen to songs!

“Cheese… Cheese…”


It was the first time for Nini to call his name, so Cheese walked to Nini surprisingly, “Nini! Nini! Nini! Did you wake up?”

Nini’s expression revealed her struggle; Suddenly she fell down, but held her body up using her arms and looked at Cheese with red eyes. Tears fell, “Cheese… I saw Wind… he… he’s crying… alone… he is crying so sadly… Cheese…”

“Nini, what are you trying to say?” Cheese frowned.

While Nini grasped her head, and looked to be in main… As if two different powers were fighting in her brain.

One was from Wind and the other was like a song.

It maintained balance because the two powers stuck each other, so she became slightly clear-headed.

She opened her mouth, “I don’t know that… I don’t know… maybe he thinks we are all controlled and won’t know that… but… but I can see… and feel… he… he said many weird matters… Wind, he, he…”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Watch your back… Cheese!!”

“Back?” Cheese turned back, but just saw a black shadow… before he saw it clearly, he fainted.

The black shadow suddenly appeared and caught the falling Cheese… and then it jumped out of the gymnasium through the hole.

Nini felt very dizzy…

She didn’t even have the energy to stand up. It seemed that Wind’s power in her mind was stronger than the other one.

“Shu You… Uncle…? How come…”

Nini voiced out a confusing question before she could not bear the effect of the two powers and lost conscious.

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