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Everyone including Ling Jian and the rest felt a chill run down their spine! My goodness, can this be considered giving him a way out? Rather than sparing his life in this manner, why don't you just let him die a simple death?!

Lead a life on the outside? If a pile of mush like him would be able to lead a life on his own, even the celestial beings would admire him.

HuangFu QingYun fainted on the spot before he could even hear everything that Ling Tian had said. Meanwhile, miserable shrieks could already be heard and the brutal execution had begun.

HuangFu YanHan shut his eyes tightly as two streams of tears flowed down.

"HuangFu YanHan, open your eyes to take a good look!" Ling Tian ordered cruelly, "If you dare to close your eyes again before all the members of the HuangFu Family are executed and waste this young noble's good intentions, this young noble will immediately give an order for 100 men to rape your wife and daughters. I will then sell them to the dirtiest of brothels and turn them into prostitutes who would accept any customers without even paying a cent. I will still let them hang the name of your HuangFu Family on their necks!"

HuangFu YanHan opened his eyes with grief as he glared at Ling Tian viciously as though the hatred in his eyes was about to be condensed. However, he no longer dared to close his eyes or even blink.

"Don't glare at me in such a manner! I am an extremely cowardly individual. If you continue glaring at me in such a manner, I will have to execute my revenge on your loved ones." Ling Tian ordered, "You better not blame me for being vicious and merciless either. Since you guys have committed such vile deeds, I believe that all of you have been waiting for this day in your hearts. You guys probably thought that the worst that could happen would be death. This young noble will let all of you know today that even death is a luxury!"

Ling Tian then smiled gently, "Have you ever heard of the saying, the toughest thing in the world is death?"

The execution took place orderly and the first twenty were already completely bloodied with not a single part of their bodies intact. Their muscles were sliced apart revealing their white bones. All of them already lost the energy to even groan out loud and could only squirm on the spot in pain.

"Splash them all with a bucket of salt water to cheer them on." Ling Jian commanded fiercely.

All the girls who were previously victims to the HuangFu Family watched by the side with their eyes widened. Despite the horrifying scene before their very eyes, not a single one of them was willing to shut their eyes. This was the retribution that their enemy deserved! Throughout the whole process, twenty girls who were physically weaker passed out from their fatigue and the remaining watched the execution stubbornly. Ling Tian was even surprised to realize that there were a few girls who had a look of delight on their faces and even a crazed excitement in their eyes!

The long period of torture and humiliation and already began to warp their characters.

Witnessing the scene in the plaza like a horrifying slaughterhouse, Ling Tian walked forward slowly and said in an amiable tone, "If any of you aren't used to this, you can choose to leave first. After this matter is concluded, I will give all of you a corpse of your enemies each to pay tribute to your family members."

"Thank you young noble." A few girls replied respectfully, "We wish to personally witness the deaths of these beasts and we are truly grateful for young noble's kindness." Their attitudes were firm and it was enough to show the extent of their hatred.

Ling Tian let out a sigh and asked, "I wonder what are all of your plans after leaving here today?"

"Plans?" A girl replied with desolation and hopelessness in her voice, "What plans could we possibly have? All of our families have already been slaughtered in order to prevent any future troubles and we no longer have any kin in this world. Furthermore, we are already stained and our bodies are filled with filth. How would we have the face to continue living on in this world? After young noble helps us with our revenge and after personally witnessing the retribution of our enemies, we will no longer have any regrets in this world and will seek our deaths."

They indeed had such thoughts. These pitiful girls no longer had the will to live.

Looking at the girls in front of him, Ling Tian let out a long sigh and his gaze became sharp as he said slowly, "Before your death, you will not be able to understand how precious your life is and yet all of you have had to witness the ugliness and dirtiness of the world. I am also not a good individual but I hope that all of you will do me a favor."

"What favor? As long as I am able to do it, I will definitely put forth all of my effort to repay young noble's kindness!"

Ling Tian's face turned solemn and he pointed at the HuangFu Family members in the plaza, "All of you sisters have already witnessed that a single HuangFu Family is sufficient to cause the suffering of so many individuals. Just how many 'HuangFu Families' are there in the three continents? How many more sisters are being victimized by their evil deeds without the hope of ever taking their revenge? If we allow such scum to continue living in this world, how many more innocent individuals will suffer in their hands? Even if I have the ability to wipe them out, my strength is limited and it would be impossible for me to wipe them out thoroughly. Thus, I hope that all of you would keep your lives and do me a favor. Help all of these weak ladies who are unable to put up a fight on their own."

"Even if we are willing to help, all of us sisters would not have the strength to do so." All of the girls had a look of fury on their faces and were obviously moved by Ling Tian's words.

"As long as all of you are willing, I will make arrangements for people to teach all of you martial arts and survival skills. When all of you are sufficiently accomplished in your craft, I want all of you to roam the entire world to eradicate these human scum regardless of what status they have! We have to help the many brothers and sisters to escape the pain that all of you have been through and return justice to the world!"

Ling Tian looked at them solemnly, "This matter is filled with dangers and all of you will have to fight with these vile scums of the world! If any of you are negligent in the slightest, it would mean the end of your lives. If any of you are willing to help me, I will make arrangements after this incident is over! If any of you would like to lead a life on your own in the future, I will give you some money to survive!"

All of the girls burst out into tears of gratitude and knelt down to Ling Tian, "Young noble's benevolence saved us from our miserable plight and even took revenge for us. Young noble is still willing to go the extra mile to encourage us to live and give us a path in the future. We sisters are not foolish individuals and naturally understand young noble's intentions. Since all of us sisters no longer have anywhere to go in the future, we will follow young noble's arrangement. From today onward, all of us are yours to command!"

"Good! If that's the case, all of you will only have a single mission from now on: Find all of these scums in the world and eliminate them!" Ling Tian said gently before turning around to order, "Ling One, these girls will be under your care from now on. Teach them self-defense skills, investigation techniques, and survival methods. I want to see accomplishments within three years! Before they are proficient in their craft, not a single one of them is allowed to take action on their own."

Ling One acknowledged his order respectfully.

Ling Tian then took two slow steps forward and lifted his head up, "From today onward, all of you will be called the 'Young Beauty Evil Eradicating Alliance'. Your single mission will be to deal with the injustice in the world!"

"Young Beauty Evil Eradicating Alliance." The girls muttered the bright name of the alliance under their breaths with their eyes glowing. From that moment on, they were no longer weak commoner ladies and no longer walking zombies who sought their deaths. They were a member of the Young Beauty Evil Eradicating Alliance!

Even Ling Tian never imagined that a few years from now, the Young Beauty Evil Eradicating Alliance would shock the world and become the nemesis of corrupt officials. They would become the death reapers of scum like HuangFu QingYun! Their merciless punishments would wipe out almost all of the human traffickers in the world in the distant future!

Ling Tian was currently considering if he should hand over the secret manuals of Senior Jun ZhanTian over to Ling One for him to impart them to these pitiful girls. If these girls could use Senior Jun ZhanTian's martial arts to perform heroic deeds in the world and eradicate evil, Senior Jun ZhanTian would probably be gratified in the underworld.

Rumbling sounds could suddenly be heard from afar.

A young man then rushed over with sweat all over his face as he reported anxiously, "Reporting to young noble, two thousand cavalry from the Shui Family are on their way over."

"Shui Family?" Ling Tian frowned and said, "Wave the flags of the Sky Alliance. Ling Jian and Ling One, both of you go and take a look. Chase them away immediately! If they dare to defy the two of you, just do as you deem fit and there isn't a need to make a report!"

"Yes, young noble!" Ling Jian acknowledged the order and got on his horse leading his subordinates away. After sprinting a hundred feet away, Ling One firmly held a large flag in his outstretched hand and started waving it. He charged forward with the flag fluttering in the winds with the words 'Sky Alliance' fluttering about majestically.

The execution in the plaza was still going on and the ground was littered with limbs and blood. There were even some who had fainted before it even got to their turn! In the face of certain death, some of them began to curse loudly at the top of their lungs. HuangFu YanHan, the world famous HuangFu Family Head no longer had tears in his eyes and the only thing flowing down from his eyes was blood!

Ling Tian walked forward to HuangFu YanHan and restored his dislocated jaw before asking softly, "HuangFu YanHan, do you regret it now? What are your thoughts? The sight of your whole family being executed should be a majestic one right? Hmm?"

HuangFu YanHan turned around slowly and looked at Ling Tian with viciousness in his eyes. His teeth were clattering in anger but he did not let out a single sound.

Ling Tian sneered, "I know that you hate me and wish for my immediate and cruel death. Am I right?"

HuangFu YanHan grit his teeth and spat out a single word, "Yes!"

"That's right." Ling Tian smiled deviously, "However, what you do not know is that the millions of families that you have harmed also have the same thoughts as you right now. Do you understand? You are only getting the retribution you deserve! The only thing different between you and them is that they are innocent parties who were victims. As for you, you completely deserve this retribution! Even if you die ten thousand times, it would not be enough to pay for your crimes!"

"I am only fulfilling the final wishes of the innocents that you have harmed! Do you know that the heavens have eyes? Their souls are watching you while laughing! They are enjoying your torture! They are looking forward to your arrival in hell so that they can take their revenge again personally!"

"You hate me? You should. I never intended to receive your thanks!" Ling Tian smiled cruelly, "I only want you to know that even in your death, your pain will not end! You will lead an eternal life in hell and suffer from endless torture!"

"NOO! STOP TALKING!!" HuangFu YanHan roared crazily. At this moment, Ling Tian's ghastly voice sounded like the judgment of King Yama from hell. HuangFu YanHan felt his very soul shaking in fear!

"Hahahaha..." Ling Tian burst out into laughter, "The HuangFu Family will be wiped out from today on! All of your ancestors who have been turned into ash shall also be dug out from their graves. Even if they turn into ghosts, your HuangFu Family can only be the lowliest of ghosts! Your HuangFu Family shall never achieve reincarnation! Especially when all of you have far more enemies in hell than on earth! Am I right?"

A full twelve hours later, the execution was finally completed! Following a large fire, the HuangFu Family had become a part of history! As for the Shui Family calvary who rushed over, after they knew that this was the doing of the Sky Alliance together with them being shocked by Ling Jian's display of his strength, they immediately retreated without any hesitation. The speed of their return was even faster than their arrival.

The HuangFu Family was wiped out entirely without a single person making it out alive. Whether they were young or old, male or female, not a single one of them was left. Furthermore, they were all executed by being sliced into a thousand pieces! Even the ancestral graves of the HuangFu Family were dug out and their bones were smashed into dust! This incident had truly frightened Song TianQiao greatly!

The Sky Alliance had two targets, the HuangFu Family and his own Song Family. Now that the HuangFu Family was wiped out, the next would be...

The Song Family was completely incapable of contacting the members of the Sky Alliance. Even if they wanted to surrender, they had no way to do so. However, the completely frightened Song TianQiao had no choice but to rack his head to think of a plan. After gathering all of the members of his family, they came up with a plan to hang white flags all around their Song Family's castle with the words: The Song Family is willing to surrender to the Sky Alliance!

However, this wasn't enough and Song TianQiao had even written those words on the front door of the Song Residence.

While this matter would cause the face of their Song Family to be completely lost and their reputation tarnished, Song TianQiao did not receive any rejection when making this decision. Instead, the Elders of the family seemed to have even heaved a sigh of relief. They even praised Song TianQiao for being extremely bold with his decisions and saving the Song Family through those decisions of his!

Even if they had to lead a life of humiliation, it was better than having their entire tribe massacred!

Song TianQiao could only laugh bitterly. As the family head of the Song Family, Song TianQiao was probably the biggest failure of a family head from the founding father of the family until now. The foundations of the family were about to be lost but the elders of the family were still praising him for his wise decision. This was truly an odd event!

However, everyone understood that if the Song Family still wanted to protect their reputation, they would probably face the same outcome as the HuangFu Family! Was their life or face more important? Losing their reputation was far better than losing their lives!

On the second day, everyone in the Song Family was truly overjoyed at the decision of their family head! The Sky Alliance had arrived in a majestic manner looking as though they were ready to wipe out the Song Family!

They naturally didn't know the reason behind why the HuangFu Family was wiped out and the only reason why they were still alive wasn't because of their timely surrender but because they didn't participate in the human trafficking trade!

The Song Family members respectfully received the members of the Sky Alliance as though they were commoners receiving the emperor of an empire. They had to be extremely careful even when talking, afraid that they might frustrate the members of the Sky Alliance and causing the destruction of their family.

Ling Tian had already received news about the Song Family's surrender and naturally wouldn't make a personal appearance. Ling Four brought a thousand or so men of his and entered the Song Family majestically to accept the surrender of the Song Family. From that day on, the Song Family's castle had become the first subdivision of the Sky Alliance.

Ling Four had made it clear to the members of the Song Family. Apart from Song Kuang who had humiliated the three heads of the Sky Alliance and two other honored guests, the others who were kidnapped would be returned to the Song Family. Song Kuang was to be executed along with the twenty people who were with him!

Song TianQiao trembled for a moment before agreeing without any objections.

As for the life and death of Song Kuang, the other members of the Song Family could no longer be bothered. In fact, apart from Song TianQiao, the other members of the Song Family hated Song Kuang to the bone! After all, the only reason for their Song Family being reduced to such a state was all because of the darn Song Kuang! Every one of them knew about how Song Kuang had dared to humiliate the three leaders of the Sky Alliance. If not for that incident, how would the Song Family be reduced to such a state where they had to serve under the Sky Alliance?

Even if Song Kuang did not die, he probably wouldn't survive for long after returning to the Song Family. With regards to the mastermind behind all of their troubles, the members of the Song Family were all rubbing their fists in anticipation. Even his own father Song TianQiao hated the fact that he had given birth to such a 'good' son!

Undercurrents were surging all over Heavenly Wind and the Sky Alliance had completely changed their style and appeared in an extremely high profile fashion. They began sweeping the territories in Heavenly Wind and began building up their ambitions. The intent of their actions was extremely obvious with a single glance!

The Sky Alliance began their rapid expansion by making use of the period of time when the biggest power in Heavenly Wind, the Shui Family, was busy with the generational battle. They had swept over the continent like a raging hurricane without any concern for the aftermath of their actions! Wherever they went, the people either surrendered or were wiped out! There wasn't a third option! Ling One, Ling Two, Ling Four, Ling Nineteen and Ling Twenty took action separately and personally led their troops on the conquest. Ling Jian stayed back to coordinate their attacks and Ling Tian served as the commander. Such a combination was like an all-star team!

Anyone with keen eyesight could easily tell that the situation on the Heavenly Wind Continent was undergoing a huge change! The Heavenly Wind Continent was already the world of the Sky Alliance! Even if the Shui Family made a reappearance, they probably wouldn't be able to change anything! Furthermore, Shui ManKong did not have the intention to change the situation at all.

The instant that the Sky Alliance began sweeping the continent, Shui QianRou had already privately revealed her cards to her father. She told her father the truth about the Sky Alliance belonging to Ling Tian and also Ling Tian's intention to aid them in quelling their family's internal conflict. She also promised that after this incident, their Shui Family would still be the peak existence of the Heavenly Wind Continent.

Shui ManKong who was worried about the future of the Shui Family was immediately overjoyed. It was as though a huge load was taken off his shoulders and he had even joked to Shui QianRou, "Since it belongs to my son-in-law, wouldn't whatever that belongs to him also be mine? It wouldn't be an impossibility for the Shui Family to merge together with the Ling Family also. After all, my daughter would be half the master of the family."

Shui QianRou was completely embarrassed and escaped quickly.

After considering for a night, Shui ManKong secretly informed Shui QianRou that he would like to have a secret meeting with Ling Tian after the generational battle to decide the future of their Shui Family. After seeking Ling Tian's opinion, Shui QianRou agreed to it.

As such, the generational battle between the Shui and Yu Family finally began.

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