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Chapter 645: Replay Analysis

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“Who?” Su Hao said startled.

There was no reply.

That pair of eyes staring at Su Hao gave him cold sweats on his back. Subconsciously he dodged the gaze but found out that the eyes were still staring at the same direction.

Su Hao suddenly had this thought.

It was watching Zhang Yating. Just now, he just happened to block the path.

Su Hao raised his head to have another look, and sure enough, it was as he predicted.

Those bloody eyes were still staring at Zhang Yating who was immersed in her cultivation. Only now did Su Hao understand that this isn’t reality but a reproduction of what happened at that night.


It allows any event that happened in the past, the memory of the target to be released and all the scenes during the incident would be assembled again to reproduce them.

And now…

He almost got immersed in a reproduced scene?

What a terrifying ability!

Su Hao restructured his thoughts before carefully observing the surrounding area. An ordinary courtyard with flowers and plants arranged in a random order indicated that Zhang Yating preferred a secluded area. To cultivate at midnight proved that Zhang Yating is a hardworking one, but she didn’t notice the strange thing happening right now. No… to be more precise, she didn’t realize someone was watching her.

“Huh?” Su Hao was a little surprised.

Zhang Yating was said to be extremely strong at that time. However, since her strength is described to such a degree, then how could she not have noticed this strange incident of her being watched?


Su Hao’s eyes focused even more as he tried to make the reproduction more detailed.


It was ineffective!

The scene was still clear just like in real life, but Zhang Yating’s true strength was unable to be identified. This meant that this person didn’t know from the start. After all, Su Hao’s model reproduction can only rely on the memory of this man as its foundation. Naturally, he couldn’t dig deeper into this.

“Strange…” Su Hao murmured to himself.

He still remembered Fatty’s words that Zhang Yating’s reputation and strength was irrefutable. Then, why couldn’t she detect these two intruders?

Could it be that he had misinterpreted something?

Su Hao pondered for a moment but shifted his attention back to the scene.

I will analyze this from scratch!

In the courtyard, Zhang Yating cultivated during midnight. A person quietly hid in the dark to watch Zhang Yating’s every movement. This is none other than the man whom Su Hao caught. This man happened to be the only witness of the incident at that night. The strange part is at that moment, something also appeared and stared at Zhang Yating.

It’s that pair of bloody eyes!

However, that thing did not seem to notice that it was under someone’s watch too.

“It’s definitely strange here.” Su Hao paused for a moment. This pair of bloody eyes, its gaze alone almost dragged Su Hao’s consciousness into this reproduced scene. If this is the case, its strength must be extremely terrifying.


Did it not notice this observer?

Su Hao easily caught this man earlier. Up till now, this man is only at the middle level of the professional realm. He’s too weak, how could he escape from being detected by these two strong existences?

Su Hao terminated the replay.

With model analysis activated, he began to analyze each scene he saw one by one. When he noticed this young man’s ability talent, he instantly understood the secret behind this.

So, that’s how it works…

It turned out to be an audiovisual type talent!

To explain this simply, it’s a talent similar to clairvoyance.

No wonder Zhang Yating didn’t notice him.

No wonder those bloody eyes failed to detect him too.

No wonder this field of view felt strange…

It turned out to be clairvoyance!

Su Hao muttered to himself for a bit before understanding this man’s intention. This young man must have taken a like to Zhang Yating. Thus, during this late night, when Zhang Yating was in her most relaxed state, he would focus the courtyard and watch her cultivating. Even so, to label that as watching is barely qualified.

After all, this man’s strength is limited.

Clairvoyance is not omnipotent. To be able to view basic images is already considered powerful.

If this observer tried to sneak into Zhang Yating’s courtyard, he would probably trigger an alarm. At that time, one can’t imagine his death!

“But he must not have expected to witness such scene…” Su Hao muttered to himself.

Since everything is clear now, it’s time to obtain the answer.


The scene changed.

Su Hao had a closer inspection but still couldn’t figure out this shadow. It’s like a lump of black substance. He had walked around a couple of times but still couldn’t identify its face.

Under model reproduction, he can only see what this man saw.

“Berserk beast?”


Su Hao’s eyebrows twitched.



The sounds of footsteps could be heard.

Those bloody eyes were approaching, and at this moment, Zhang Yating who was deep in cultivation finally became alerted, and golden light rays emerged within both of her eyes, “Who?”


Those two golden lights rushed toward the bloody eyes. This bloody monster got hit, and it gave a loud shriek!


A sigh could be heard.


With a cold exhale, Zhang Yating proudly left. With fluorescent light radiating into the surrounding, she was full of an extraordinary aura and decorated in elegance under the moonlight.

“She actually has this side of her?” Su Hao looked at this scene with interest.

In his heart, Zhang Yating will always be the little brat who is naive, silly, and cute. Never would he imagine that the past her had a completely opposite attitude. Firm, calm, proudful, each her actions were full of confidence.

“Loli transforms into a queen…” Su Hao mumbled to himself and diverted his attention back to the scene.

Just as he predicted.

A battle broke out.

The bloody eyes took its action. Under the moonlight, a figure finally revealed itself. Surprisingly, it was an unknown monster covered in blood. However, when Su Hao had a closer look at it, he was completely stunned.

Doesn’t this look like…

A humanoid monster?


Definitely not!

Su Hao quickly realized something, and his expression had a huge change.


Su Hao terminated the replay and forced himself to calm down. Only after calming down did he continue to analyze in detail. As the scene was paused, the monster’s figure also paused while it was in mid-air. Su Hao walked to its front and observed it a few times. Finally, madness was triggered within his heart. So this is the truth…

This is the true fact!

Is this humanoid monster a berserk beast?


That year…

In order to help Blue Dream Butterfly in finding details of her previous life, Su Hao had investigated related news. Among them, there was news about the exposure of a certain laboratory. All sorts of horrifying experiments were revealed, and they ended up receiving the Federation’s wraith. And there is one berserk beast which has a figure like this one!

Su Hao wasn’t sure if the one in front of him now was the same as the one in the news or not.

But without any doubt, this monster must have originated from the same place!

That damn lab!

What angered him the most was this isn’t a beast but a human! To be more precise, he’s a failed product of an experiment between human and beast.

To label this existence as Blue Dream Butterfly’s predecessor isn’t wrong!

Just as he imagined.

Su Hao took a deep breath. Sure enough, there really was such an organization that kidnapped humans everywhere to carry out their experiments. However, this time, their target is none other than the Zhang family.

Zhang family, one of the top ten families!

“Continue!” Su Hao’s expression remained the same as he continued the replay using model reproduction.

The scene flashed.

The result was as everyone predicted.

How could this bloody monster be able to compete with Zhang Yating?

After observing Zhang Yating make a few moves, Su Hao was able to guess her strength at that time was at least at the peak of the professional realm. This was too strong! She was even stronger than the current him by an unknown amount!


The bloody monster was blasted away.

Zhang Yating was about to behead the monster but noticed the eyes of the monster turning sober, looking at her with watery eyes. Zhang Yating was stunned. Her action to kill this monster came to an abrupt end.

“You are…” Zhang Yating suddenly voiced out.

“Senior… sister…” The bloody monster said in a stammering manner. Its face was strangely full of pain and malevolent. Occasionally, it would emit a roar, but it tried to restrain itself.


“It’s you?” Zhang Yating’s face dramatically changed as she looked at this monster in disbelief. She could no longer kill it, “You… how could you end up like this?”

“I… I don’t know…” The bloody monster painfully said, “I was caught… and… and then I ended up like this… Roar! Senior sister… quickly go away… I can’t hold it any longer!”


Zhang Yating attacked and made it faint. This degree of decisiveness shocked Su Hao. Indeed, Zhang Yating is worthy of queen material…

“I would like to see who is the one who dares to aim at my Zhang family?” Zhang Yating stood up, and her killing intent skyrocketed.

Using one hand to hold the bloody monster, she was about to kill it, but then her hands suddenly stopped, “To dare target the Zhang family, this might be something that is out of my capability to handle.”

“It’s better to find Master to deal with it.”

After Zhang Yating finished her words, she took this monster and disappeared from the scene.


A light flashed.

The scene swayed as this man was trying to follow Zhang Yating, but she was in full alert now and discovered the energy fluctuation instantly.



The connection was cut off!

Su Hao’s eyes blurred as he instantly returned to reality.

“What a quick response.” Su Hao pondered for a bit.

After Zhang Yating noticed something amiss, she instantly disrupted the connection. Even when her junior brother ended up like this, she didn’t lose her temper and handled it well by searching for her master first. Such calmness isn’t something ordinary people could achieve!

However, what happened later on?

There was nothing now.

Su Hao understood that the Backtrack had ended. To be able to find an eyewitness under such situation is already considered lucky.


“Zhang Yating later went to find her master. Could it be something happened halfway?” Su Hao pondered. With Zhang family’s strength, her master should be in the world realm. If she did reach her master, how could there be no information?

Thus, there is only one possibility!

Zhang Yating must have met a problem while going to her master’s place!

“To have a mishap while in the Zhang family’s residence, it should involve some inner work.” Su Hao thought deeply.

The bigger and older a clan is, the darker and more rotten it turns into. For the Zhang family to have traitors, that’s not something shocking to him.


His investigation met a wall again.

Su Hao had some regrets.

Only by knowing what was happening during that night would he have a lead for this investigation.

But now, when Zhang Yating went to find her master, the trail broke.

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