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This was a problem that he had always wanted to figure out.

This was also the reason he entered the Underworld.

King Yanluo laughed maniacally, "You have asked me a hundred and eight thousand times already, but my answer is still the same. I just won't tell you."


King Yama laughed sinisterly, "However, you'll know very soon. Perhaps once your primordial spirit dies, you'll be able to find them."

"Long Kuangtian, you have been a madman, a madman, for life as a ghost."

"Now, go to hell!"

As soon as he finished speaking.

The monstrous shadow of the Yama King directly sent a beam of energy crashing down.

It was aimed at Long Kuangtian's head and bombarded downwards.

It was also at this time.


Long Fei moved and flew into the air, roaring, "Enchanted!"

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Instantly transforming into the Sky Demon Beast, the Sky Demon Set released the unconscious devil flames, following that, Long Fei roared in his heart, "Darkness Tri-Yuan Qi, protect your body!"

"three-rate peerless techinique."

"Eight times the elemental energy, protect me!"

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Long Fei's body exploded with power, all of his power being used to protect his body.

Because …

He directly blocked the power of the King of Hell.

It did not come crashing down!

"Pfft …" Long Fei's body sank, his face turned extremely pale, and at the same time, he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

He used his body to block the attack.

It was forcefully blocked!

It was incomparably terrifying.

His health point was rapidly decreasing, but Long Fei bellowed towards the sky, "Come again!"

King Yama's gaze turned sinister. "You dog, I'd like to see how many times you can bear with it."

"Death Strike!"


A black beam of light descended from the sky. This time, he did not attack Long Kuangtian, but's body instead.


Long Fei's back exploded.

The Wings of the Sky Demon were broken.

Long Fei's body also sank slightly, but he did not escape. He remained as arrogant as ever and said: "King of Hell, you punk, come again."

"Ahh …"

King Yama was also enraged. He roared, "Boom!"



Bang after bang of energy smashed onto Long Fei's body. Long Fei's body continued to sink, but he did not dodge. He endured the power of the King of Hell again and again.


It was hard to bear, but he managed to withstand it.

The Wings of the Demonic was destroyed.

The Sky Demon Armor was also destroyed.

If the holy artifact could not withstand the force of the attack from the King of Yama, how powerful was that power?

The muscles of the upper half of Long Fei's body seemed as though they were made of copper water as their lines were distinct and fresh blood seeped out of every pore of his body.

Long Fei's entire body was drenched in blood.

On his head, face, and mouth, his entire body was covered in blood as he crawled out of the blood pool.

He did not retreat even half a step.

Long Fei was as arrogant as before, he was as arrogant as before, and said: "Boom, you're not awesome! Kill! "

Too arrogant, too overbearing!

It was all based on a single breath.

No matter how strong one's physical body was, it would not be able to withstand an attack like the one King of Hell's.

King Yama was going crazy.

The entire Netherworld Kingdom was stunned.

Even when he had faced the inhuman Heavenly Spirit King Yama back then, he did not do this. Now that he was forced to such a state by Long Fei, his heart was filled with incomparable rage.

"Huff, huff, huff …" King Yama's breath was like flames.

Long Fei said arrogantly, "Aren't you heaven? Aren't you the Chief Sovereign of Hell? "Come on, come and kill me, hahaha..."

"I've said that I will overturn your 18th level of hell. Today, I'll definitely overturn it!"

"Hahaha …"

Insolent to the point of being a complete mess.

King Yanluo was so angry that smoke began to rise from his head. If he could enter the 18th level, he would instantly go down, but he couldn't enter right now, because he had to refine the 18th level of hell once again.

This way, he absolutely could not go in.

"Arrogant, right?"

"Arrogant, right?"

"The bones of the people of the Long Family are hard, right?" King Yanluo's voice became gloomy, and he said, "Let me see how arrogant you are, how arrogant you are, and how many bones you have lost."

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As his voice faded, a golden light flashed in the sky.

"A judge!"

"Natal Implement?"

The judge's pen was like a golden sword that was floating in the sky. It was flashing with golden light and exuding a terrifying energy.

Long Fei's heart sank, and his teeth clenched tightly!

"Holy sh * t!"

"The Natal Implement has been summoned …"

Yi Tianchou was initially extremely excited, but when he saw Long Fei, who was in midair, unceasingly blocking King Yanluo's attacks, his face darkened. "You dog!"

Long Kuangtian was also shocked speechless, "Little rascal, you …"

Even the Yan Huang ancestor did not expect this.

Long Fei would use his own body to block King Yanluo's attacks, and in addition, it would be dozens of attacks.

Long Fei grinned as he laughed extremely crazily. He was still as arrogant as before when facing the Natal Implement of King Yanluo, and said: "Senior, the people from Long Family never admit defeat. Even if we have to face death, we have to continue to be arrogant!"

"Hahaha …"

If he did not block it, Long Kuangtian would definitely die!

Long Kuangtian was dumbstruck, he looked at Long Fei, and thought back to what Long Fei had said, "The people of Long Family never admit defeat, if they live, they are crazy!"

"Good, good, good!"

"I almost forgot."

"This is a famous saying left behind by our ancestors. The people of Long Family never admit defeat, if you are still alive, you have to continue being crazy." Long Kuangtian's gaze darkened, and he said: "Brat, you are crazy, you are a son of the Long Family."

"Hahaha …"

Long Kuangtian suddenly laughed out wildly.

His voice was low as he roared, "Become a dragon!"


He had always been crushed to the ground by Yi Tianchou, and had been forced back into his human form. However, at this moment, a burst of power exploded in his body, transforming into a huge dragon.

At this moment.

Long Kuangtian was extremely sinister, the dragon salyer bit into his mouth, and the might of the dragon salyer was even more terrifying.

"Dragon Saber Unity!"

"Dragon Slash!"


Long Kuangtian swung his huge tail, and his entire body flashed down like lightning.

At this moment.

Long Fei's heart trembled. At this time, he could not care so much and directly said, "Ancestor, please lend me a bit of your power."

Yan Huang ancestor released a stream of energy, "Take it."

Long Fei moved and roared in his heart: "No matter what, you must cause a little bit of damage, you must definitely."

All his strength was used for defense.

His own strength was exhausted.

true qi was exhausted.

He was exhausted.

His health point was also falling crazily, and King Yama's Natal Implement was about to fall. Under these kinds of circumstances, he would absolutely not be able to resist it.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei roared.

Just before Long Kuangtian's attack with his dragon blade combined was released, he released a bit of Yan Huang ancestor's power.

At the same time.

The shining golden judge pen in the sky struck down at his head! Baidu Search: Half a Float

"You must die!"


At this moment.

If the supreme being of the Spirit Demon race, Yi Tianchou, doesn't die, then he will die …

Chapter III

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