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Chapter 1568: Zhang Tie’s Return

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Only after a short while, Zhang Tie and his partners had arrived at the exit on the dome. Zhang Tie and Bai Suxian entered it first, closely followed by many others.

By then, many people finally let out a sigh of relief.

However, when Zhang Tie entered the exit, he let go of Bai Suxian’s hand at a stroke. Floating in the sky, he told Bai Suxian solemnly, “You and the others leave out of here first. I will leave soon too…”

Watching Zhang Tie’s hesitation, Bai Suxian and all the others stopped.

“Aah, what are you going to do?” Bai Suxian asked.

“I want to return!” Zhang Tie said calmly after throwing a glance at everyone else.

“Return?” Zhang Tie’s response caught everyone by surprise.

“True, I want to return. If not, the remainders would face a great risk, which might arouse great chaos across the country in the future. By then, demons might seize the opportunity to bring us trouble. Therefore, I have to return and stop it.” Now that it’s a performance, Zhang Tie couldn’t ruin it. He then added seriously, “If I return, the remainders might be able to survive!”

“I will be back together with you!” Bai Suxian said at once.

Celestial Treasureflame and Celestial Woodbuilding then exchanged a glance with each other. After a short silence, Celestial Treasureflame opened his mouth decisively, “I will go back with you too. I could give you a hand!” Celestial Treasureflame nodded too.

People’s heart could be judged at critical moments. It was really great for two heavenly knights to face difficulties or retreat together with Zhang Tie in this case. They were almost sacrificing for Zhang Tie. It mainly owed to Zhang Tie’s great mores, personality and abilities. Undoubtedly, Zhang Tie had acquired everyone’s trust and favor in this situation.

Zhang Tie forcefully pinched Bai Suxian’s hand and threw a glance at Bai Suxian, before telling the others in the tunnel, “Thanks for your kindness, two celestials. But I’m not returning to fight that sage-level knight. If you go back, the situation would go worse and uncontrollable. You’d better take the others out of here first. I have methods to protect myself. That sage-level knight couldn’t do harm to me. I was fine at Weishui River after being hurt by the nirvana thunder, not to mention this situation. If I failed, I would converge with you!”

After hearing Zhang Tie’s words and sensing his decisive belief, none of the others spoke anymore given his great reputation and remarkable military exploits.

“Immortal, you could tell that person. If he dared hurt you, Demons-kill Valley would absolutely fight him to death. When I come back, I would request the elders of our valley in reclusion to avenge for you!” Celestial Treasureflame promised Zhang Tie solemnly before leaving.

Bai Runshan gnashed his teeth as he took out a brightly green jade knife from his portable space-teleportation equipment and passed it to Zhang Tie, saying, “This is the token of Lord Guangnan’s Mansion in South Border. Everyone in South Border is clear of it. When in need, you could present it. If that person dared hurt you, he would be the enemy of Lord Guangnan’s Mansion!”

Immortal Deyang also let out a sigh as he took out a tan eight diagrams token and passed it to Zhang Tie, saying, “This is the token of Heavens Fortune Sect. Anyone who possesses it would be protected by Heavens Fortune Sect. You could present it when necessary so as to scare that person!”

“If immortal needs me later on, Jiang Clan would do the same as the others do!” Celestial Woodbuilding expressed his gratitude solemnly too.

“Thank you so much!” Zhang Tie said as he cupped his hands towards the others after taking the tokens of Bai Runshan and Immortal Deyang and putting them away in his own portable space-teleportation equipment, “You’d better leave here as fast as possible. No matter what, I would come out alive to converge with you!”

As knights were all straightforward, after Zhang Tie’s persistence conquered those heads of top sects, especially Bai Suxian, all the others left there after reaching a brief agreement with Zhang Tie on the location of convergence. Conversely, Zhang Tie went back.

At this moment, as Zhang Tie couldn’t use his battle qi and spiritual energy, he could only rely on the Liezi bloodline that he had awakened to fly. Liezi was one of the sages in ancient times in Taixia Country. The story of how Liezi flew by wind had been spread across the country for thousands of years. The greatness of Liezi bloodline was that one could float and fly in the air without external force as long as it was activated.

According to the record of an ancient book in Taixia Country, Liezi flew by wind by his spiritual energy without external force. Only sages could do it!

The state of Liezi flying by the wind was similar to the flight state of knights. However, its speed was not as fast as that of knights.

It was a bizarre flight state by activating Liezi bloodline. Being different than birds, driving a plane, or that knights flew by their running chakras, this state was as follows as Liezi had described——qi flew across one’s whole body. After that, one’s eyes were like one’s ears; ears like the nose; nose like a mouth; one would focus on one point and forget about his physical figure; one would not feel relying on anything as he would feel stepping on the void and moving by wind like dried wood, leaves or shells. It was uncertain whether one was flying by wind or the wind was flying by that person.

Such was a free state. Zhang Tie felt dissolving in the void. The moment he thought about it, he would move forward.

Almost the moment Zhang Tie returned, Yun Zhongzi and all the others had discovered Zhang Tie on the second floor of Dongtian.

Of course, in this case, even though Zhang Tie flew at a low speed, nobody cared about it.

When Zhang Tie returned, the chaos and turmoil had just been suppressed, during which process, about 100 people who wanted to mingle with Zhang Tie’s group were killed by Yun Zhongzi and the two destructive boas in an overwhelming way. The bloody smell in the air had not fully dispersed yet. The atmosphere in the space was as intense as steel wire while the reminders were ready for the duel.

“Immortal Qianji, why are you back?” Yun Zhongzi asked Zhang Tie with a frown, eyes sparkling in a distant way, “Do you think that you could come and go casually?”

Closely after Yun Zhongzi’s words, the huge lotus-flower petal on the dome had closed again. As a result, even Zhang Tie could leave here.

Watching Zhang Tie’s reappearance, many knights who were already in despair revealed brilliantly hopeful eye lights again.

At this moment, many hopeful eye lights fixated onto Zhang Tie.

With hands on the back, Zhang Tie arrived as free as the wind calmly with a compassionate look.

“Despite the vicious, ruthless and terrifying deed of Taixia Fantasy Sect and Heavens Holding Pavilion on exterminating Great Wilderness Sect, it’s just the vendetta between three top sects. It has nothing to do with others. Forebear, we don’t need to have so many innocent knights involved in the conflicts and wars between the top sects!”

The moment Zhang Tie opened his mouth, the crime that Taiyi Fantasy Sect and Heavens Holding Pavilion joined in the extermination of the Great Wilderness Sect had been exposed to the public…

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