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"Mother, do you really intend to ignore him? He's my brother after all! " The woman asked in a low voice.

"You look like me, but do you think your brother looks like me?" Imperial Concubine Lian gave a charming smile and caressed his daughter's face, "Silly child, after so many years, can't you tell that this little bastard is not my son?"

"This …" The woman did not speak anymore. She was very clear about the struggles within the Imperial Nine Palace. Her mother had gotten the Ming Prince from somewhere in order to make him happy.

"However, he is indeed your royal father's son, but he is only the little bitch's. "I just did not expect him to be so useless, wasting so many resources on him. It's good that he is crippled now, otherwise he would cause trouble for me in the future." Imperial Concubine Lian was actually very grateful to Chen Xiang.

Now that Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord was gone, she didn't need to look at his face anymore, so she found a good reason to give up on him. In any case, he wasn't her biological son.

And Xiao Yulan had previously told her to not touch Chen Xiang, which meant that Xiao Yulan held Chen Xiang in great importance!

"Jin'er, don't tell others about this matter. Let me tell you now, I'm just worried that the kind you are being deceived by that bastard! That's right, in the future, you better follow Hongque and learn a few more things from her. Otherwise, you'll only be bullied in the palace! Look at this girl White Feng, she's just a treasure. " Imperial Concubine Lian touched Xiao Jin'er's head. Although her daughter had a very charming face, she was very naive.

Imperial Concubine Lian felt that it was all because she had loved her daughter too much and did not train her. However, if she did not do this, she was afraid that her daughter would be persecuted, so she did not dare let her daughter go and receive the cruel training.

"Mother, is that person called Shen Fei really speaking unpleasant words? Mother, why don't you teach him a lesson? " Xiao Jin'er said.

"Silly girl, those were all made up by that bastard, Xiao Ming, and his purpose was to anger me. The words he said were contradictory, and you would know the moment you heard them." Imperial Concubine Lian smiled charmingly, and patted Xiao Jin'er's face: "Let's go, I'll bring you to find Yu Lan. Look at how powerful your sister is now, she might very well become the new Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord."

… ….

Xiao Baifeng's car was walking on the road, coincidentally passing Imperial Concubine Lian's car.

"It's the Imperial Concubine Lian!" Xiao Baifeng was surprised: "This woman should have also seen my car, don't tell me she doesn't plan to find trouble with you?"

"Is she really that good? Generally speaking, strong women would not have useless sons like Ming Prince, right? Chen Xiang laughed: "When I have the chance, I want to see her and ask her how she disciplined her son."

"There was a discussion about this matter in the palace, because she treated Ming Prince pretty well and gave him a lot of resources. However, she did not discipline him too much afterwards! Her daughter looks very similar to her, but she is actually a kind-hearted woman. This is completely different from the Imperial Concubine Lian. " Xiao Baifeng said: "Don't underestimate Imperial Concubine Lian, for her to be chosen by the princess means that she has decent strength."

"Also, there seems to be something mysterious between her and the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord, because no one has ever seen the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord speak to her before. When she came to the Imperial Nine Palace, she brought along the young Xiao Jin'er! Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord had never asked her about anything, nor had he summoned her! Xiao Jin'er told me before that she had never seen Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord before. "

Chen Xiang heard the gossip in Imperial Nine Palace and also thought that it was very interesting. He laughed: "Could it be that the origin of this Imperial Concubine Lian is very mysterious?

Originally, Chen Xiang was only teasing, but he didn't expect that Xiao Baifeng would say it seriously: "It's extremely possible, that on the day Ming Prince was born, a concubine coincidentally died. Two months after this matter had passed, Imperial Concubine Lian gave birth to a son. She had been in the palace for two years and Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord had never touched her, but she had a son.

"Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord doesn't know about this?" Chen Xiang asked curiously: "actually ignored the death of his concubine? He didn't even come to take a look when his son was born? "

It's too normal, let there are thousands of women in the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord, he usually can handle so many things, he has always raised his own women and children growing up in the Imperial Nine Palace, he doesn't care whether they live or die, only his very outstanding children can be considered by him.

"How heartless!" Chen Xiang frowned: "Looks like those who fought their way out of Imperial Nine Palace are all ruthless. Is your princess like her as well?"

"That's right. Don't look at how gentle the princess looks on the surface. She has done quite a few bloody things." Xiao Baifeng said: "Among all of the Imperial Nine Palace, I'm afraid that only the Prince Ping grew up in a healthier environment. He followed the Great National Master since he was young and got attention from the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord since he was young, so no one in the Imperial Nine Palace dared to even touch him."

"This is fate!" Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed.

"I am rather curious about the background of the Imperial Concubine Lian, the Princess had also sent people to investigate it, but they did not find anything, but they trusted the Imperial Concubine Lian very much, and handed over many important matters to the Imperial Concubine Lian to do. The Imperial Concubine Lian has also done very well."

Chen Xiang did not take this matter to heart. He felt that he would definitely not have anything to do with the Imperial Concubine Lian in the future.

Just as the carriage left Imperial Nine Palace, he received another message from Huang Yantian, asking him when he would arrive.

Divine Tripod City was very big, and the tavern that Huang Yantian had arranged to meet him at was close to the Imperial Nine Palace, so he would be able to reach it very quickly.

"Do you want me to come with you? Is this a secret? " Xiao Baifeng looked around, because Chen Xiang was a person who was being closely watched by the several big powers in the Imperial Nine Palace.

"Alright, come with me!" Chen Xiang nodded. Xiao Baifeng was not weak, so it would be safer for her to follow him.

Chen Xiang arrived at the room Huang Yantian agreed upon, and upon entering, he was stunned, there were actually two Huang Yantian s inside! However, they only had the same appearance and wore different clothes.

"Master... Senior Master! " Chen Xiang immediately recognized Huang Jintian and shouted.

"Little bastard, you caused me to lose." Huang Jintian ran over quickly and knocked Chen Xiang on the head: "This bastard said that he had a way to bring you here, and he even made sure of the timing. I don't believe him, so I bet with him."

Huang Yantian laughed: "If you admit defeat now, you can call me big bro!"

"Hmph, I am clearly older than you. Why should I call you big brother? You should call me Big Brother! " Huang Jintian scolded.

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