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Yi Tianchou took out a handful of bones from his body. The bones were filled with blood as he stared at Long Kuangtian sinisterly: "Die!"

"Weng …"

An aura came from his body and directly connected him to the sky.

The power of the god's bone taboo was completely released.


He couldn't see her at all, not even her aura.

It landed in front of Long Kuangtian like it was changing forms, the bone spike in his hand swept out.


Long Kuangtian's expression tensed up, his reaction speed had already exceeded everything, and his right arm had already horizontally blocked the attack.

The Strength Stripes exploded out.

Long Kuangtian's figure was also sent flying by the strong force of god's bone taboo, directly flying out a thousand kilometers.


Yi Tianchou's body disappeared once again, and after half a second of continuous time, an explosion sounded out in the sky.

Long Kuangtian was blasted into the air.

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It hit the ground heavily.

The hole in the ground formed a giant hole that was a hundred metres wide. The hole in the ground looked like a spider web that was filled with cracks as Long Kuangtian fell down onto the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Yi Tianchou floated in the air and sneered sinisterly: "In order to defeat you, I have been cultivating all this time. I have continuously attacked the god's bone taboo and activated it, all so that I could kill you.

"Hahaha …"

Yi Tianchou laughed crazily and said, "Long Kuangtian, are you feeling good?"

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Long Kuangtian coughed and muttered: "The power of the god's bone taboo is really strong, I can't even hold on for my old bones."

"Cough, cough, cough..."

While speaking, Long Kuangtian coughed a few times, looked at Yi Tianchou who was in the air laughing crazily, and said: "It's not that great, but huh …."

"You'll feel great later on."


His body also changed as a dragon roar came from inside him. Soon, dragon scales appeared on his body and he shouted, "Dragon Transformation!"

"Roar …"

The dragon roared, and in that 10% of a second, a sinister dragon head rushed out from its body and soared into the sky, biting Yi Tianchou, and roared deeply: "I will make you feel good about the heavens!"

A malevolent colossal dragon.

The long dragon god with four claws, scales on his body, dragon whiskers, dragon heads, every part of his body was emitting an incomparable amount of dragon power.

"Dragon Transformation …"

"It's a secret technique unique to the Long Family."

"The ancestors of the Long Family had killed a Dragon God, drank dragon's blood, refined a Dragon blood vein. When they reach a certain realm in their cultivation, they could obtain the power of the Dragon Blood, and could even transform into a Dragon."

"I always thought that this was a legend, but I never expected that it would be true!"

"He transformed into a dragon! Oh god, this is the first time I've seen a dragon!"

… ….

The people behind Long Fei were completely shocked.

Long Fei was the same, his heart trembling with excitement, "Awesome!"

"I didn't expect that it could really transform into a dragon."

"Hahaha …" Long Fei was very excited. At that time, his grandfather only grew a few dragon's scales, and his strength was a little stronger. He never thought that the ancestor of the Long Family would actually be able to transform into such a huge dragon that could soar through the skies.


The sky darkened and Yi Tianchou's body sank.

He coughed up blood.

And then …

"Now, I'll let you feel refreshed!"


Long Kuangtian bit Yi Tianchou as he struck down vertically, and the strong dragon's flames continuously bombarded towards Yi Tianchou, "god's bone taboo? Do you know why your father doesn't train? "

"That's because your father is too ugly!"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Yi Tianchou constantly resisted, and the heavenly elements in his body also continuously counterattacked. He roared loudly, "You are not allowed to insult my father."

He was furious.


His second floor's god's bone taboo simply could not harm Long Kuangtian, who had turned into a dragon. He still belittled Long Kuangtian, as the people from the Long Family were much stronger than he had imagined.


The hatred in Yi Tianchou's heart burned crazily. No matter what, no matter what price he had to pay, he had to kill Long Kuangtian.


Yi Tianchou was struck into the deep pit, the entire ground sunk, and the eighteen levels of hell shook severely.

It was incomparably powerful.

Long Kuangtian floated in midair, and coldly sneered: "Little Yin, now you feel great, huh? It must be very cool, right? "

"Hahaha …"

Yi Tianchou lay in the midst of the ruins, looking at the gigantic dragon in the sky, flames of anger spouted out of his eyes.


He felt extremely displeased.

"Ahh …"

Yi Tianchou let out a wild roar, "King Yama!"


The sky darkened and a beam of power shot towards Yi Tianchou's body like a beam of light.


Yi Tianchou's body suddenly inhaled, "Ah …"


He directly absorbed all of the power within the light.

Long Kuangtian glanced at the sky, then looked at Yi Tianchou and said slightly: "Why are you doing this? You are already very ugly, why do you want to be even uglier? "

"If you do this, you'll scare the girls. Even if the girls aren't afraid, it wouldn't be good to scare the flowers and plants."

The light suddenly vanished.

Yi Tianchou's body was trembling with excitement and he spoke sinisterly: "Long Kuangtian, as long as I can kill you, I won't hesitate to pay my life even if it costs me."


"You're very strong in the form of a dragon, aren't you?"

"I'm stronger than you!"

Yi Tianchou let out a crazy cry, and the aura on his body exploded, "Third level of the forbidden technique, open!"


His body suddenly doubled in size, and the bones all over his body jutted out like spears.

The longer the bone, the longer his strength.

The more Heavenly Essence he absorbed, the faster he absorbed.


The voice that came out was no longer Yi Tianchou's, it had completely changed.

Long Kuangtian's face tensed up, and cried out in his mind, "This is bad."

The second layer of the forbidden technique was already his limit.

Even if he could suppress them, he wouldn't be able to kill Yi Tianchou. This kind of god's bone taboo had been passed down from the Spirit Demon race for billions of years.


The god's bone taboo was a bone from the heavens. This bone was devoured by a demon beast, becoming the supreme expert of the demon race, and the power of the god's bone taboo was raised to the second level.

It was just a small second realm, but he was already an invincible existence that occupied an entire piece of land.

It was just that …

After he had used the power of the god's bone taboo, his soul had been shattered by the power of the Sky Law within a short span of one year, and his primordial spirit had vanished completely.

He couldn't withstand the backlash of the god's bone taboo. Sister-in-law {1} -/- + Health - Strongest Upgrade System

In the tens of thousands of years of history, not many demon clan experts knew how to cultivate this kind of god's bone taboo, because its power of heavenly retribution was just too terrifying.

Long Kuangtian never thought that Yi Tianchou was a complete madman.

He actually used the power of the King of Hell to forcefully raise the power of the god's bone taboo to the third level. This power was too terrifying.

An existence that could destroy the heavens and the earth …

Chapter III

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