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Tier six of the Divine level was when one's powers truly stepped into the impeccable realm from the microscopic realm. They would be able to translocate space, and it would be a breeze for them to attack at superluminal speed. Additionally, they would be able to unleash their Virtual Image, being a living existence that far exceeded what humans could achieve.

With a single thought, they would be able to topple mountains and overturn seas, as well as dart through void space.

At this realm, even the conjured physiques would be of no importance. It would not be an issue for them to assume different sizes.

They were said to be the world's dominators, the true gods in the mortal world.

In the course of Miracle World's history, there were no lack of rhetoric praises to existences that had attained breakthroughs to tier six of the Divine level.

Fang Xingjian sensed the powers in his body and knew that he had finally reached this realm. He lowered his head and looked toward his Stats Window.


Level: 35

Martial will: 8,500

Skills / Techniques: Sword Realm, Heart Sword Path


Right now, the five major attributes—which were on the Stats Window previously—had disappeared. It was because the conjured physique and ordinary body were now meaningless to Fang Xingjian. The only thing left that could represent his powers was his martial will.

After stepping into tier six of the Divine level, his martial will was raised to 8,500 points, and his strength was extremely majestic.

As for his skills and techniques, there was only the Sword Realm which had everything merged together with it as well as his Heart Sword Path.

After throwing a glance at his Stats Window, Fang Xingjian no longer paid it any attention. Instead, he scanned the surrounding space, trying to familiarize himself with the powers that came with reaching tier six of the Divine level.

Currently, he looked toward the void space and no longer saw the many waves and particles he used to see. Instead, there were countless things pressing on him like water, pressing down on everything in the world.

He knew that these things wrapping around him were space.

Space kept on being pressed down on him like water with every move he made. However, only things that were of super strong quality or were super strong would be able to compress space to make changes.

With a single thought, Fang Xingjian appeared 1,000 meters away in a flash.

The entire process took just a single thought. It was truly instant teleportation, achieved purely by using his Spatial Translocation ability.

'Tier six of the Divine level... Spatial Translocation... With just this ability alone, one will be almost undefeatable when facing experts who are below tier six of the Divine level.

'The next thing to do is to create my Virtual Image.'

Fang Xingjian knew that after reaching tier six of the Divine level, one's understanding of the profoundness of the entire world's microscopic perspective would be extremely high. It would now be dependent on each individual's cultivation path to see how they could truly unleash their own abilities, turning them into destructive prowess and battle powers. It could be said that everyone had different specialties and dispositions.

Experts at tier six of the Divinity Challenger were not restricted by their forms, size, or status. The form that could best unleash their battle powers was naturally their Virtual Image.

However, Fang Xingjian's sword art cultivation had already reached the pinnacle to begin with. Additionally, he also possessed the Sword Realm and Heart Sword Path techniques, and his martial will had grown crazily under the help of his Thunder-Inducing Technique and had now reached 8,500 points.

Although he had just stepped into tier six of the Divine level, his battle prowess could probably be ranked amongst those at the very top amongst the many tier six Divine level experts in the course of history.

Fang Xingjian secrely estimated that even if he did not perform his illusory means, he would still be able to deal the previous Heavenly Lion corpse with an instant kill right now. Even if he were to fight against the Ulpian who could dart through space... Fang Xingjian believed that he would be able to at least maintain a draw as long as Ulpian did not continue to grow stronger.

Justs then, the Immortality Saint who was not far away also laughed out loud. A hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

"After 50 years of life in passing and 50 years of hard work in cultivation, it's finally done."

Taking a step forward, he arrived behind Fang Xingjian using Spatial Translocation. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Brother Fang, I'll be heading back to the Church first to solidify my cultivation. As for the impending world's situation, we'll first understand what's going on before making arrangements."

Fang Xingjian nodded, and the two bade each other goodbye.

With a slight movement, Fang Xingjian turned into a stream of sword light and darted out toward the Imperial Capital.

A short moment later, a stream of sword light slowly descended into the palace.

Fang Xingjian strolled through the palace. With slight changes to his expression, he received the voices from countless people and they were transmitted into his mind.

'I've left for half a month?'

Fang Xingjian nodded. This was the advantage of having different time flows in the two worlds. After having cultivated in the other universe for so long, only less than half a month had passed in this world.


In the palace's study, the Fourth Prince was frowning as he read through the many official documents sent in from various places.

Although only half a month had passed since Fang Xingjian left, a huge change had occurred in Miracle World, and quite a few major events had happened.

The first thing was about the plains. A guy by the name of Duan Tianhao had risen up and dominated the various groups in the plains. He had even managed to defeat Prince Zuoxian, whom Fang Xingjian had sent to suppress the plains, and got the prince to submit to him. Duan Tianhao had also chosen a new leader of the plains from the Heavenly Lion King's descendants who went by the title of Abysmal Heaven King.

Tyrant and Prince Philip had gone over to take a look but discovered that Duan Tianhao was not actually strong. The crucial thing was that there was an extremely mysterious and powerful person hiding behind him. That person was the one who had managed to get Prince Zuoxian to submit.

The other party's strength was unfathomable, and his martial arts were never before seen in this world. He possessed an extremely powerful killing force, and even Tyrant and Prince Philip were forced to flee after being dealt with serious injuries. It was with great difficulty that they managed to bring back this piece of news.

In fact, if it was not because they had attained a breakthrough to tier four of the Divine level with Fang Xingjian's support and thus gained Sudden Inspiration senses, they would probably have died in the plains.

With Duan Tianhao's strong uprises, the plains became independent again. They even closed off their borders, preventing anyone from traveling between both countries. A large number of merchants and Knights who had been sent from the Empire were being locked up in the plains. The Empire had made repeated attempts to negotiate, but the plains had refused to release them.

If Duan Tianhao's uprising and the plains' gaining independence once again could be said to have brought about an extremely great external threat to the Empire, then the massacres caused by the rumors about the Divine Sun Emperor would be internal worries.

There were three locations in the south which were rumored to harbor the Divine Sun Emperor's treasures. A series of killings broke out in these places. Although the Empire had made great efforts to stop the killings and even sent out Divine level experts in an attempt to control the situation, it still could not stop the greed of humans.

Many members of the Empire's upper echelon had also wanted to make use of their authority to investigate those three forbidden places and search for the so-called Divine Sun Emperor's treasures.

Other than that, there was still another troublesome matter. Lilia had been sent to gain experience and temper herself in the plains previously. However, with the closing of the borders between the two countries, she had not been able to return.

At the thought of this, the Fourth Prince's brows furrowed even more deeply.

He picked up a document and started reading it. It was a letter sent by the plains' new ruler—the Abysmal Heaven King.

"...Hold a Divine Treasures Meeting and announce the secrets about the Divine Sun Emperor's treasures in one month? In addition, discuss with the major influences in the world about the treasures' distribution as well as about the problem of fending off the seventh onslaught?

"To think that this includes the Empire, the Church, the countries in the north, the Mage Association, and even the barbarians...? They've even invited the many top-notch factions the from various countries. This is really..."

After reading this letter, the Fourth Prince sighed. "The rising wind forebodes the impending storm."

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