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Chapter 1391: Get Going

Translator: RITF_Rain  Editor: Chrissy

The man in black coldly smiled, “Do I have the capability? Am I showing off? I will let you experience it very soon!”

Suddenly, he took a spinning turn in the air and made a fast moving tornado in the sky moving from top to bottom hitting over Ye Xiao!

As the man landed on the floor, the big tree where he had stood on was bent down by the tornado.

A sharp wind flow was rushing over to Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao blandly smiled and shouted, “Nice move!”

He sounded casual but felt different in his heart. As the man in black moved, a familiar feeling was rising in Ye Xiao’s heart. He felt like… he was fighting against Wu Fa and Wu Tian again.

The man in black made waves of dark fog everywhere which felt like attacking Ye Xiao from everywhere… The darkness contained endless horror and evilness. Ye Xiao had just started to fight the man, but he could feel that this man was not a weak cultivator!

In fact, the man was almost as good as Wu Fa and definitely better than Wu Tian!

Ye Xiao was on guard.

It wasn’t a surprise that the man was sent by the secret organization. Ye Xiao had sent messages to the world that he declared war against the secret organization. It was reasonable that the organization would send people out to kill him.

However, what mattered for Ye Xiao was that the organization casually sent a man who was almost as powerful as Wu Fa!

He was not sure in what position that man was in the organization, but he believed it wouldn’t be at the top level. In another word, there should be more powerful cultivators in the organization… who could be even more powerful than Ye Xiao could imagine!

The man in black had stricken his attack, so Ye Xiao held up Bing-er’s waist and started to move backward fast. He wasn’t moving down the mountain, but up to the top of the mountain.

“Are you escaping?” The man gloomily smiled and said, “Xiao Monarch, do not think that you can be the world’s most powerful man only because you defeated Wu Fa… I don’t know the others, but I am definitely not going to spare you!”

Then he flew up like a hawk and waved his hands. Two flows of dark smoke showed up like it was solid, attacking Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao made a palm hit right away to strike the smoke, and the smoke was scattered. However, the smoke scattered for a while and then reformed to two solid flows again. This time, two hands showed up in the front end of the flows, which were going to grab Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao decided to dodge, so he took a turned and dashed away over a hundred meters again with Xuan Bing.

The man in dark clothes didn’t give up but only chased him like the shadow followed the form.

Unexpectedly, Ye Xiao suddenly thrust up in the sky for hundreds of meters. All of a sudden, he had become a tiny black mark in the sky.

“Great move!” The man praised, “What a shame! No matter how well you can move, it won’t help you much to escape my absolute superiority in power.”

Then his two hands crossed over each other, and some dense dark smoke rushed up to the sky and became a huge dark cloud that covered the sky.

The man actually got into the dark cloud. He disappeared.

Ye Xiao landed on the floor like a shooting star. He put down Bing-er on the floor and talked to her, “Stay here. I am going to kill him!”

The man in black was unexpectedly powerful indeed, but Ye Xiao wasn’t scared of him at all. He seemed to get away in the beginning because he wanted to see clearly the martial art of the enemy. It was always right to figure out the enemy’s capability before starting the fight.

The organization was powerful and mysterious. The man in black must be in a high position in the organization, so Ye Xiao figure it would be helpful to know more in-depth about this man’s capability for learning more about the secret organization.

Besides, Bing-er was with him. Before he made clear the enemy’s power, he wouldn’t start the tough fight. After all, when two superior cultivators fought, the people who got hurt first were those around the battle. Bing-er might get hurt if the fight started.

Ye Xiao thought that Bing-er wasn’t powerful enough to stay safe in the fight even though she had been boosted by the fruit. That was why he was so cautious about it!

As he put her down somewhere safe, he could start verifying the conjectures in his mind. The best way to verify something was to test it in practice!

Ye Xiao flew out fast. – Shoot! – He moved both hands while flying fast, and then the golden light shined up with purple qi around him.

– Pah! – The dark smoke in the sky was scattered away.

However, it didn’t affect the man in black. The man weirdly moved behind Ye Xiao, and stroke out a palm hit immediately. It was striking out in a spectacular angle which aimed at killing.

Ye Xiao turned around fast and made a palm hit which was like a mountain-breaking ax. The two hands hit each other firmly!

– Pang! –

The dark smoke was scattered again. The man in black staggered backward and Ye Xiao stepped backward three steps too.

It was an even collision!

That proved the outstanding power of the man in black! He must have reached the top of Dao Origin Stage!

“Xiao Monarch, you are indeed as good as they say.” The man sounded more serious but talked like he didn’t care. “I have to say you do have the power to defeat Wu Fa!”

Ye Xiao sneered, “Of course. Nobody can argue against the truth. Whether you say it or not, I did defeat Wu Fa! However, do you think you are qualified to question my power?”

The man in black smiled and said, “That’s right. Truth is truth. I haven’t used a weapon for hundreds of years. I thought nobody in this world can force me to pick up my weapon. I guess I was wrong. You are pushing me to the edge. You, a young man… Ye Xiao… Come on, let’s see if I am qualified to question you!”

The man suddenly became like a phantom, and then thousands of phantoms of him showed up. As the phantoms showed up, the entire mountain was lit up by some glaring red lights!

At that moment, it felt like a burning cloud was falling on the mountain from beyond the heavens.

The man in black seemed to become thousands of men. In the sky, on the floor, everywhere around this mountain, there were red shadows of him. He occupied every inch of the area!

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