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After changing her clothes, Lin Wanwan went to the dressing room and realized Hai Lan was already there. The entire production team's makeup artists were fussing over her, like how the palace maids would towards the empress dowager.

When Lin Wanwan walked over in her luxurious and gorgeous palace dress, everyone was stunned by the sight.

Some of the makeup artists froze in their movements, their looks hesitant.

Hai Lan held the golden ornament dangling from her head. It was as if she did not see Lin Wanwan enter at all; she did not even bat an eyelid.

"Why are you staring into space? Continue! It's going to be my turn soon. If there's any delay, will you guys be responsible?"

"Sister Lan, don't be anxious. It will be ready soon!"

The makeup artists sped up their movements and did not look at Lin Wanwan again.

Lin Wanwan secretly curled her lips. Before, she had seen all sorts of tricks from people who bullied newbies based on their seniority.

Lin Wanwan did not kick up a fuss or pour out her grievances. She sat down, leaned against the chair, and closed her eyes.

She did not have enough sleep yesterday night, and it was just nice to take a break now.

Hai Lan was paying attention to Lin Wanwan all this while, and when she saw this scene, her lips twitched furiously. It was like landing a blow on a cotton pad - so useless and infuriating!

A newbie who needed someone to help her remember her lines dared to be so arrogant and not respect her senior!

If she did not give her a lesson, would she really think that she could survive in this entertainment circle by being a fool?

Hai Lan purposely found fault and got the makeup artists to change her looks back and forth.

Lin Wanwan did not care at all and was having a good rest. Meanwhile, a few makeup artists were dissatisfied but dared not voice it out.

In the end, An Qiao was irritated from all the waiting.

"Still not done yet?" He looked at the sleeping Lin Wanwan and immediately frowned.

Bearing bad intentions, Hai Lan gave a sneer and wanted to exaggerate matters.

This moment, Lin Wanwan rubbed her eyes and woke up. She said in a confused tone, "Sister Hai Lan, are you done? Wanwan waited for you until I fell asleep…"

Upon hearing this, Hai Lan's facial expression changed drastically!

"Hai Lan, what's wrong with you? Do you need so many makeup artists for yourself? I warn you, if you use such tricks to bully Lin Wanwan again, I'll send you out of the production team!"

An Qiao kept scolding until Hai Lan was flushed red, but she dared not rebut.

Once An Qiao got into a rage, he would dare to scold even the best and most famous actors and actresses. Although she had a little popularity, she was not qualified to pick a fight with him.

Her level of irritation towards Lin Wanwan increased yet another notch.

After An Qiao left, everyone did not dare to delay any further. They hurriedly gave Lin Wanwan a cherry blossom makeup.

At the start of the shoot, Lin Wanwan realized that there were a number of reporters at the scene.

"They have obtained the management's approval to come to the studio and take some shots. Put on a good performance later, and don't make me lose face," An Qiao whispered in her ear as a reminder.


She felt that the issue she should consider was not whether she could perform better but how to perform worse.

"Places, everyone!"

Following An Qiao's command, all the machines started running and the camera was aimed at the two people standing in the garden.

The reporters who were standing not far away looked on and took photos, occasionally gossiping.

"Out of the two, who do you think has better acting skills?"

"Are you a fool? Of course it's Hai Lan. She's one of the rare and more skillful starlets."

"That's true too. Lin Wanwan has an advantage only because her personality is similar to that of the role's. Regardless how gifted she is, she has never undergone proper training. Furthermore… she has an issue here."

The person who spoke pointed to his brains.


Once An Qiao said this, the surroundings immediately fell silent.

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