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Edited 4/19/19 Black Jesus

“Okay, I’ll do that.” (Chiaki)

“Even so, please tell me more about it at the slumber party.” (Shizuka)

I wonder, even if Kaori has a strange inclination, will Shizuka and Chiaki accept it? Or, will all be lost?

Sitting in Shizuka’s seat, I worry about my childhood friend as I take a bite of my bread, and that begs the question of how I should help Kaori.

No, more than that.

“When are we holding the slumber party during Golden Week?” (Kei)

I don’t know anything about the pajama party, but at least these three will come to it.

Golden Week starts tomorrow, but are we holding it on the first day? How many nights are we having one?

“We are holding it tomorrow, right?” (Kei)

“I'd like to have it tomorrow and the day after that. I have an errand on Friday.” (Kaori)

“Then it’s tomorrow night.” (Kei)

Did I give in since I couldn’t stop those two as I did with Kaori and reluctantly agreed to the slumber party?

“Yes, right.” (Kaori)

Anyway, it’s tomorrow. First off, I need to air out the guest futons.

I have an empty room, so there’ll be no trouble with a place to have it.

“Nice and wear cute pajamas. I suppose Kei doesn’t have any.” (Shizuka)

Shizuka looks at me and sighs, but as you can guess, I don’t have those kinds of things.

Although I don’t have a problem with dressing up, there’s no reason to do so at home.

Since that’s the case, my response is…

“Then, why don't we go buy them after school?” (Chiaki)

“Yes!” (Shizuka)

“Haa~ It can’t be helped. In any case, there's something else I need as well.” (Kei)

When Chiaki suggests we go shopping for them, Kaori responds enthusiastically, while Kaori seconds her suggestion.

Haa~ I’m already tired.

After all, it’s hard for me to go out shopping with these three. Well, I shop for myself, but I don’t get so lost in the choices.

It’s rather confusing to have so many choices.

After all, this is mostly about getting me pajamas, but, in the end, everyone buys pajamas.

It wouldn’t be a problem if I were shopping alone, but with all of us together, it’s oddly high spirited.

Now that I bought this type of pajamas, I have some regrets.

“Does everyone have costume pajamas?” (Kei)

Tomorrow, if no one wears their costume pajamas, I'm just going to wear my Uniqlo pajamas.

Even though it’s a sleepover, it’s enough to have a futon.

I have plenty of slippers and cushions, but I might possibly need a few more cushions.

After I clean my room, it’s dinner time. As I still have to prepare for tomorrow, I don’t have time to cook.

I eat some of the food I bought while we were out shopping and then draw a bath after a short rest.

I lay out my underwear and pajamas as well.

“Why don’t I try them on?” (Kei)

That being said, it’s not that I’m uninterested in wearing these pajamas.

Anyway, I’m alone here, so it’s not as if anyone can see me.

With that decision made, I pull out my new pajamas, cut the tags off, and take them to the bathroom with me.

After I bathe, I put on my underwear and then my new pajamas.

They’re black and white in a mottled pattern pajamas. A tail is attached just above the butt of the pants while ears stick out from the top of the hoodie.

It’s unmistakably a cat costume pajamas.

At the moment, I have only cat pajamas.

I put on the hoodie and pants with no hesitation, and look at myself in the mirror.

A pretty little cat girl is standing there.

“Hmm... Not bad.” (Kei)

I say it’s not bad, but, honestly, it’s dangerous because it’s too cute.

Who was the one resisting buying costume pajamas? Oh, yes, that was me. Seeing myself makes me want to wear them.

I make my hands like paws and bring them to my chest.

"Nyaa~!" (Kei)

Oh, this is extraordinarily destructive! This is me, but I don’t think I’d get tired of seeing this.

However, this is who I am.

Although it still doesn’t quite feel real, I’m me. What else can I say?

“……” (Kei)

When I was a man, I never even thought of doing something like this, but this is natural if I think about it.

In other words, who’s to argue with me?

If a man wears cat pajamas, they would say, “Not cute at all. It’s disgusting.”

Yes, I'm good. I want to wear cute things.

“Yeah.” (Kei)

Convincing myself with my own theory, I left the bathroom to return to my bedroom.

I was resistant to wearing this up until now, but once I put them on, and I saw how cute I was, my resistance disappeared.

I’m rather looking forward to trying out the other two sets I bought.

…Kaori? I wonder what kind of costume pajamas she’s interested in?

If you bought something strange, I’ll laugh.

Well, should I go to bed?

I need to air my futon and the cushions tomorrow.

Well then, good night.

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