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"It should have this effect even to the pills I have refined. I will try the Zhongpin Dan again when I have divine medicine." Chen Xiang began to fuse the air mass into a core.

This was refined from two batches of Bone level Dan s. If Chen Xiang had used this earlier, he would also need some time to increase his maximum speed. Being able to complete this in an instant, had already exceeded his expectations.

Only two divine medicines would be able to condense a single pill. This could improve the quality of the divine pills!

"The quality is very high, but it can't be considered a Zhongpin Dan. There is still some distance between them." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "This one is between lower and middle graded!" He placed the Bone level Dan in his mouth, and after eating it, he only needed four hours to refine the effects.

"It's not enough yet. Seems like I need six sets of medicinal herbs!" Chen Xiang took out six more batches of Bone level Dan s and used the same method before to shoot out two streams of flames from his eyes. This time, he wasn't able to instantly refine six batches of Bone level Dan s medicine, but his speed was still fast, and it was done in just a few blinks of an eye.

"This Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients are really easy to refine, it's basically not difficult at all!" Chen Xiang would be able to condense his core very soon.

"That's for you. If the other Alchemist s were to refine it like this, who knows how many times they would have to fail before being able to succeed." Yue'er understood a little about concocting pills, and it was extremely difficult for Chen Xiang to concoct a few medicinal ingredients like this together. However, right now, Chen Xiang was just playing around, casually condensing a pill.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang managed to condense a high quality Bone level Dan. After he ate it, he refined it for fourteen hours, which normally required him to control it for around six hours.

He wouldn't be able to trigger the opportunity to condense Bones the first time, so he didn't think much of it and started the second time, third time, fourth time, fifth time …

In just a few days, he only had one portion of Bone level Dan's medicine left!

"What's going on? "Before I can trigger the opportunity, all of my medicinal herbs will be gone." Chen Xiang was a little agitated: "If I go look for Sister Feng now, I won't be able to get much, because not many days have passed since we last met."

These hundred batches of Bone level Dan s were considered to be a lot for Feng Yujie and the rest, they would not be able to replicate that much in a short amount of time. Although Chen Xiang had stayed in the Time Formation for a few days, he did not stay outside for too long.

"I can only copy it myself!" Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors, and while absorbing the Six Realms' Power, he condensed spirit liquid.

"The third chance is a little more difficult, and you have four Divine Deity yourself, so it's even more difficult. You need to try multiple times, and you have some patience." If that were the case, then she would have been able to balance her heart a bit. She had used 10,000 years to successfully trigger the third opportunity.

Chen Xiang was very patient, he did not know how many times he tried, but he only knew that after he continuously condensed spirit liquid, duplicated Bone level Dan's medicinal herbs, refined the Bone level Dan, and ate and refined it, he did not succeed, and then repeated this step again, he continued to persevere like this for 18 years.

She wandered outside, occasionally running to the deep pit in the center of the earth to take a look. She stayed outside for more than ten days, then entered the Time Formation again.

"The battle with the Hell Devil Emperor is about to begin. It's time for him to return." Yue'er was responsible for calculating the time. When she entered the array, she saw Chen Xiang rolling and shouting on the ground.

"The little devil succeeded!" Yue'er didn't dare believe it. Chen Xiang had successfully summoned the third opportunity to condense Bones within the span of tens of years. Back then, she had continuously gone through this process for many years before finally succeeding.

"This time it's in my leg!" Chen Xiang's pant leg had already cracked open, and the muscles on his thigh had swelled up.

Yue'er was very clear that they were really going to condense Bones, and as long as they could persevere on, they would definitely be able to pass!

Chen Xiang was in so much pain that it would have been better to die two days later.

"Did it work?" Yue'er looked at Chen Xiang's handsome face, which was gradually recovering its colour.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and did not speak. He was breathing evenly, and after a while, he said slowly: "I have stayed here for eighteen years, and have finally reached my goal. Six Divine Deity, six Bones!"

"Six... Six Bones? " Yue'er was in disbelief: "What's on your legs is also a double Divine Deity?"

"En!" Chen Xiang nodded: "What exactly happened here? Could it be that every time I am here, I become a Double bone level? "

"Could this have something to do with you possessing a second Divine Sense Sea?" She was now even more convinced that Chen Xiang possessed a mysterious Divine Sense Sea. Only by doing this could she explain why Chen Xiang always appeared as a Double bone level.

Chen Xiang frowned: "That's possible, why would the second Divine Sense Sea affect my Bones?"

"I don't know either. This is the first time I've seen something like this. All sorts of weird things happen to you. Why are you bowing?" Yue'er was a little jealous, especially at Chen Xiang's Double bone level.

Chen Xiang had already recovered his strength. He sat up, patted on his right leg, and sighed: "Why can't I be on the right arm?

"It's good that you don't grow in any strange places. At the very least, it will give your legs a lot of strength! When competing with the Hell Devil Emperor, can't I use divine weapons? The parts you possess the Bones are divine weapons, especially the limbs, which are the most convenient places to attack. " Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang and Yue'er walked out of the Time Formation, and he kept all the formation plates. "Yue'er, how much time do we have to start the competition?"

"Tomorrow morning." Yue'er replied, "Why?" You still have to be here! "

"Let's go, there are still three Earthly beast down there. We'll take care of two more and leave one here." Chen Xiang grabbed Yue'er, letting her lie on his shoulder.

"The Bones of the legs does not have a soul, this is not perfect." Chen Xiang laughed and jumped into the pit.

Two of the five Divine Beasts bred in the center of the earth had already been killed by Chen Xiang, and all of them were in his eyes and Bones. Now that two more Bones have condensed in his legs, of course he had come to look for these Earthly beast.

"Unlucky Earthly beast!" Yue'er chuckled.

This time, Chen Xiang was much more powerful than the last time he came here. Just as he came down, two bird-shaped Earthly beast flew over and were killed by him with a few moves.

"There is also a horse shaped one. This guy is so lucky!" There's no need to compete with the other Earthly beast. In the future, when I grow here, I'll be able to eat two Earthly beast fruits every so often. " Yue'er looked at the smallest of the horse-shaped Divine Beasts and said with a tender smile, "This guy should be thanking you in advance."

"Just don't attack me next time." Chen Xiang chuckled, then flew up into the air and entered the Time Formation, fusing the two divine souls into the Bones on his legs.

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