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Chen Xiang did not know where he was currently in the city. He only needed to ask the person in charge of managing the Transmission array and he would be asked by that person to step onto the more common Transmission array.

After coming here, he found out that this city was not simple at all. It had been built not long ago, and was called the Holy City of the Realm.

The people who were currently gathered here, were mostly employed by some major powers. At that time, as long as they could break through the Evil Dragon Graveyard, kill the disciples of the Dragon Subduing School, and hand over their heads and the Dragon Subduing School's keepsake, they would be able to obtain generous rewards.

In order to obtain a large amount of Spiritual crystal, many people would have to participate. This would bring a lot of pressure to the Dragon Subduing School, and upon knowing about this, Chen Xiang felt that it was not good.

"At that time, if Dragon Subduing School causes too big of a massacre, then those great powers will have a better excuse to discredit Dragon Subduing School." Chen Xiang's heart suddenly became heavy, the streets were now covered with these kinds of summoning orders, and many youths were excitedly forming groups for help.

If a lot of people participated, then many unrelated people would definitely die. Although those greedy people wanted to die, Chen Xiang did not want Dragon Subduing School to become an evil force that was hated by the Nine Heaven World.

He had to admit that with so many great powers joining hands to attack the Evil Dragon Graveyard, it had caused a huge impact. This caused some of the people who were still young and inexperienced to think that the Dragon Subduing School belonged to one of those evil forces.

The reason why the Holy City of the Heavenly Region was so close to the Evil Dragon Graveyard was so that they could have the dragon veins and could develop quickly in this place.

Chen Xiang looked at the bounty orders on the streets and started to think about how he would deal with this situation. At that time, the people who would participate in the battle would not only be the super powers, but also some small and medium-sized forces.

"The reason why the Holy City is so large is to accommodate more people. When the time comes, this place will become the main city for the transport of combat strength." Chen Xiang looked around and discovered that there were a lot of large Transmission array s in the city.

What made him gratified was that he had found some secret records left behind by Huang Jintian. From those records, he could tell that Huang Jintian was hiding inside the city right now.

Huang Jintian had previously separated from him in the profound Cold Ancient Realm and brought that group of ice dragons to find Long Huishan. When the time came, Huang Jintian would participate in the great battle and he would have great authority in the Dragon Subduing School.

Chen Xiang followed the scrolls and found Huang Jintian.

Huang Jintian set up shop on the side of the street, the kind of person who specialized in fortune telling. His current appearance looked like a big trick, but he had an unlimited lifespan, able to use Heaven extended method to predict the future without restraint.

After changing his appearance, Chen Xiang went over to Huang Jintian's stall, extended his hand out, and smiled: "Old sir, please see when I can make a fortune."

Huang Jintian did not recognize Chen Xiang, since Chen Xiang was also testing his disguise. If even Huang Jintian could not tell what it was, then it would be even more difficult for others.

Huang Jintian looked listless as he slowly opened his eyes and looked at the center of Chen Xiang's palm.

Seeing Huang Jintian's playful expression, Chen Xiang laughed: "Did you notice anything?"

Huang Jintian coughed and said, "If you want to know, you have to give it to the Spiritual crystal."

"How much?" Chen Xiang asked, with Huang Jintian's current appearance, he was not sure if she had already recognized him.

"Five thousand Spiritual crystal for one question." Huang Jintian said slowly. From the looks of it, he did not look like he was doing business. He was indeed not doing business, but waiting.

Chen Xiang really did take out five thousand Spiritual crystal, and then asked: "I want to know if the Evil Dragon Graveyard will be taken down."

Huang Jintian did not think that he would actually run into a problem where a blind cat had gotten into a dead mouse.

"We can't." Huang Jintian said confidently.

Chen Xiang took out another five thousand Spiritual crystal and asked again, "When can I make a huge profit?"

Huang Jintian said: "In about another two years or so, even if you are sleeping, you will be smashed awake by the treasures."

Huang Jintian only treated Chen Xiang as a fool, so he spoke some nonsense.

"Master, don't lie to me." Chen Xiang laughed.

After hearing these words, Huang Jintian immediately reacted, and scolded with a smile. "Little bastard, I had thought that you had already died in profound Cold Ancient Realm, but I heard that there are many Sky Dragons over there.

Huang Jintian was extremely curious about Chen Xiang entering Emperor's Tomb, and really wanted to know.

"Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and Divine Craftsmen have been resurrected, and now they have come out, but Ten Heavens Supreme Lord no longer have the same strength as back then." Chen Xiang snickered.

"So you're saying... We will definitely win this battle. " Huang Jintian said excitedly.

"That may not be so. I heard that with a Heavenly Dragon Realm, the Heavenly Dragon Race above us is the biggest threat." Chen Xiang sighed, "Tell me the latest situation."

"Around ten days, they will begin their attack. However, they don't have a good plan for the attack yet. I heard that in two days, they will hold a meeting and choose the strongest person to command the battlefield." Huang Jintian said: "I don't think there's any suspense at all. This is basically set up for the immortals of the Heavenly Realm. It's just a formality, to hand over the command to those people from the Heavenly Realm."

"That's right, those fellows from the Heavenly Region are very strong. There aren't many in the Nine Heaven World that can defeat them." Chen Xiang nodded his head, "At the same time, it is to give a stage for those experts in the Heavenly Region to display their strength, so that people can witness their strength and feel reverence for them."

"That's it."

Chen Xiang chuckled: "If I can get the commanding authority, do you think they would recognize me?"

Huang Jintian laughed and said: "Then you have to command them to attack Evil Dragon Graveyard, with you as the commander, it will be much easier to take them down, will those two even fight?"

With the participation of the two top rankers, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and Divine Craftsman, it was easy to imagine.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I won't let them come, if possible, this kind of great battle is best not to erupt, it's clear that someone is instigating a great war, to let more people die."

As long as someone died, the evil spirits of the Infernal Realm would fight for it, and the only benefit would be the Hell Devil Emperor. The ones who initiated this war were all strong warriors from the Heaven Realm and had been bribed by the Hell Devil Emperor.

After knowing about Hell Devil Emperor's conspiracy, Chen Xiang did not want to be led astray.

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