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The news of Prince Imperial Dragon's death swept through the entire Heaven Realm like waves, and the people of Sacred Dan Realm knew about it very quickly. Only the people in Chaotic Mountain did not know about it.

However, no one knew that the little holy dragon, who was the focus of all attention and had the potential to become a Dragon Emperor, was currently in Chen Xiang's Yanlong furnace, with a little white dragon waiting anxiously for that "Little Holy Dragon Pellet" by his side.

"This kid really did it. I just didn't expect him to kill Little Saint Dragon so quickly!" It wasn't really a surprise for Huang Jintian, Wu Kaiming and the others when they heard the news in the Heaven Sacred City. It wasn't the first or second time Chen Xiang had done something like this.

Suddenly, the earth violently shook.

"Not good, Imperial Dragon Race's Dragon Emperor is going to break through the space!" Huang Jintian's face changed.

Chen Xiang was still in Sacred Dan Realm, if he came here, as long as they caught him, Chen Xiang would be in trouble.

Inside the Zi Lan Mountain Valley, Yan Zilan, Du Yanyao and Yun Zhu were listening to Dongfang Jing narrating the shocking things that he had done to Di Tian. Now that the Prince Imperial Dragon had died, they were extremely worried.

"Since the Prince Imperial Dragon is dead, the grandson won't be able to escape either. Yanyao, you don't have to worry about getting married again!" Yun Zhu laughed.

"But Chen Xiang will definitely anger the Super Yuan Mountain!" Du Yanyao really wanted to know the situation Chen Xiang was in right now.

Within the boundless Star Domain, the White Tiger felt that the entire Star Domain was trembling. Bai Xing, who was beside him, also discovered something, and the entire starry sky was filled with an angry killing intent.

White Tiger and Bai Xing did not find any clues about the Starry Sky White Tiger Race in the Star Domain and were returning at this moment.

"Old Ancestor, what's going on?" Bai Xing asked.

"Chen Xiang is in trouble again, from the looks of the aura, it seems like the Imperial Dragon Race is angry. I have to hurry back, if not the brat is done for!" The White Tiger looked helpless.

Right now, many people wanted to know where Chen Xiang was and what he was doing. However, many of them guessed that he was probably running away or something.

Of course, Chen Xiang was currently refining the just killed little holy dragon into a pill, he was not even the least bit worried, he was still planning to kill all of them later.

The Prince Imperial Dragon's dragon body was extremely tough, so Chen Xiang had to use the Heavenly Alchemy to borrow the fire. He sucked in the immortal energy around him, turned it into an intense flame, and quickly burned the dragon's body.

He had previously refined a Unreal ghost eagle before, and he had the experience of refining beasts into pills. Although the Unreal ghost eagle was much weaker than the little holy dragon, the methods were similar, only that the firepower used was different.

"Two Dragon Pearls. No wonder this little holy dragon thought that he would become a Dragon Emperor. In Imperial Dragon Race, Twin Dragon Pearls are indeed rarely seen. But in the end, he still entered my stomach!" Long Xueyi laughed tenderly, "This little holy dragon isn't very strong, so the dragon pearls should be easy to refine. The hardest parts should be the flesh, how about we strip off the dragon scales?"

"The dragon's body is huge, and it would take a lot of time to pull it out. Plus, I can't use the dragon scales, they'll only kill people if I sell them. Who would dare to use an artifact made from the body of a small holy dragon?" Chen Xiang still decided to melt the dragon bone or something like that.


The entire Sacred Dan Realm rumbled once again, accompanied by the furious roar of a dragon. It made people feel as if there was a gigantic dragon desperately reloading the Sacred Dan Realm.

The Dragon Emperor is coming!

Originally, many people thought that this space was very stable and that it was not easy for the Heaven Realm to come over, but now, the power of the Dragon Emperor made it difficult for everyone to remain calm.

They were very worried that after the Dragon Emperor arrived, they would not be able to find Chen Xiang and start a massacre!

Inside the Chaotic Mountain, Chen Xiang also felt his body tremble, but it wasn't as intense as the ones outside.

However, the Mountain Spirit knew that he was worried about affecting Chen Xiang's refining, so he did not tell Chen Xiang that the Dragon Emperor's The power of the holy dragon was already here and could arrive here at any time.

If he could absorb the energy from the dragon pearl as per normal, it would take a very long time, but if he refined it into a pill, it would be very fast. Moreover, Chen Xiang was still refining the Holy Dragon's flesh and bones into dragon pearls.

Refining the Little Saint Dragon Pellet was much faster than refining the super Qi Shen Dan before, because it only needed to melt and then squeeze the refined energy together. In the end, the condensing of the pellet would be completed, and because the Heavenly Alchemy was suitable for refining this kind of thing, it would be much easier.

Chen Xiang was currently splitting it into two. If he wanted to compress it into one, he felt that it would be difficult, since the power of this Holy Dragon was extremely huge and he could not take it for himself. He wanted to give Long Xueyi a taste.

In a few days, Chen Xiang was done, the huge stone room suddenly released multicolored light, the Mountain Spirit told him that he was free to leave.

Chen Xiang was a little regretful. He had originally planned to eat that small Divine Dragon Pill, but the moment Long Xueyi took it from him, he placed it in his mouth.

"Don't worry, let me release the The power of the holy dragon. I can refine it faster than you!" Long Xueyi laughed, "Turn into that guy's appearance!"

Chen Xiang felt that after passing down some The power of the holy dragon s to him, he could finally relax and take on the appearance of a Prince Imperial Dragon.

Everyone who entered the Chaotic Mountain were teleported to a stone room. Adding Chen Xiang, there were only ten people left!

When he entered, he was around 30. In a duel, there should still be 15 left!

"Someone has fought two rounds, that was arranged on purpose." Mountain Spirit told Chen Xiang that it was because Chen Xiang was not a traitor and Chen Xiang was extremely talented, that was why he was able to communicate with Chen Xiang.

The other nine people looked at each other. They all knew that the other party must have gone through a duel, but they didn't know who had killed who. Of course, they wouldn't say it themselves!

Seeing that the Super Yuan Sect Leader was still alive, Chen Xiang guessed that the Super Yuan Sect Leader probably killed that Three horns Dragon King. Only that guy had that kind of strength, which helped him get rid of this scourge.

The other people were all heavyweights of the Sheng Domain and Tong Tian Aristocratic Family. Although it looked like they were forming an alliance, they could turn hostile at any time during a life and death situation. Thus, they were all forced to duel like Chen Xiang previously, only surviving after killing one of them.

Super Yuan Sect Leader was extremely cautious at the moment. He was currently sending a sound transmission to everyone, confirming their identities with a code to prevent Chen Xiang from sneaking in. This was because he did not dare believe that Chen Xiang had died.

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