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The golden ape was very tall and sturdy. It wore a golden robe and was caressing a humanoid profoundbing!

Chen Xiang was also immediately attracted by the profoundbing, because it was like a beauty meticulously carved out of white jade. It had an extremely exquisite oval face and extremely clear facial features, it was hard to believe that this piece of profoundbing was formed naturally, it was simply too miraculous.

Chen Xiang walked into the hall that displayed profoundbing s. Seeing him walk in, many people were secretly shocked, because those who could enter, had decent strength. They never thought that such an unassuming middle-aged uncle would be so powerful.

After changing his appearance, Chen Xiang looked extremely ordinary, but right now, he had attracted some people's attention.

"This big brother, what a great face!" Is this your first time here? This is the Jade Man profoundbing that our Demon Charming Association has just dug out, if you need to buy it, the price can be reduced. " A sweet-looking goblin said in a clear voice.

Chen Xiang looked at the price tag, it was actually 500 billion Spar, it was outrageously expensive!

However, in the last Golden Sun Saint Realm auction, the White Lotus profoundbing was already worth more than a trillion Spar, so it was still relatively cheaper.

Chen Xiang grinned and said: "If I can get a beauty like you out of there, I'll buy even one trillion."

The lady laughed lightly: "Big brother, you are so funny, if you buy this profoundbing, as long as you take something out from it, we will return it to you. That is to say, if you're lucky, you can get something for nothing. "

"If we're unlucky, we'll have lost five hundred billion Spar, and most of them are unlucky. We won't be able to get anything out of them …" Chen Xiang shook his head as he looked at the Jade Man profoundbing with the Chaos Divine Eye.

The muscular man from the Golden Ape Clan looked at Chen Xiang with contempt and said disdainfully: "Hmph, if you think you can't take it, then stop playing with profoundbing. profoundbing s are not something that just anyone can afford to play with."

Playing with profoundbing? Chen Xiang snickered in his heart. He was an expert at playing profoundbing, he was afraid that in Di Tian, the person who could get the most out of profoundbing would be him. Philosophic stone s, Sky Stone and Rule spiritual bead, all of them were top-notch things.

Chen Xiang was very clear that the young people that were looking at profoundbing in the hall were mostly doing it for face. They thought that by staying here all day to look at profoundbing, they had sufficient understanding of them and could even play profoundbing.

As for the shops, they were tricked by this kind of people, who would only buy one or two of the cheapest ones if they spent two to three years here.

"Can you play? Why don't you open up all the profoundbing here? I also don't see you buying a few pieces. " Chen Xiang sneered.

"Little Ape King, what did you say to this guy? One look was enough to tell that he was not playing with profoundbing! " At this time, a black clothed man walked over, swept Chen Xiang with his gaze, and continued to speak: "Playing profoundbing is not blindly buying, but watching, touching, smelling, and through careful observation, see if there are treasures inside!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Then I would like to ask two experts in profoundbing games, have you ever driven a profoundbing with treasures before?"

The Little Ape King's expression changed slightly. In Northern Demon City, who didn't know of his reputation as the Little Ape King.

Chen Xiang felt that these fellows were here all day because they were bored, and then let others feel that they were very strong, very different from the masses.

The black clothed man said: "Opening profoundbing s naturally has a luck element, but observation is essential. It can allow the person to have a greater chance at opening treasures, and also remove some of the unprotected profoundbing s."

He came to the side of a red-purple profoundbing and said: "This piece of profoundbing is a more common four-sided profoundbing. The biggest characteristic of this piece of profoundbing is that there are carvings on the surface, and from our observations, we can see that it's a tree, and it's an old tree that's about to die, and its leaves are falling nonstop."

"Drop the leaf, old tree, die!" This is an unknown profoundbing, so there will not be anything inside. "

Chen Xiang really wanted to say fart, but he continued to laugh: "Then what about this Jade Man profoundbing?"

Little Ape King laughed coldly: "Brother Black Tiger, don't talk so much with this guy, he is trying to trick us. We are professionals in the profoundbing realm, we need to collect Spar to explain to others."

Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh, and their argument also attracted many people who spectated. They all secretly felt that Chen Xiang was going to be unlucky, offending the Little Ape King and the Black Tiger was not a good thing.

did not want to cause trouble here, but since Lv Qinlian had not come yet, he decided to take a look at the profoundbing here. He wanted to see if he could find any treasures in there, and if he could get the treasures, he would be able to make the Sky Demon Pavilion sell even more profoundbing.

"You two, you said that this square of profoundbing does not have any treasures, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course, we all think so. Otherwise, this profoundbing would not be priced so low!" The black tiger said.

Chen Xiang used the Chaos Divine Eye to look carefully. He could vaguely see that there was something inside the profoundbing, but he was not sure if it was a treasure.

"Since there's only 60 billion Spar, let's give it a try!" Chen Xiang said to the sweet spirit demon: "Miss, I want this piece. My intuition tells me that there is something inside this piece of profoundbing!"

The Little Ape King laughed out loud: "You want to slap our faces, want to embarrass us, there's no need to waste sixty billion Spar s! You look like a mature and steady person, but I didn't expect you to be so impulsive, I really want to see what kind of thing you can come up with. "

"Little Ape King, I never thought that I would see such a dumb person today. He openly told me that there's nothing inside the profoundbing, but he insisted on buying it. "Hehe, he's doubting our eyes."

The sweet woman had been watching by the side the entire time. She hadn't expected this outcome either. She felt that this middle-aged man was a good man, seemingly simple and honest.

"Big brother, are you sure you want to buy it?" the sweet woman asked.

"If Xiao Tian could tell that the profoundbing did not have any treasures, wouldn't you know?" The Little Ape King mocked.

Xiao Tian frowned, and said: "I didn't see it, alright? If you did, why didn't I see you two open a profoundbing? Our King said, if anyone saw that the profoundbing had a treasure, that person would definitely buy all of the profoundbing in the entire Northern Demon City, it was purely through luck. "

Chen Xiang laughed foolishly, "Little miss, I'm sure I want to buy it. Isn't it just luck, and the same as gambling? I don't have the courage to place bets in a casino, and yet I'm coaching others. What a joke. "

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