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If the Supreme Divine Palace found out that Chen Xiang had killed off the five of them, it would be a heinous crime.

Right now, that old granny and Xu Lingfei were also aware of this matter, Chen Xiang only hoped that they would keep their mouths shut.

"It was due yesterday." Chen Xiang gave the old lady of the hundred and five thousand Shen Yuan stone, smiled and said. He was right behind the old lady, while Xu Lingfei was holding onto a small fruit in her hand and was jumping around beside Chen Xiang while eating. Looking at her happy expression, it was as if nothing had happened.

The old lady said, "Young man, you really are a good person. If you didn't come in time, I really can't imagine what would have happened."

Chen Xiang smiled and said: "It's good that you're fine now."

As a form of gratitude, the old lady had wanted to reject the Shen Yuan stone that Chen Xiang had passed to her, but Chen Xiang still forced her to hand it over.

Returning back to the small hut, the old lady carried the broth with the divine medicine. It was very tasty, but because the effects were too strong, Xu Lingfei only added a small spoon to the porridge.

"Old granny, didn't you say yesterday that you have even better divine medicine today? I have already prepared some Shen Yuan stone s and they are waiting to be purchased." After Chen Xiang finished the soup, he asked with a smile.

The old man chuckled and took out a jade box. Inside the box was a small piece of jade the size of a thumb. Chen Xiang took the box and upon seeing it, he immediately frowned, because he did not know what it was.

This thing looked like a shrunk jade lotus. It was crystal clear and cold to the touch and carried a faint fragrance. Under the strong light, the inside of the plant emitted a faint green glow.

"This is called the God Lotus Root. It is a good thing and can be used to refine pills. If it is used for cultivation, the God Lotus and Lotus that will grow in the future will also be medium Shangpin medicine." The old man introduced the strengths of this lotus root.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, although he did not know him, but based on his experience, he could deduce that this was a pretty good Zhongpin medicine, and one that could make the plants evolve.

"How many Shen Yuan stone are there?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Two hundred thousand." The old man sighed: "After we obtain these Shen Yuan stone, Fei Fei and I will leave immediately. I'm worried that I will cause you trouble in the future."

The old lady also understood how much risk Chen Xiang and the others took to kill Zhang Zhuo, and was extremely grateful in her heart.

Chen Xiang looked at Xu Lingfei who was playing in the yard, sighed, and gave the old man the two hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone: "You guys can stay, but I have given you trouble."

The old man shook his head: "Last time I was harassed by those fellows, I planned to leave. You don't have to blame yourself, you're different from the other disciples in Supreme Divine Palace, I can feel it."

Chen Xiang looked at the cute and innocent Xu Lingfei, and asked: "Fei Fei has been drinking the divine medicine meat soup you made, her aptitude should be good.

"Of course not, so I plan to take her to a place where she can learn from me. I'm already old, so I hope that before I die, she can grasp the power to protect herself."

Chen Xiang was a little shocked, "Isn't there only Supreme Divine Palace in this Sovereign Divine Realm? Where else can I go to learn from my master?"

The elderly man laughed: "Looks like you came from outside. You must have passed through the Supreme Divine Palace's trial to enter here, no wonder you are so powerful, you should not know that this Sovereign Divine Realm is connected to several other Divine Realms. It's just that this place is controlled by the Supreme Divine Palace, and the six divine regions and Beast Wasteland are all here.

Chen Xiang didn't know, but no one had told him before when he had first entered. Now, he was secretly relieved as well, because if the matter of him killing Zhang Zhuo and the rest were to be exposed, he still had a chance to escape. This place wasn't only controlled by the Supreme Divine Palace.

"I'll take her to the Heavenly God Lake. My old partner was there to learn her skills, so if you have the chance in the future, you can go there to find Fei Fei." The old man could tell that Chen Xiang really cared about Fei Fei.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and took the Heavenly God's Lake to heart. He suddenly felt that the world that the Supreme Divine Palace was in was just as grand as the Gods Realm, and maybe the nine great Divine Nations s were also located inside.

"Big brother, you have to come often." Xu Lingfei still didn't know that her grandmother was going to take her away tomorrow. She waved her hands to bid farewell to Chen Xiang and also carried a large bag of immortal fruits in her arms.

As Chen Xiang walked along the road, he felt that the old lady was definitely not simple and appeared to be extremely calm. He suddenly felt that even if he did not make a move, Xu Lingfei might still be fine.

Xu Lingfei's parents were definitely not ordinary people. Perhaps it was because of some things that the old lady and Xu Lingfei were hiding here.

Once he returned to the Supreme Divine Palace, Chen Xiang immediately ran back to his own Dan Hall. On the way, he did the same as last time, and left a copy of the God Root for himself.

Luo Tianjun did not go out, and instead waited for Chen Xiang to return. The divine soul and blood flower that Chen Xiang brought back yesterday made him extremely happy.

The Three Gu Brothers had not returned yet, so they went to interact with the disciples of the other Dan Hall s. They also went out early in the morning and returned only at night.

"Kid, what did you bring back?" Luo Tianjun asked with a smile.

"This thing is called the God Lotus Root. I don't know much about it. Was that old man deceived when he offered 200,000 yuan?" Chen Xiang knew that this was a Zhongpin medicine. Although he did not know the value of it, he knew that the old lady would not lie to him.

Luo Tianjun opened the jade box and saw the thumb sized Jade Lotus, he almost popped out his old eyes. He originally wanted to shout out happily, but he immediately covered his mouth, because he needed to keep a low profile in this kind of thing.

"Only two hundred thousand. Did that old lady take a fancy to you? This is too damn worth it. This is an extremely good item." Luo Tianjun lowered his voice: "This matter must be kept a secret, do not tell this to the three brothers, otherwise with their flaunting names, the entire Supreme Divine Palace will know within a few days."

Chen Xiang was extremely surprised, and asked softly: "What exactly is this thing?"

Only after Luo Tianjun led Chen Xiang to a secret room did he dare to speak loudly. He carefully looked at the Jade Lotus Root under a bright Night Illumination Pearl and exclaimed in admiration, "Exquisite."

"Brat, this thing has only appeared in the past thousand years, and its main function is to neutralize and refine the divine pills." Brat, this thing has only appeared in the past thousand years, and its main function is to neutralize and refine the divine pills. Luo Tianjun treasured the Jade Lotus very much, "I will carefully plant it, and when it grows up, I will give you some. This is your contribution, I will remember it."

Chen Xiang finally understood the benefits of the Divine Lotus. Although it was easier for him to use the Original source refining to concoct the pill formulas, if he added a few of these Divine Lotuses into the mix, it would be much easier to refine.

As for the biggest use, it was to refine the divine medicines that were difficult to compatible with, but also extremely useful after being compatible with one another.

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