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Chen Xiang and Wang Jinshi were teleported to a stone forest. Around them were many strange stones that had been erected everywhere. There were no flowers or trees, it was completely lifeless.

"Senior Sister, why did Master arrange for us to be together? Did he have some other purpose?" Chen Xiang could not understand why Devil-killing Heavenly God would do this. His strength was very weak and Wang Jinshi was a woman.

It was them, the two weakest, who were actually placed together. Furthermore, they were in the middle of the War God's Stage Four Trial Field.

"I don't know. The three of them may be able to go to a higher training field, but you and I are the best here. It might be more wasteful for you to stay in the second section of the training field, and your strength alone isn't enough. So let me accompany you." Wang Jinshi laughed: "You can't be thinking that Master intends to match us, right?"

Chen Xiang was startled, then laughed: "Where is it, do we look like we are compatible? Moreover, I already have a wife, it's not like I don't know Master."

Wang Jinshi took out the Smoke sword, looked at the scorching sun, and sighed: "I finally have the chance to use this sword."

Even if they were in this place, Wang Jinshi did not dare to use the God Murdering Sword Techniques because the divine gods were very powerful.

Suddenly, a jade plate fell from the sky. There was a map drawn on it. There were five marks on the board and it was the location of the five beads.

"The location of each of those pearls is further away than the previous one. I wonder if I can get two of them within a month's time." Wang Jinshi asked: "Can your spatial energy be used here?"

Chen Xiang shook his head: "No, the space here is sealed with time, we can only walk over."

"Senior apprentice-sister, do you have that sort of magic treasure? It's just that its speed is extremely fast, and it'll be able to reach its destination in an instant."

Chen Xiang missed the Azure Dragon Cloak, the speed of the cloak was very scary. Only now did he realise that the cloak was not an ordinary thing, even Yuan Baibing would find it hard to refine.

"I have a flying treasure, but it's not fast. Also, do you think we can really fly over and retrieve the bead? If that's really the case, then it's too easy." Wang Jinshi said, "The War God's Trial Field that I went to previously is extremely scary. The reason why you feel safe now is because the place we teleported to is safe.

Chen Xiang saw that the surroundings were extremely quiet, there were no beasts around, it was indeed abnormal, and it was not as scary as the legends said.

"Let's go, we'll go to the nearest place to retrieve the bead. If it's really dangerous, you can just run according to the situation. You can't use your spatial energy right now, it's very dangerous." Wang Jinshi also felt that this mission was extremely difficult to complete.

"Senior Sister, I'm sorry for dragging you down." Chen Xiang said somewhat helplessly.

"Don't say that. Master must have let you be with me because he thinks we can help each other. Also, you have so many tricks up your sleeve, so perhaps you might be able to help me out a lot." Wang Jinshi chuckled, "Don't worry, even though I, your senior sister, am a woman, I am not as weak as I seem to be."

Wang Jinshi waved the Smoke sword in his hand a few times, making him even more confident.

After Chen Xiang stood up, he released the Heaven tour method and released many wisps of his soul to wander around, to guard against sudden danger.

If it was before, Chen Xiang was a little worried that his own strength would be too weak, but now that Long Xueyi was in the Yin Yao Ring, if that really wasn't possible, he could directly borrow Long Xueyi's power. If it was before, Chen Xiang was a little worried that his strength would be too weak, but now that Long Xueyi was in the ring, if that really wasn't possible, he could directly use Long Xueyi's power.

Chen Xiang took out the middle grade pill furnace that Yuan Baibing had given him. When Wang Jinshi saw it, he asked curiously: "You want to concoct pills?

Chen Xiang laughed: "It's nothing, I've even tried refining pills in an even worse environment. What I'm trying to do now is to refine pills, not ordinary pills, it's very different from the pills you've seen before."

"Oh, what pill? What's the difference?" Wang Jinshi's face was filled with curiosity, she already knew that Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were extraordinary.

"I call this pill the Weapon Pill. It can be used to attack like a weapon, but it is usually a one-time use pill with a great power. For example, this …" Chen Xiang took out a Destruction Ice seal Dan and threw it down the Frisbee.

However, this type of ice was very weak, and the True God would be able to easily destroy it. This was because this pill was refined a long time ago by Chen Xiang and it did not have a lot of power.

"I refined this in the Nine Heaven World. At that time, the quality of the materials were relatively low, so its power was only this much. If placed in the Gods Realm, it would not even amount to much, so I plan to use the materials here to refine stronger ones." Chen Xiang said: "When I'm fighting others, I'll throw one on their body, hehe."

This is a good item, just like the divine talisman. However, the process of refining a divine talisman is very complicated and complicated, and the price is very expensive as well as the materials required. Normally, I don't even want to use it. Wang Jinshi said somewhat excitedly: "When the time comes, sell me some, I will collect them at a high price."

"Senior sister, who are you and me? What are you talking about selling? I'll just send you off." Chen Xiang snickered, and took out some of the materials for him to refine the weapon pill.

Seeing Chen Xiang take out a pot of fiery-red liquid, Wang Jinshi frowned: "Isn't this from those demons?"

"That's right, these liquids are all good stuff. I have collected a lot of them, and it will be enough for me to use for a long time." That's right, these liquids are all good stuff, and I have collected a lot of them, and it will be enough for me to use them for a long time.

"At that time, I had tested the strength of the weapons and the pills that were refined were pretty good. Now, I have to refine stronger ones and refine ones that possess Spiritual Lights. Fortunately, I have this pill furnace. Otherwise, I wouldn't dare to try it out recklessly."

With a Spiritual Light Pill, a fierce collision was required. The other normal pills were already extremely powerful, not to mention this kind of extremely explosive pill, its might was difficult to imagine.

"Hurry up and refine it. Let me see how it looks like." Wang Jinshi was looking forward to it.

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