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Chen Xiang could not stay in one place for too long, so when he had entered the Gods Realm, he had already made preparations to hide here.

"If I can't get rid of the Tracing mantra, I won't be able to settle down." Chen Xiang only rested for a short while before he used his spatial energy to travel back and forth.

Before, when he was at Di Tian's Devil-killing Divine Palace, he had asked around about the gods there, and found out that there was a relatively safe place in the Gods Realm. For example, the Divine City s that were established by some shrines all had very strict rules inside, and the majority of them were not allowed to have conflicts inside.

What Chen Xiang needed to do now was to find a Divine City like this, and cultivate inside for a period of time until his spirit was strong enough to break away from the Hell Devil Emperor's Tracing mantra.

Although the Devil-killing Divine Palace was not the strongest Divine Palace in the Gods Realm, it was still relatively strong. Its main target was the Hell Devil Emperor, so Chen Xiang chose to enter this Divine Palace.

The Gods Realm was extremely vast, and just as Lv Zhen had said, it was many times bigger than the Nine Heaven World and the other Endless Heaven Realm combined. It was said that the Gods Realm was growing up on its own every day, and every day it expanded.

Chen Xiang was running around randomly. He just wanted to quickly find a living person and ask him how to get to the nearest Divine City.

He could not run around in the Gods Realm. If he met some powerful God level Beasts here, it would not be a joke, so Chen Xiang would be extremely careful.

More than ten days later, he finally met people by a lake. They were two old men. They were squatting by the lake and staring at the lake intently.

These two old men were both True Gods. Chen Xiang reckoned that they were probably only Demigods or Gods in strength.

Sensing that someone had arrived, the two elders became vigilant. Seeing that it was a young man of later generation and that the aura he revealed was not very strong, they both relaxed a lot.

"Seniors, I am lost. May I ask how can I get to the Divine City?" Chen Xiang asked respectfully.

These two old men looked somewhat similar, Chen Xiang felt that they were brothers.

"The nearby Divine City are very far away, so it's obviously the fastest way to go directly. However, there are a lot of dangerous places blocking the way, so you need a God's Disc to point the way." An old man took out a palm-sized black disk with a golden needle on it.

The old man threw the divine disc to Chen Xiang, and said: "Inject the divine power into it, and you will know the route of the Divine City. My divine disc only has ten odd paths to the Divine City, and the closest ones are also here."

After Chen Xiang expressed his thanks, he poured his God Power into them and immediately the images of ten over Divine City appeared in his mind. They were all surrounded by tall, golden walls, releasing a light as bright as the sun, extremely majestic and shocking.

The closest Divine City was called Tong Tian Divine City, Chen Xiang suspected that this city was very close to the entrance of the Path of God, that's why it was named this way, because there was no shrine inside.

Although he did not have a shrine, he still had the Transmission array. That was enough for him to be teleported to the Devil-killing Divine City.

After Chen Xiang memorized all the routes on the Divine Compass, he returned it back to the old man and thanked him again. Then, he chatted with the others for a while and bid his farewell.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to go to the Tong Tian Divine City, but after thinking about it again, he was worried that there would be an ambush there. Because the Tong Tian Divine City was not inside the Divine Palace, the rules he formulated could not restrict the Hell Devil Emperor.

Therefore, he decided to go to the Divine City s that were a bit further away. The Divine City s were called the Flowing Light Divine City s.

In order to prevent the Hell Devil Emperor from figuring out where he was going, Chen Xiang spent a lot of effort and strolled around. In the end, he went through dozens of spatial jumps in one breath and entered the Flowing Light Divine City.

Chen Xiang did not like this city very much. He quickly found out about the teleportation location here and after a short while, he teleported away using a hundred God Coins.

Devil-killing Divine City was a famous city. When Chen Xiang arrived, he immediately felt that the Divine City was much worse than this place.

No matter the style of the buildings, or the strength of the people inside the city, none of them could be compared with the Sword of Radiance Sect.

At least the Hell Devil Emperor did not dare make a move here, he did not need to worry about being chased and killed by the profound God who were much stronger than him.

"Where the hell did that girl Xue Yi run off to?" Chen Xiang felt that it was boring for him to be alone too. In the past, it was good to have Long Xueyi to chat with him by his side.

Chen Xiang did not have much divine money on him, but the divine money was extremely important here. He had already understood it from the Divine Prison, although he did not have much divine money, he had many things that could be exchanged for divine money, such as his Divine Deity and those sacred pills.

He had two battle God level s, other Divine Deity, and two ordinary Divine Deity with him. Both of them could be exchanged for a large amount of divine money, but he was not too familiar with the Gods Realm, so he did not have any intentions of making a move right now.

"My current physical body is already very strong, I only need to cultivate my soul. It seems that I need to purchase some Holy level ingredients that can help my strong soul refine pills."

Chen Xiang didn't know much about Holy level's medicinal herbs. When he was in Nine Heaven World, he only knew a little, but in Gods Realm, there were a lot of types of Holy level's medicinal herbs, even some Divine Medicines.

In the Gods Realm, there were still four ancient Four Symbols Divine Weapons s, and they were the most powerful ones. Chen Xiang also wanted to find them quickly, but he was currently very weak in the Gods Realm, and he was also affected by the Tracing mantra.

As long as he could get rid of the Tracing mantra, he would be able to start searching for the four ancient Four Symbols Divine Weapons s.

Chen Xiang bought a pearl at a place that was specially used to sell medicinal pellets. Inside the pellet, there was a lot of knowledge related to sacred medicinal pellets.

The price of this pearl was not low either, using up the last bit of's divine money.

After Chen Xiang understood from experience that it was not easy to earn divine money from the Gods Realm, as long as one was not too lazy, one could earn two thousand dollars in a month. However, while earning the divine money, one would also have to spend money on cultivation, such as buying pills to support their cultivation, or hiring people to cultivate the Divine Armor, and also having to spend a lot of money to stay in the Divine City.

In addition, there were also some relatively large expenses. Some low-level True Gods would occasionally rent a sparring field to practice on, in order to increase their combat experience.

In order to travel to other Divine City, one would also need to pay a teleportation fee. Thus, most of the Gods here were relatively poor.

"There are a lot of people who have just entered True God Stage, and most of them will be stuck at the Demigod Stage, followed by the SemiGod Stage. As long as one is not too bad, as long as they can endure for a period of time, they will be able to reach the True God Stage." Most of the people Chen Xiang saw on the road had this kind of strength.

There were also True Gods and Upper True God s, but not many of them existed. Chen Xiang had met a few in the Devil-killing Divine City s, but they were all first-rate places like the medicine shop he went to previously, where profound God was located.

Chen Xiang could only refine low grade Holy Pellets now, but Dragon Blood Saint Dan s with strong bodies would only be worth fifty divine coins here.

To Chen Xiang, this was selling for a bit less, but he knew very well that the low rank Holy level s would grow easily here. Furthermore, the cultivation method of the Gods Realm was very clever, it allowed these ingredients to grow very quickly, and those who needed low rank Holy Pellets would not be very strong, but they would be the poorer kind. Therefore, the low rank Holy Pellets only cost this much.

But a medium-grade saint pill was different. Its price was five to ten times higher than a low-grade saint pill.

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