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"I'll have the scissor and spear sent over in a few days." Devil-killing Heavenly God said, "Go back and prepare first. In another two days, I will bring you all to all divine palaces. At that time, you must spar with those fellows from the other divine halls. You must win.

The Devil-killing Heavenly God laughed sinisterly in the end, causing Ren Tianyong and the others to shudder.

"Am I going too?" Chen Xiang asked.

At that time, you will let the other divine halls know that you, Chen Xiang, have already joined my Devil-killing Divine Palace. Whoever dares to have any ideas about you, you will have a falling out with him on the spot. " The Devil-killing Heavenly God snorted coldly.

Ren Tianyong asked: "Master, when the time comes, we will first understand what we need to compete for."

"The last time all divine palaces sat together for our disciples to compete, you all didn't seem to be born yet. So many years passed in the blink of an eye."

There are a total of three stages to the competition: God of Heaven, profound God, True God, profound God, which are all of you. God, you do not have to worry about it, Chen Xiang will handle the competition of True God, when that time comes, you can call upon Titan's descendant and the brat called Tai Qiang.

Yuan Baibing said: "Chen Xiang is already a True God, why can't I tell?"

Wang Jinshi and Ren Tianyong also thought that it was strange. They remembered that when Chen Xiang first joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace, he should have been a semi-god.

"Yes, I just broke through before I attacked the Devil Yang Valley." Chen Xiang nodded.

"All of you should go back and prepare well. You can't lose even one match." The Devil-killing Divine Palace looked at Chen Xiang and the others with sinister eyes, as if telling them that if they lost, the consequences would be severe.

After Chen Xiang returned home, talking to Xiao Chou about this matter, Xiao Chou was so excited that he tumbled a few times.

"That's great, to be able to fight against the people from the other halls, at that time I will definitely unleash my strongest ability, letting them experience the power of my Devil-killing Divine Palace." As Xiao Chou got excited, he drank tens of thousands of beers in succession, but was still unable to suppress the joy in his heart.

Chen Xiang laughed and asked Tai Qiang: "Old Tai, what about you, are you ready?"

Although Tai Qiang was not an extremely talented person, he had muddled along for many years and was still alive. He was currently in the Upper True God and had a lot of experience, so he was very calm.

"Since the Main Heavenly God has such great confidence in me, I naturally will not disappoint him."

The three of them drank until midnight before returning to their respective rooms to rest.

Chen Xiang sat on the bed, took out the ancient sword, and gently caressed the sword's body. He said in his heart: "Since you and I are fated to meet, and I have chosen the sword as my weapon, and this is also related to the God Murdering Sword Techniques, then I shall name you the God Slaughtering Sword."

After saying that, he dripped his blood on the surface of the sword and established a connection with it. As long as he could use this sword frequently in the future, the sword would have the feeling of being connected by blood, allowing him to become more proficient at using it.

Chen Xiang did not dare to stay here to cultivate the Seven devil-slain kungfu, because he had already destroyed Tai Qiang's house last time. He planned to go to the Devil-killing Divine Palace's training room to cultivate.

For the sake of the all divine palaces's competition, he planned to familiarize himself with it during these ten days. If possible, he also planned to comprehend the third form to prevent unexpected situations.

At dawn, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang did not even bother to greet each other and directly went to Devil-killing Divine Palace's training room. Chen Xiang went there a bit late because the good training rooms were all full, with the rest being very small.

"Senior Sister, it's better if you stay here. It's quite quiet." Chen Xiang arrived at the floor Wang Jinshi was on, where she had a spacious and comfortable training room.

"From now on, you can just come in directly. I don't really cultivate here anymore, I'm just going to a higher place. Master has prepared a training room specifically for us." Wang Jinshi patted Chen Xiang's face, "Senior Sister has left. We'll meet again in ten days, work hard."

Ten days was still a little short for Chen Xiang, he could only do the two changes in quantity now. If he felt that there was still time to comprehend, he would try to comprehend the third change.

In the blink of an eye, eight days had passed and Chen Xiang had never left Wang Jinshi's training room before.

"There are still two days. Let's try and see if I can comprehend the third change." Chen Xiang felt that the seven changes to the first style should all be related.

"Among the seven transformations, I have already grasped the changes in strength and time. With the combination of the two, I can carry out the attack of time. Then, the third change should be related to this, and it can be done with the strength of the body at that." Chen Xiang started to ponder.

After thinking for a day, Chen Xiang suddenly opened his eyes.

"The combination of time and strength can produce different kinds of force. If it is flexible, then it can be considered two different types of power, and it can be mainly used for defense."

After Chen Xiang thought about it, he began to try combining the chants of the Heavenly Alchemy and the Seven devil-slain kungfu, circulating his physical body's energy, controlling his energy to undergo a firm and gentle change.

Flexibility can produce rebound or cushion power, while toughness can resist piercing attacks. Hardening and softening can coordinate changes, which requires strength to work together, and if you add in time changes, the effects will definitely be extraordinary. The original seven changes can all be fused together.

Chen Xiang channeled his mental cultivation method, and he could already feel that his muscles and bones had become extremely stiff under the coordination of his own strength.

"Among the seven transformations that I changed, the basic change should be the change in strength. There should be two kinds of changes in time, the quick and slow transformations, and then the hard and soft transformations. That means there are only two left in the seven transformations.

Chen Xiang was ecstatic, he then activated his mental cultivation method that had turned gentle. One of his arms drooped down, and with his other hand, he pulled at it.

He should be able to use the first form of the Seven devil-slain kungfu to talk about the use of the basic strength of the body. No wonder it's so hard to cultivate it, it's fortunate that I have the Heavenly Alchemy and the Philosophic stone, otherwise I would not have been able to start training so easily. "

Devil-killing Heavenly God didn't tell Chen Xiang which seven transformations he had comprehended, because if he had comprehended them himself, he would have a clear direction of cultivation. If he had to tell Chen Xiang directly, it would instead have a bad effect.

That year, Devil-killing Heavenly God guided Ren Tianyong and the others in this way too. After they were unable to comprehend it later on, Devil-killing Heavenly God told them the main points of the seven changes.

When Chen Xiang walked out of the training room, he saw Wang Jinshi sitting on a rocking chair, looking up at the decorations on the ceiling.

"Senior sister, what are you daydreaming for?" Chen Xiang laughed: "You look so depressed, are you afraid of losing the competition?"

Master told us that if anyone loses, then that person would have to run through all the streets and alleys in Devil-killing Divine City. Not only that, it's a slow jog.

Chen Xiang's brows twitched, this kind of punishment was indeed very frightening.

"As long as we don't lose, that's fine." Chen Xiang laughed: "Senior Sister is so powerful, to be able to obtain the Smoke sword, you will definitely not lose."

"Of course. Senior, I will definitely not lose. I'm just worried about you." Wang Jinshi began to giggle, "But thinking of how you called yourself an idiot, I feel really good about it."

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