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The Divine Female Palace occupied a land that was the size of a city, and was surrounded by thick and tall city walls. In the middle, there was a ten story tall wooden tower, and that was the Divine Female Palace, it looked very ordinary on the surface, and did not give off the feeling of a palace. However, the defense of the entire palace was extremely strong, so Chen Xiang could sense the powerful array formation that enveloped the entire city from afar.

At the gate of the city stood two sturdy women in white armor. Their faces were cold and serious, and their auras were also very powerful.

"Men stop." Seeing Chen Xiang coming closer, one of the guards spoke up.

"I'm looking for Feng Yujie. Can you inform him for me?" Chen Xiang replied politely: "I'll just say it's Chen Xiang who is looking for her."

Although Chen Xiang had never been to the Gods Realm, he was already rather famous in the Gods Realm. The matter of Hell Devil Emperor and many other god s in the shrine joining hands to capture Chen Xiang had caused quite a sensation in the Gods Realm, as they had not captured Chen Xiang at that time and had suffered great losses. This matter was still unfathomable to date.

A female guard took out a communication treasure to send the message, and a moment later, Feng Yujie hurried out.

"Come, let's talk somewhere else." Feng Yujie seemed to have a lot of things to say to Chen Xiang.

At first, it was Feng Yujie who brought Chen Xiang flying, but behind, it was Chen Xiang who pulled her, opening a spatial passageway and arrived at the huge cave beneath the You Ming Deep Abyss.

"Where are Xianxian and the rest?" Chen Xiang asked: "I wasn't with you."

Feng Yujie laughed tenderly: "You're so concerned about your wife, don't you want to ask me about it?"

Chen Xiang curled his lips and asked: "What's there to ask? You're so powerful, what can possibly happen to you? Furthermore, you're the Nine Heavens Goddess, and this Nine Heaven World was created by your nine fathers."

"Alright, they're fine. They're all in Divine Female Palace, but they've already decided to join the Divine Female Palace. You don't have any objections, right?" Feng Yujie said.

"No objection." Chen Xiang would definitely not stop him.

"That's right, then what about that Lv Qilian, she shouldn't be joining the Divine Female Palace, right?" Lv Qilian asked. Deep down, Lv Qilian was a very strong woman, he felt that even if the shrine controlled the Nine Heaven World, Lv Qilian would still hold on to his own.

Feng Yujie shook her head: "She didn't join the divine hall. She made a very difficult decision to disband Hundreds of Flowers Palace."

"What? This is impossible." Chen Xiang understood Lv Qilian very well, the Hundreds of Flowers Palace was his root, and she had actually dissolved the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

"You seem to be very concerned about her. You shouldn't have anything to do with her, right?" Feng Yujie looked at Chen Xiang strangely: "You are more powerful than I thought, even a strong lady like Lv Qilian is secretly related to you. You can't be like me, what powerful abilities do you have, and be specialized in bewitching women?"

"Don't you have something to do with me?" Chen Xiang chuckled.

"Who has anything to do with you? Don't spout nonsense." Feng Yujie scoffed, "Don't worry, I promised that I will definitely help you expel my enticing power within a year."

"I really hope you can't do it. That way, I can, hahaha …" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

Feng Yujie stomped his foot down, "Don't think too much about it. Even though I don't hate you, and even have a little good impression of you, it's impossible for you and I to be together."

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps, and laughed: "Continue talking about Lv Qilian, what about after she disbanded Hundreds of Flowers Palace."

"After that, she disappeared. The disciples that were originally in Hundreds of Flowers Palace were also accepted by the Divine Female Palace. Only she refused to join them, and she didn't tell us the reason." Feng Yujie shook her head and sighed: "With her talent, she will definitely be able to shine in the Divine Female Palace, and with my support, she can also wield a lot of power in the Divine Female Palace in the future."

Chen Xiang paced back and forth a few steps. He understood very well why Lv Qilian did not join the Divine Female Palace, because Lv Qilian had never been someone who settled down in another force.

Under the current situation, if the Hundreds of Flowers Palace was not attached to a divine hall, he would definitely be annihilated in the end. Lv Qilian was very clear on his current strength, so he had no choice but to make such a decision.

"Only Xianxian, Meng'er, Warm Moon and Jing Jing Jing are joining the Divine Female Palace." Feng Yujie said: "I advised Meiyao and the others, but none of them were willing to join Divine Female Palace."

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang thought that Su Meiyao and the others would join in as well.

"Meiyao, You You and Ziqian left together, and then it was Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er's match. Your two younger sisters, You Lan and Qianxiang's team, in short, many of the women did not join the Divine Female Palace at that time, and some of the women such as Lv Qinlian and Little Lizhi from the Hundreds of Flowers Palace chose to leave to travel around."

Chen Xiang frowned, "You Lan and Xiao Xiang, these two troublemakers, are together, now it's really troublesome. After all, Xiang Yue and Qianqian are together as well.

"They are not delicate girls under your care. They need to be tempered. They are also worried that they will implicate you, so they are all using their own methods to strengthen themselves." Feng Yujie sighed: "But they should have chosen to join the Divine Female Palace because that is the safest and best way."

"Oh right, where's Long Xueyi? This guy is not with me, he definitely can't." Chen Xiang said.

"She... She left for the Path of Gods by herself. She said that she needed to quickly enter the Gods Realm, who knows what she was thinking. " Feng Yujie said.

Chen Xiang was stunned, Long Xueyi actually wanted him to go to the Gods Realm.

"And Long Jiu, he disappeared after spending ten days with your master and the others." Feng Yujie said: "You can ask your master and the others. They are all in the Devil-killing Divine Palace now, and as for whether or not they have joined, I am not too sure."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "And you, when will you bring out your second divine soul? My father is still in the divine tomb."

"Soon, I will have my second divine soul and am about to go to the Gods Realm." Feng Yujie said.

Chen Xiang found it strange that Chen Xiang had suddenly set up a barrier.

"Do you know anything about the Supreme god bone?" Chen Xiang asked mysteriously.

Feng Yujie immediately wrinkled her brows, a look of shock on her face as she promptly nodded her head, "Of course I know, then how did you know. There are less than ten people in the Nine Divine Kings and I that do not know about this."

"Touch me and see if I have Supreme god bone too." Chen Xiang laughed as he rolled up his sleeves. After that, he began to circulate the power that was contained within the bones, causing a faint silver-white glow to emerge from within his flesh.

"Impossible, there's only one set of Supreme god bone, Nine Divine Kings said, only I have them." Feng Yujie looked at the silver glow on Chen Xiang's arms, and shook his head as he muttered.

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